Daily news - 2nd August 2019

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UK news

'Safer' needles for drug users gets global interest

A project to get drug users to switch to a new design of needle that reduces infection risk has proved so successful it has attracted global interest. The Bristol Drugs Project used feedback from those using drugs who had shared their worries about changing needles, to create the educational campaign | BBC, UK

First victim named after six drug deaths in Essex

Tributes to motorbike fan Cian Daly, 20, who did voluntary work with disabled children | Guardian, UK

Laboratory reports of hepatitis A and C: 2018

Quarterly laboratory-confirmed hepatitis A virus and hepatitis C reports in England and Wales in 2018, and the annual report | PHE, UK

Alcohol minimum price law obeyed across Scotland, says report

NHS Health Scotland study says pioneering policy has been successfully implemented | Guardian, UK

Drugs and Music, live at Smithdown Road festival - podcast

Recorded earlier this year at Smithdown Road Festival, a free music festival in South Liverpool, this episode sees Suzi chat to a panel of guests about the links between drug use and music | Say why to drugs, UK

New books on addiction

August list of book on addiction | Addiction, UK

Cannabis farm found in ex-police station in Bristol

The discovery was made by a telephone engineer who was called out to the building on Clanage Road on Thursday | BBC, UK

Mark McKinty: Former UUP councillor guilty of drink-driving

A former Ulster Unionist councillor who resigned after being caught drink-driving has been banned from driving for three-and-a-half years | BBC, UK

Gambling advert ban takes effect from start of Ashes

No gambling adverts will be shown during live sport televised before 9pm watershed | Guardian, UK


International news

CBD may make you less aggressive: Tests show the cannabis-derived compound activates two key brain receptors and calms mice down

CBD - a powerful compound found in cannabis - may make you less aggressive, a study suggests. Scientists found giving angry mice cannabidiol made them slower to attack any intruders to their cage | Mail Online, UK

Lesotho cashes in on medicinal cannabis boom as British firm opens CBD factory

Prince Harry's favourite African country is poised to become one of the world's biggest producers of medicinal cannabis oil when a British-owned processing plant is opened today | Telegraph, UK

It costs less than €8 to reach the recommended weekly limit of alcohol in Ireland

Men can reach the low-risk weekly guidelines of alcohol for as little as €7.48 and women can for as little as €4.84 in Ireland, a new survey has suggested | Journal, Ireland

Leo Varadkar: Josepha Madigan 'didn't lobby against the methadone clinic'

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has defended two Government ministers who told voters no new methadone clinics would be built in their areas, despite widespread anger over the claims | Irish Examiner, Ireland

Genetically at-risk youth can lower risk of alcohol problems by taking part in prevention program

For people with a genetic predisposition to alcohol problems, participating in a family based prevention program during adolescence reduced the likelihood that they would develop those problems as an adult, according to a new study led by Virginia Commonwealth University researchers | Medical Xpress, USA

Autopsies reveal how meth hurts the heart

Use of the illegal stimulant methamphetamine causes build-up of tough protein fibers in heart muscle, which may help explain the development of enlarged hearts and heart failure in users, according to preliminary research presented at the American Heart Association's Basic Cardiovascular Sciences 2019 Scientific Sessions | Medical Xpress, USA

Study assesses outcomes for meth users with burn injures

Health outcomes similar to non-users, but discharge realities are distinct | EurekAlert, USA

Binge drinking among seniors is on the rise

The idea of “binge drinking” typically conjures up images of college frat parties and the dread of the next day’s (days’) hangover. But not all binge drinkers are young adults who have yet to get their first full-time job | Quartz, USA

California Working Toward Certifying “Almost Organic” Cannabis

On July 24 in Sacramento, the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) held its fourth meeting with cannabis farmers | Filter Magazine, USA

Much Work Remains to Undo Grotesque Legacy of the Rockefeller Drug Laws

New York’s Rockefeller Drug Laws, perhaps the most infamous embodiment of criminalizing addiction and drug use in the history of the United States, opened the floodgates to mass incarceration | Filter Magazine, USA

My son is not who you picture when you talk about fentanyl. But he died a month ago

Education will not prevent overdoses; we need to make it safer for people who make a mistake | CBC news, Canada


Blogs, comment and opinion

How and why we set a new direction

We know our work matters and makes a difference. But something big has to change | Addaction blog, UK

“This is how it really feels to be the daughter of an alcoholic”

There are estimated to be 589,101 dependent drinkers in England. Here, author Jessica Andrews shares her story of growing up with an alcoholic father, and explains why it’s so important that we open up the conversation around alcoholism | Stylist, UK

'Everything is better without alcohol, and I really do mean everything': readers on drinking

After Gay Alcorn wrote about giving up alcohol for a month readers responded with their own tales of struggle, indulgence and enjoyment | Guardian CIF, UK

Think tanks take on tobacco giants

With an innovative mix of money, support and advice an RSA - inspired project is strengthening two think tanks – in Nepal and Sri Lanka – to make life that little bit harder for big tobacco companies. Will Paxton and Guy Lodge FRSA explain | RSA, UK

Psychedelic Medicine Is Coming. The Law Isn’t Ready

A surprising resurgence of psychedelic research has produced its first FDA-approved treatment, with more likely on the way | Scientific American blog, USA