Daily news - 12th August 2019

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UK news

PM to create 10,000 new prison places and boosts stop and search

The government will create room for 10,000 new prisoners and expand stop and search powers, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised | BBC, UK

Drug crime mapped: Gangs operating away from home cities

Recorded drug crime is increasing in many small towns and villages even as it falls significantly in city centres, the BBC has found | BBC, UK

'Chicken shop' drug gangs recruit children with food, inquiry finds

Criminal “chicken shop gangs” are recruiting children to deal drugs with the offer of free food, a parliamentary investigation has found | Guardian, UK

South Essex drugs-related deaths 'purity' link probed

Five deaths over three days could be connected to the strength of cocaine and heroin, police said | BBC, UK

Scottish Drugs Forum warns urgent rethink required after street valium deaths

Last month’s drug statistics showed benzodiazepines such as diazepam and etizolam were implicated in, or potentially contributed, to 792 deaths – 67% of the total number who died of overdoses in 2018 | The National, UK

The banks that likes to say no ... to bad habits

Monzo chief executive Tom Blomfield, says self-administered ‘blocks’ could prevent people buying alcohol and cigarettes | Guardian, UK

Reviewing a licensing policy: think local, act local

Advice for public health teams when reviewing their local statement of licensing policy for alcohol | PHE, UK

Jersey warned over 'strong' batch of ecstasy

A 'triple strength' batch of ecstasy has been linked to five people being hospitalised in Jersey | BBC, UK

Preventing overdoses among people prescribed opioids for pain

Call for participants. Scotland has one of the highest rates in Europe of people dying from opioid overdoses. This includes people who are prescribed opioids for chronic non-cancer pain, and includes accidental and non-fatal overdose as well as intentional and fatal overdose.  Researchers from the University of Stirling and NHS Fife are conducting a study to better understand what can be done to reduce drug-related overdose and death among this group of people | DRNS, UK

Pro golfer engulfed in flames after vape pen exploded in his pocket

Will Hawksworth, 24, had been driving home from the supermarket with his girlfriend Molly Biney, 25, when his vape pen started sparking in his gilet pocket | Metro, UK

Albanian dealer told police 'English people love cocaine'

An Albanian drug dealer who admitted selling cocaine because "English people love it" has been jailed | BBC, UK

Three men jailed over 'sophisticated' dark web drug dealing

Colin McCabe, 39, Toby Woods and Robert Price, both 36, earned more than £1m selling Class A drugs on the dark web, Thames Valley Police said | BBC, UK

Drug trafficker family who hid heroin in boxing gloves jailed

Three members of the same family who smuggled drugs into the UK hidden in boxing gloves have been jailed | BBC, UK

Police warn people mocking convicted drug dealer’s hairstyle they could be prosecuted

Gwent Police used 21-year-old’s mugshot in bid to track him down | Independent, UK


International news

Medicinal cannabis: the hype is strong, but the evidence is weak

Demand is booming for medicinal cannabis to treat a variety of conditions, but researchers and doctors remain cautious | Guardian, UK

Can we stop America's teen vaping epidemic arriving in Britain?

Despite being aimed at mature smokers, ‘Juuling’ among teenagers is on the rise as they are drawn to the sweet flavours and sleek design. By February, almost 5 million American high-schoolers were vaping. So how can we stop British teens from becoming addicted, too? | Guardian, UK

Cocaine found on New Zealand beach was bound for Australia and lost at sea for a year

Australian authorities intercepted the boat offloading the cocaine into the sea in 2018 | Guardian, UK

Cannabis and Mental Health Priorities for research in Canada (PDF)

A new report created by UCalgary researchers for the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC), examines the scope of cannabis and mental health research, looking at published literature to assess what’s known, what the focus of research has been, and what areas researchers can follow up on in the future | University of Calgary, Canada


Blogs, comment and opinion

DrinkTank – Alcohol industry calling the shots on Australian health policy

Shocking scandals continue to roll through the media cycle, featuring abuse of power and influence by the addictive industries, and alleging corruption and worse | IAS blog, UK

The Battle For Medicinal Cannabis Is A Chronic Pain In The Heart

Carly Barton, who has been using medicinal cannabis to treat excruciating chronic pain condition, says patients are being let down by the latest draft guidance from Nice | Huffington Post opinion, UK

Five bold steps for the drug deaths task force

Our country has a serious drug death crisis; the worst in Europe, in fact. Every day at Addaction Scotland, we work with the people behind these numbers. Seeing individuals draw on strength they didn’t know they had and go on to make amazing recoveries from drugs and alcohol never ceases to amaze us | Herald opinion, UK

Lottery winners and boorish beers leave a bitter taste…

Old certainties are being questioned even in the world of booze | Guardian, UK