Daily news - 15th August 2019

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UK news

Scotland's Population 2018 - The Registrar General's Annual Review of Demographic Trends (PDF)

Includes data on alcohol related deaths | National Records of Scotland, UK

Scotland's drug death rate behind stalling of life expectancy figures

Scotland’s shocking drugs death rate is so high it has been linked to the country’s life expectancy figures, which have stalled after rising for three decades | Telegraph, UK

Enhancing a brief online intervention to reduce alcohol consumption

The way in which the content of a brief online alcohol intervention was presented to users impacted on levels of engagement with the intervention | Alcohol Change UK, UK

Scottish Medicines Consortium accepts Buvidal® for treatment of opioid dependence

The Scottish Medicines Consortium has accepted weekly and monthly Buvidal® for treatment of opioid dependence in NHS Scotland | Pharmafield, UK

Notification of tobacco or herbal products for smoking

Updated product list | PHE, UK

London teenage girls used by gang to flood Welsh town with drugs, court hears

Three members of 'county lines' gang jailed after girls found with drugs and weapons in house | Independent, UK

'I would have done anything for coke - it owned me': Inside a Cocaine Addicts Anonymous meeting

Cocaine Addicts Anonymous, unsurprisingly, do not let film crews into their meetings | ITV, UK

Calls to remove Butetown phone boxes 'used for drug-taking'

Community leaders are campaigning for public phone boxes to be removed from an area of Cardiff, saying they are used by addicts to take drugs | BBC, UK

Carling beer to ditch plastic packaging to become more sustainable

Plastic wrapping will be removed from the UK's best-selling larger, as brewer Molson Coors adopts sustainable packaging | Telegraph, UK

Gambling with credit cards

Following a recent call for evidence and our previous announcement on 24 July, the Gambling Commission has today launched a twelve-week consultation on gambling with credit cards | Gambling Commission, UK


International news

Vaping companies sue to delay US review of e-cigarettes

A vaping industry group sued the U.S. government on Wednesday to delay an upcoming review of thousands of e-cigarettes on the market | Mail Online, UK

Greg Hunt says alcohol strategy wasn't watered down due to industry meddling

National alcohol strategy was modified to play down negative consequences of Australia’s drinking culture | Guardian, UK

NSW suburb battles alcohol superstore as Woolworths denies targeting disadvantaged areas

Central Coast Council argues building Dan Murphy’s on the Lake Haven site could undo efforts to make area safer | Guardian, UK

Raise price of cigarettes to €20 a pack by 2025, government told

The Irish Heart Foundation is arguing for the move in its pre-Budget submission | Journal, Ireland

Germans are drinking more alcohol-free beer

Non-alcoholic beer has long been on the drinks menu in Germany. But the once ridiculed beverage is becoming increasingly popular. Are Germans sobering up? | DW, Germany

In first-of-its-kind study, researchers highlight hookah health hazards

Hookah waterpipe use has grown in popularity in recent years -- 1 in 5 college students in the U.S. and Europe have tried it -- but the practice could be more dangerous than other forms of smoking, according to a first-of-its-kind study | Science Daily, USA

Juul, worried about further damage to its reputation as it tries to remake its public image, has filed lawsuits and a complaint with the International Trade Commission | NYTimes, USA

Nature vs. nurture: The interaction between early-life adversity and genetics in adult drug use

Early-life adversity can lead to substance misuse in adulthood and other kinds of mental and physical health harm. But this effect may be influenced by a person’s genetic makeup | BASIS, USA

With opioid abuse surging, expert panel recommends drug screening for all US adults

It's time for doctors to start asking every patient, every time: Have you engaged in any illicit drug use? | Medical Xpress, USA

The Trump administration wants to make it harder for unemployed workers to get benefits

A new rule would let states deny benefits to those who fail a drug test | Vox, USA

Trump administration to reduce length of opioid prescriptions for federal employees

The government’s employee health plan will tighten its rules for covering prescription opioid painkillers starting this fall, the Trump administration said Monday | STAT News, USA

How Should Primary Care Physicians Talk to Patients About Drug Use?

All primary care physicians should screen their patients for drug use, recommended an independent panel of medical experts in an August 13 draft statement issued by the US Preventative Services Task Force | Filter Magazine, USA

Injectable opioid treatment comes to Vancouver Island for first time

The treatment delivers pharmaceutical-grade opioids via a syringe, rather than pills | CBC News, Canada

NSW residents want government to hold the line on alcohol measures

Regulations to make Sydney’s nightlife safer are an unqualified success; an incredibly important example of preventive health in action; and are exactly the measures – all of them – that the people of NSW continue to support | DrinkTank, Australia

Drug and Alcohol Research Connections

Latest news, research and opinion | NDARC et al, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

How and why we set a new direction

More than 50 years ago, a mother called Molly Craven wrote an open letter to other parents. It was published in a national newspaper under the headline “My son takes heroin”. Her words touched many families and started a movement that became the charity we are today | Addaction, UK

“Lack Of Scientific Proof” That Microdosing Psychedelic Drugs Improves Wellbeing Or Creativity

“Microdosing” psychedelic drugs involves regularly taking amounts so tiny that they don’t impair a person’s normal functioning, but — it’s claimed — subtly enhance wellbeing, concentration and creativity | BPS, UK

JAMA Article Response: Healthcare Providers Should Not Perpetuate Stigmatization

In a piece published in JAMA that discussed last year’s film Beautiful Boy, Dr. Abigail Zuger endorsed the sentiment of a former patient: “never trust an addict” | NYSAM, USA

I Hadn't Seen My Addict Father in Years—Then I Ran Into Him on the Street

I spotted my dad hanging out in a sketchy alley in my hometown. He didn't even recognize me when I introduced myself | VICE, Canada