Daily news - 5th August 2019

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UK news

Rapid evidence review: The role of alcohol in contributing to violence in intimate partner relationships

Research has evidenced the contribution of heavy alcohol use to a range of significant harms to people other than the drinker. Importantly, recent research highlights that alcohol-related harms to women from others largely stem from the behaviour of intimate male partners [See also blog below] | Alcohol Change UK, UK

Essex drug deaths: Substance tests 'may take some time'

"Specialist tests are being carried out to establish what substances are involved. But these tests are complex and may take some time to complete." | BBC, UK

South Essex drugs-related deaths: Two men arrested

Three men and three women from Southend, Leigh-on-Sea, Canvey Island and Westcliff-on-Sea have died in the period between 28 July and 30 July | BBC, UK

How chicken dinners are helping drug addicts in Southend

Lunch club helps provide support in the Essex town rocked by a spate of drug deaths | Guardian, UK

Investigation: Life on the front line of Scotland's drugs death crisis

The scandal of Scotland’s latest drugs deaths figures has sent shockwaves across the country, from families of those 1187 people who have died, to health professionals, police, local authorities and members of the public | Herald, UK

Cannabis in the UK: Your views on making it legal

People have been debating whether to legalise cannabis in the UK for decades, and the response from government has always been no, so far | BBC, UK

The Drug Science Podcast

In this podcast, the Professor explores the actual harms and potential benefits of various drugs, challenging myths surrounding classification and legislation, and exploring the societal impact of poorly informed drug policy | Drug Science, UK

19/93 Liver disease commissioning brief

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) is interested in receiving research proposals evaluating public health measures, health care interventions and health and social care services to improve the prevention, diagnosis and acute/long-term management of liver disease | NIHR, UK

Council reveals new crackdown on bars and clubs after death of Newcastle student Ed Farmer

After the 20-year-old's tragic death from excessive drinking in 2016, Newcastle City Council says it is trying to “minimise the chances of anything like this happening again” | Chronicle, UK

Lifeline Glasgow support service shut down despite Scotland’s deadly drugs toll

A scheme that has turned around the lives of teenagers struggling with drugs has been shut down, weeks after Scotland was named the drug death capital of Europe | Sunday Post, UK

Gary Rutherford is sustaining recovery through exercise

Gary Rutherford has created a personal training programme with a difference. It's strictly for those suffering from addiction and merges exercise and counselling as a way of sustaining their sobriety | BBC, UK

Brighton Pride: Beach covered with laughing gas canisters

Up to 1,000 people have been clearing large amounts of bottles, cans, glass and disposable barbecues. But they said they had never seen so many nitrous oxide canisters in one place | BBC, UK

Llanymynech veterinary centre animal drugs theft sparks warning

Vials of ketamine, diazepam, morphine, and adrenaline were among drugs taken from the Shropshire centre | BBC, UK

Gang jailed for targeting 'vulnerable' drug addicts

A man described as the ringleader of a drug supply network has been jailed for seven years and two months | BBC, UK

Handcuffed body in Southampton river 'had traces of drugs'

A man found dead in a Southampton river with his hands in cuffs had drugs in his system and had crossed electrified rail lines to escape from police, a court has heard | BBC, UK

Pilots arrested at Glasgow Airport before boarding US flight

Two United Airlines pilots have been arrested at Glasgow Airport for allegedly failing a breath test before boarding a flight to New York | BBC, UK

Warning message on gambling ads does little to stop betting – study

Research shows ‘When the fun stops, stop’ slogan did not have significant effect on behaviour | Guardian, UK


International news

Cocaine worth €1bn seized in Germany's largest haul

Over four tonnes of the drug were being transported from Montevideo, Uruguay, to Antwerp, Belgium, when they were intercepted by authorities during a routine check two weeks ago | BBC, UK

French drug smuggler's death sentence commuted in Indonesia to 19 years

A French drug smuggler's death sentence has been commuted by an Indonesian court to 19 years in prison, less than three months after the surprise ruling put him in line for execution by firing squad | Telegraph, UK

New pill-testing push as mother of drug victim urges premier to act for 'greater good'

Victorian Greens to introduce legislation for two-year trial, including mobile pill-testing facility at music festivals | Guardian, UK

'A helping hand, not handcuffs' - Govt announce health-led approach for drugs possession for personal use

The Government has announced major changes today to laws on the possession of drugs for personal use | Breaking News, Ireland

Alcohol Action Ireland release its annual Alcohol Market Review and Price Survey 2019

Alcohol Action Ireland published its annual off-trade alcohol market review and price survey. It again demonstrates the remarkable affordability of alcohol to every day shoppers and the urgent necessity to commence Minimum pricing of alcohol products that will ensure the low cost of the strongest, cheapest alcohol will be tackled | Alcohol Action Ireland, Ireland

After the Grand Opening: Assessing Cannabis Supply and Demand in Washington State

This report provides detailed information about state-legal cannabis production and sales in Washington, as well as insights about the total amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) obtained from legal and illegal sources by Washington residents | RAND Corporation, USA

Colorado becomes third state to allow doctors to recommend marijuana instead of opioids

A new law in Colorado allows doctors to prescribe patients medical marijuana instead of traditionally-prescribed opiates for any condition as the state seeks to battle the opiate addiction crisis | The Hill, USA

At Cannabis Shops, Face Recognition Is Already a Thing

Dispensaries are adopting in-store surveillance systems to protect profits. Experts warn it's a 'slippery slope' to discrimination | VICE, USA

Nutrition Is an Overlooked Aspect of Harm Reduction

The connection between food and drugs is stronger than most people might think. Many negative health effects associated with the use of drugs have less to do with the drug itself, and more to do with lack of proper nutrition | Filter Magazine, USA

El Chapo’s Trial Was a Drug-War Propaganda Circus

Extraditing drug dealers from around the world to stand trial in the States is a cynical attempt to demonstrate that the War on Drugs is winning—when every metric shows the exact opposite | Filter Magazine, USA


Blogs, comment and opinion

Alcohol and intimate partner violence

In this blog researcher Lisa Jones describes the findings of a new rapid review that examines alcohol’s contribution to intimate partner violence | Alcohol Change UK blog, UK

Unpacking the politically sensitive relationship between alcohol, drugs and domestic violence

Through an Australian case study, Sophie Yates tries to get to the root of a very complex issue with no easy solution | IAS blog, UK

How and why we set a new direction

We know our work matters and makes a difference. But something big has to change | Addaction blog, UK

Is CBD marketing giving people false hope in the quest towards the legalisation of cannabis?

The health industry isn’t the only party guilty of giving false hope in relation to medicinal cannabis, the government has also, perhaps unintentionally, pushed similarly idealistic messages about health benefits | Independent voices, UK

Let's end the hrms of cannabis prohibition

At heart, I’m a libertarian - I believe that people should be free to make their own choices. But drugs reform is more than this. It’s about safety and protecting people from harm - a harm of government making | CDPRG blog, UK

Thomas Kerr: Scotland needs radical change to tackle the drugs crisis, and the Tories offer it

1,187. That is the number of people who passed away last year alone in Scotland with a drug related illness. Scotland is in the middle of a drugs crisis and radical change is needed for us to tackle this growing scandal | Conservative Home, UK

Blog: Poverty is the root of Scotland’s fatal drug overdose crisis

Dave Liddell, Chief Executive of Scottish Drugs Forum, discusses the links between poverty and drugs and what more we can do to stop the increase in fatal overdoses | Poverty Alliance, UK

Bridging the Divide: Psychedelic Biophilia & Human Nature Connection

Some indigenous groups have long employed psychedelic substances from their surrounding environment as agents of divination and healing | Sam Gandy, UK

I was a drug addict for nearly 20 years. There was nothing dignified or cool about it

I spent half my waking hours acquiring and using drugs and the other half trying to hide that fact | Guardian, UK

Niall O'Connor: Ireland's drug policies are not working - and neither will the Government's new solution

The trouble caused by drugs in Irish society is not just gangland violence but the gathered mayhem of mental health and societal difficulties that have far reaching consequences | Irish Mirror opinion, Ireland