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UK news

Dual diagnosis, double stigma: a rapid review of experiences of living with alcohol-related brain damage

This rapid review aimed to explore the experience of living with ARBD and the associated treatment or support offered. The literature was reviewed to find what models of care exist and what professionals and/or patients with ARBD consider best practice | Alcohol Change UK, UK

The 'dual stigma' of alcohol-related brain damage

Alcohol-related brain damage, a condition similar to dementia, is poorly understood and often unrecognised by health professionals, a study by charity Alcohol Change says | BBC, UK

Minimum Unit Pricing Evaluation - Compliance study

This study looks at the Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) for alcohol that came into effect in Scotland in 2018. It specifically relates to issues around compliance from the point of view of those with responsibility for inspection and enforcement of MUP in licensed premises | NHS Health Scotland, UK

Alcohol minimum pricing 'implemented effectively'

The first study of the policy, which came into force in May 2018, found compliance was high among licensed premises in Scotland | BBC, UK

Bottles of alcohol will finally carrying information on healthy drinking guidelines more than three years after new rule was introduced

Updated advice directing both men and women to drink no more than 14 units a week was published by the Government’s chief medical officer in January 2016 | Daily Mail, UK

Opioids Aware: a general practice audit of high-dose opioid prescribing NHS England Midlands and East

[Open access] There has been a marked increase in the number of patients in the UK taking opioids from 2.5% in 2000 to 5% in 2015.1 More patients are taking opioids at higher doses for chronic pain,2,3 for which there is limited evidence of effectiveness | BJGP, UK

“We have to put the fire out first before we start rebuilding the house”: practitioners’ experiences of supporting women with histories of substance use, interpersonal abuse and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder

[Open access] The high prevalence of women experiencing co-occurring substance use, interpersonal abuse, and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder has led to calls for trauma-specific substance use treatments and wider trauma-informed practice. The aim of this study was to explore how services in England have developed practice responses with limited historical precedence for this work | Addiction, Research and Theory, UK

Boris Johnson's Top Aides Want To Legalise Cannabis

Blair Gibbs, the prime minister's new policy adviser, is joining Downing Street from the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis | BuzzFeed, UK

CBD oil: Have the benefits been overstated?

Sales of the cannabis extract cannabidiol (CBD) have roughly doubled over the past two years in the UK. But some are concerned that CBD products are not all they claim to be | BBC, UK

UK’s first national medical cannabis pilot study launched

CBD and full spectrum cannabis oil brand, Cannuba, is supporting the UK’s first national pilot study for medical cannabis, Project TWENTY21, which launched earlier this month | Pharma News, UK

Detectives investigating suspected drugs-related deaths

We have identified a sixth suspected drug-related death in south Essex | Essex Police, UK

Anger after Caledonian Sleeper service allows sale of alcohol but not food

Caledonian Sleeper managers have been accused of “absolutely losing the plot” for serving drinks but no food on an Edinburgh-London service because they were short-staffed | Scotsman, UK

From Cambridge drug dealer to healer: How Shofiq Uddin got his life back on track

By his own admission, Shofiq Uddin has made some big mistakes in his life. After becoming addicted to cocaine, he was driven to selling it to fund a £25,000-a-year habit and his chaotic life spiralled out of control, landing him in prison | Cambridge Independent, UK

Reformed addicts: How a Preston man who had been in prison five times was invited to speak at the House of Lords

Alex Fishwick, of Preston, was sent a personal invitation to the launch of the Ex-Prisoners Recovering from Addiction Working Group in front of Parliament to share his experiences and inspire others | Lancashire Post, UK

Mother-of-two dies in Scottish jail after drug cocktail axed

A mother-of-two died in unascertaine circumstances in her cell at Scotland's only all-female jail just three days after a prison doctor axed a cocktail of opiates, tranquilisers, and powerful painkillers she had been prescribed in the community, a fatal accident inquiry has heard | Scotsman, UK

Scunthorpe cannabis farm worth £4m uncovered

More than 15,000 cannabis plants with a street value estimated up to £4m have been found at an industrial unit in North Lincolnshire | BBC, UK

Eighteen deny Kettering drug dealing and child exploitation

A group of 18 people arrested in three days of police raids have denied drug dealing and child exploitation charges | BBC, UK

Man jailed after his own dashcam filmed him dealing drugs

Camera in car contained two hours’ footage of Scott Curtis’s transactions | Guardian, UK


International news

Premier League partners with Budweiser

Multi-year deal to become official beer of Premier League will feature 'Be a King' campaign | Premier League, UK

Toxicity classification of e-cigarette flavouring compounds based on European Union regulation: analysis of findings from a recent study

[Open access] A recent study raised concerns about e-cigarette liquids toxicity by reporting the presence of 14 flavouring chemicals with toxicity classification. However, the relevant toxicity classification was not estimated according to the measured concentrations. The purpose of this study was to calculate the toxicity classification for different health hazards for all the flavouring chemicals at the maximum concentrations reported | Harm Reduction Journal, UK

Minister Josepha Madigan branded 'a disgrace' over letter about methadone clinic

The minister moved to distance herself from the letter, with her spokesperson saying the wording was not approved by Ms Madigan before it was sent | Independent, Ireland

Iceland cuts teen drinking with curfews, youth centers

The clock strikes 10 p.m. on a Friday night when the "Parent Patrol" enters a popular playground in suburban Reykjavik. The teens turn down the music and reach for their phones to check the time: It's ticking into curfew | Medical Xpress, USA

One in ten older adults currently binge drinks

More than a tenth of adults age 65 and older currently binge drink, putting them at risk for a range of health problems, according to a study by researchers at NYU School of Medicine and the Center for Drug Use and HIV/HCV Research (CDUHR) at NYU College of Global Public Health | Medical Xpress, USA

New opioid prescription rules coming for U.S. employees' health plans

Tighter rules on opioid painkiller prescriptions for U.S. government employees will be implemented in the fall, the Trump Administration says | Medical Xpress, USA

The persistence of thirdhand smoke: How do nicotine dust levels in homes influence the chance of successfully quitting smoking?

Exposure to secondhand smoke and “triggers" such as seeing someone else smoking can make it harder to stop smoking. Thirdhand smoke—chemicals from tobacco that linger on surfaces in indoor rooms long after smoke has left the area—might also be harmful. This week, ASHES reviews a study by Georg Matt and colleagues that examined how nicotine residue in the homes of former smokers affected quit attempts | BASIS, USA

‘Show me the data!’: We asked experts to pick apart a clinic’s claims about ketamine

Clinics offering ketamine infusions tout it as “the path to happiness,” the “future of healing and hope,” and a way to “feel good again” and a way to “get back your life” and “feel again.” As use of the medication grows, so has the hype around it | STAT, USA

Your Methadone History Could Soon Be Shared Without Your Consent

The federal government wants to weaken confidentiality rules for patients with addictions. This means people who have been in any kind of treatment—even years ago—but will mainly affect methadone patients | Filter Magazine, USA

More Research-Marijuana Grow Sites Needed, Say Scientists, Congressmembers

The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has now failed to approve any new medical marijuana research supplier licenses for the third year and counting | Filter Magazine, USA



Blogs, comment and opinion

Health advice finally set to appear on alcohol products

Alcohol companies have been accused of delaying tactics after a Government deadline finally forced them to include up-to-date health information on their products – over three years after guidelines were introduced | Balance North East, UK

Where have all the activists gone?

The UK’s well-deserved reputation for developing gold standard harm reduction services were the envy of many countries around the world. From modest beginnings in the 80’s and an extraordinarily passionate and committed harm reduction community, was crafted the level of activism which ultimately brought harm reduction into the UK’s healthcare mainstream | DHI, UK

Most people drink in moderation – here’s what us heavy drinkers can learn from them

If you think no one sticks to the recommended maximum 14 units of alcohol a week, you’re kidding yourself, just like I once did | Guardian opinion, UK

The Art of Staying Sober

People need more than support; they need solutions, alternatives, and creative thinking | Human Parts blog, UK

The design makes it easier for young people to use | NYTimes opinion, USA

Six Ways to Boost Public Support for Prevention-Based Policy

Communications strategies for advocates, activists, and researchers who want to build support for preventative approaches to solving social problems | SSIR, USA