Daily news - 6th September 2018

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UK news

Prescribed medicines: an evidence review

Public Health England has published an update on the progress of its review of the evidence on dependence, and the short term discontinuation or longer term withdrawal symptoms, associated with prescribed medicines | PHE, UK

County Durham and Darlington unveil plans for police in custody suites to administer naloxone

Police in custody suites in County Durham and Darlington will be able to administer naloxone to people who are experiencing an opiate overdose from later this year under new plans | SDF, UK

Spice drug concern in Cardiff as homeless use rises

Jason first took Spice when he was in prison, now he has to smoke it every hour or he suffers withdrawal symptoms | BBC, UK

Maternal Mortality

Psychiatric causes such as suicide, drug and alcohol misuse are major causes of maternal death. NHS England is working to increase capacity and capability in perinatal mental health services across England | They work for you, UK

Could enlightenment thinking help solve our alcohol problem?

Could the lessons of Scotland's Enlightenment hold the key to solving the problems that emerge from our long and complicated relationship with alcohol? | Scotsman, UK

Social media giants should pay for policing drugs networks, minister tells MPs

Social media giants should cover the costs associated with policing drug dealing networks, Security Minister Ben Wallace has said | ITV, UK

IAS Alert August 2018: airport alcohol disorder, guidelines and risk, pubs & 'responsible drinking'

The latest Institute of Alcohol Studies (IAS) Alcohol Alert: August 2018 is now available | IAS, UK

Recovery Festival

Friday 7th September 2018. 12:00noon – 6:00pm. St Agnes Park & Church, Thomas Street, Bristol, BS2 9LJ. A community-ran, family friendly event packed with live entertainment and activities for people of all ages. This year we’re pleased to be hosting a variety of local musicians, bands, theatre groups, art workshops, circus skills, yoga classes and a range of alternative therapies | BDP, UK

The Children's Inquiry Report Launch

Free event. Weds 12th September. 6pm. Palace of Westminster, London. After what has been a groundbreaking couple of months in terms of shifting the debate on cannabis policy, The Children’s Inquiry is a fresh examination of how effectively the UK’s cannabis policies and laws are safeguarding young people from harm. It considers this by focusing on three main areas: Mental health, Criminal Justice & Education | Volte Face, UK

NHS chief calls for Premier League clubs to tackle gambling addiction

Premier League football clubs should do more to help tackle gambling addiction, the head of NHS England has said | BBC, UK

Drug smuggling Liverpool Altcourse prison officer jailed

A prison officer who admitted smuggling drugs and mobile phones into prison in fruit juice cartons has been jailed | BBC, UK

Bedfordshire and London drugs raids sees seven arrested

Seven people have been arrested on suspicion of drugs offences after a series of morning raids involving more than 50 officers | BBC, UK


International news

Microdosing LSD Is A Growing Silicon Valley Trend. But Does It Actually Work?

Researchers are launching one of the first ever placebo-controlled trials of microdosing to answer this very question | Huffington Post, UK

Better Treatment for Ageing Drug User

The main objective of the project is to provide adult trainers and organisations in the drug help system, in geriatric institutions and local governments with tools and models of good practice, which create adult learning opportunities for the establishment and improvement of services for ageing drug user. High priority is given to involve drug user and their representatives in the development and implementation of project results | BETRAD, Luxembourg

Successes & Challenges: 20 years of Drug Consumption Rooms in The Netherlands

Video. A documentary produced in collaboration with MAINline, with the generous support of AIDS Fonds. Recorded and edited by Visionary Minds | Correlation Network, Netherlands

Global Ayahuasca Project

The Global Ayahuasca Project is a multidisciplinary research project based at the University of Melbourne that is being undertaken in partnership with an international team of researchers from Australia, Brazil, Spain, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland. If you have drunk ayahuasca please join the project - share your experiences in the Global survey of ayahuasca drinking and help build understanding of the effects of this sacramental tea on the lives of those who consume it | Global Ayahuasca Project, Various countries

Major opioid maker to pay for overdose-antidote development

A company whose prescription opioid marketing practices are being blamed for sparking the addiction and overdose crisis says it's helping to fund an effort to make a lower-cost overdose antidote | Medical Xpress, USA

ED plays critical role in caring for patients with opioid use disorder

Herbert C. Duber, M.D., M.P.H., from the University of Washington in Seattle, and colleagues examined current strategies for identifying patients with opioid use disorder... | Medical Xpress, USA

Immune system emerges as potential partner in opioid cravings fight

New research shows there's promise in specific immune system peptides -- amino acid compounds that signal cells how to function. In this case, they may be affecting brain activity and, by extension, drug cravings | Science Daily, USA

A nursing perspective on the opioid crisis

Addictions nursing specialists have a unique role to play in caring for patients, families, and communities affected by the crisis. | Medical Xpress, USA

Up Close and Personal With Philadelphia's Heroin Crisis

Stories about the death toll from the opioid crisis have focused largely on the plight of rural and small-town Americans in the Midwest and Appalachia. But the perils of drug abuse and drug prohibition have also visited urban environments, and none so dramatically as Philadelphia | Reason, USA

I Would Have Started Heroin Recovery Earlier—and Healthier—If I Had Access to a Safe Injection Site

There were no harm reduction measures available to me when I was in active heroin addiction. If there had been, I might have a different health outcome than I do today | TONIC, USA

AI tool uses positive peer groups to fight substance abuse

When it comes to fighting substance abuse, research suggests the company you keep can make the difference between recovery and relapse | Medical Xpress, USA

Research suggests increased cortical activation in cannabis users' brains in resting state

Recent research from the Center for BrainHealth® at The University of Texas at Dallas shows that cannabis users experience increased cortical activation during the brain's resting state when compared with nonusers | EurekAlert, USA

Nerve pain in the legs? Medical marijuana may alter brain connections, bring relief

When medical marijuana is taken for chronic nerve pain, it may provide pain relief by reducing connections between the areas of the brain that process emotions and sensory signals, according to a study | EurekAlert, USA

Report: Fentanyl deaths in Alaska quadrupled in 2017

Alaska State Troopers released its latest annual drug report Wednesday, saying the state's illegal drug problem continues to worsen | Medical Xpress, USA

Opioid, amphetamine, and cocaine-induced deaths in Australia: August 2018

Each year, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) makes available to Drug Trends in-depth data on drug-induced deaths in Australia. This year, we have produced a suite of products to summarise trends in opioid-, amphetamine-, and cocaine-induced deaths in Australia from 1997 to 2016 | NDARC, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

Using behavioural science to improve and protect the health of the nation

PHE has been leading the way in using behavioural insights to change the behaviour of millions of people to help make us a healthier nation | PHE blog, UK

Harry's Blog #68: Tyranny is the Deliberate Removal of Nuance

Between 2001 and 2003, US lawyer Greg Jacob was a member of the US delegation charged with negotiating the terms of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). I know I do have readers outside of the tobacco harm reduction community, so a bit of back story | NSP blog, UK

Britain’s shared spaces are vanishing, leaving us a nation of cliques

Austerity and technology have combined to close pubs, youth clubs and libraries up and down the country | Guardian opinion, UK

The Cost of JUUL: Is It Saving Smokers Money?

[From August] Juul Labs, the maker of the electronic cigarette, wasrecently valued at an impressive $15 billion. The product has barged into mainstream headlines like no other consumer device in recent years | Lenedu blog, USA