Daily news - 6th February 2019

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UK news

Statistics on Alcohol, England 2019 [PAS]

This statistical report presents a range of information on alcohol use and misuse by adults and children drawn together from a variety of sources for England unless otherwise stated | NHS Digital, UK

Local Alcohol Profiles for England (LAPE)

Updated. The profiles provide information to monitor the services and initiatives that have been put in place to prevent and reduce the harmful impact of alcohol | PHE, UK

Richer, older men more likely to drink to excess, figures show

NHS Digital data shows one in five people say they drink more than 14 weekly units of alcohol | Guardian, UK

Alcohol deaths in England at record high after 6 per cent rise in a year, NHS data shows

One hospital admission every 30 seconds related to alcohol as experts call for end to treatment cuts and curbs on affordability | Independent, UK

Drug-related deaths in England: local authorities and how they are responding (PDF)

Drug-related deaths (DRDs) are at their highest level since records began in 1993 with 3,756 DRDs in England and Wales last year, 53% of which related to opiate use. Almost a third of all deaths from overdose in 2016 in Europe happened in the UK. This constitutes a public health and humanitarian crisis which must be addressed urgently | NAT, UK

Victoria Derbyshire show - Xanax special report - BBC iPlayer

The programme has been exclusively told that more than 200 deaths in the UK have been linked to misuse of the drug Xanax. [Watch from 5 mins 15 secs} | BBC, UK

Any level of regular drinking raises risk of breast cancer

Fewer than 4/10 (38%) of North East women are aware of the link between alcohol and breast cancer - despite evidence that any level of regular drinking raises the risks | Balance NE, UK

Vaping seen as increasingly "fashionable" as one in three millennials take up smoking substitute

Vaping is seen as increasingly "fashionable", say consumer experts, as almost one in three 18-24 year olds now use the smoking substitute | Telegraph, UK

Smokeless tobacco: 5 common questions about 'heat not burn' products answered 

'Heat not burn' or 'heated tobacco' products are electronic devices that, unlike e-cigarettes, contain tobacco leaf and heat it to a high temperature, without setting it alight | Medical Xpress, UK

Prisoners: Drugs

To ask the Secretary of State for Justice, how many people were required to attend residential detoxification facilities as a condition of their sentence in each year since 2010 for which information is available | They work for you, UK

Volteface Podcast #3: Cannabis & Mental Health – The Chat No One Wants To Have

On this month’s edition of the Volteface Podcast, host Paul North catches up with Dr. Derek Tracy, FRCPsych, Consultant Psychiatrist & Clinical Director of Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust & Senior Lecturer, King’s College London | Volte Face, UK

ACMD members' register of interests

Added member details for Paul Stokes and Graeme Henderson | ACMD, UK

Bristol Drugs Project launches recovery orchestra

Musicians recovering from problematic drug or alcohol use have come together to form an orchestra. Sophie Wilsdon, from Bristol Drugs Project, said she was inspired after seeing a similar project in Brighton | BBC, UK

Insight: Dundee’s drugs crisis and those left behind

2018 was quite a year for Dundee. A rising star, the Tayside city was featured in the New York Times, recommended by Lonely Planet guides, and even got a spot in the new Irn-Bru Christmas advert | The Ferret, UK

Glasgow cannabis crop worth £1.4m seized by police

One of the largest cannabis crops in the west of Scotland has been uncovered after police seized £1.4m in cannabis plants | BBC, UK

Boyfriend left Holby City actor John Michie's daughter to die of drug overdose because he didn't want to be arrested, court hears

Holby City actor John Michie's daughter was left to die by her rapper boyfriend at Bestival after he failed to get help because he "didn't want to be arrested", a court heard | Telegraph, UK


International news

Texas man suffers stroke and dies after e-cigarette explodes in his face

There were about 195 e-cigarette fire and explosion incidents between 2009 and 2016 | Independent, UK

Drug overdose killed HQ Trivia co-founder Colin Kroll

The co-founder of the popular app HQ Trivia, Colin Kroll, died of an accidental drug overdose, according to the New York City medical examiner | BBC, UK

Emergency calls for pets eating cannabis surge 765% over past decade

ASPCA says it received more than 1,800 calls in 2018, with the legalisation of cannabis products largely to blame | Guardian, UK

Hawaii considers raising legal smoking age - to 100

Some smokers in Hawaii might find themselves waiting a long time before they light up, as a bill has been introduced to bar the sale of cigarettes to anyone under 100 years old | Telegraph, UK

Budget 2019

The EMCDDA receives stable funding under Commission budget line B3-441 of the general budget of the European Union. Each year, a preliminary draft budget is presented by the Centre's Director to the Management Board, which may modify the draft before adopting it and submitting it to the European Commission. The Commission, in turn, makes its recommendations (which may again alter the draft) and presents the result to the European Council and Parliament | EMCDDA, Portugal

Global Research on Needs-Based Planning for Substance Use Treatment Systems: Principles, Progress, and Prospects

[Open access.] To give professionals in the substance use field evidence-based tools to improve their policy work and resource allocation, a global group of researchers has come together to produce a series of reviews, original studies, and commentaries | JSAD, USA

Study estimates misuse of prescribed opioids in the United States

Based on data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the study's investigators estimate that of more than 89 million US adults who used prescription opioids every year, close to 3.9 million (4.4 percent) reported misusing the prescribed medications | EurekAlert, USA

Unexpected results suggest a few joints may not harm men's sperm

Researchers investigating the effect of cannabis smoking on men's testicular function have made the unexpected discovery that it is linked to higher sperm counts and higher testosterone levels among moderate users compared to men who never smoked it | EurekAlert, USA

Cannabinoid compounds may inhibit growth of colon cancer cells

Medical marijuana has gained attention in recent years for its potential to relieve pain and short-term anxiety and depression. Now, Penn State College of Medicine researchers say some cannabinoid compounds may actually inhibit the growth of colon cancer cells in the lab | Medical Xpress, USA

New study explores why women use marijuana during pregnancy

Marijuana use during pregnancy has doubled in the last decade to become the illicit substance most commonly used by pregnant women. A new study from the University of Pittsburgh explores the attitudes of marijuana-using mothers-to-be | Medical Xpress, USA

Are Electronic Cigarettes Facilitating Illicit Drug Use?

In this interview, Dr. Michelle Peace, an Associate Professor at VCU, provides an overview of her research into the use of e-cigarettes for the inhalation of illicit drugs and the dangers that this poses to health and society as a whole | Medical Xpress, USA

Which strategies could help me control my drinking?

Protective behavioral strategies (PBS) are actions that people can take to control their drinking. For example, some people drink slowly, while others stop after a pre-planned specific number of drinks | BASIS, USA

Should I Drug Test My Kids? Why the Experts Say No

Does anyone still want to do drug tests on their children? | Filter Magazine, USA

Cops Claimed She Set Up A Drug Deal. Now She's Being Prosecuted For Manslaughter

A Florida woman with substance use disorder allegedly brokered a drug sale that ended in a fatal overdose; she faces 15 years in prison | The Appeal, USA


Blogs, comment and opinion

Top alcohol-free drinks from high-street supermarkets

Alcohol-free drink sales are booming, so chances are a supermarket near you has a selection of options for you. Here are some of the most exciting drinks you can expect to find in popular UK supermarkets (sorry, non-UK residents!) | Alcohol Change UK blog, UK

A friend was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a cancer of a type of white blood cell called plasma cells. There is often significant pain associated with this condition, and my friend has been treated with high doses of different opioid combinations, in addition to chemotherapy | NYTimes opinion, USA

Why do so many Americans now support legalizing marijuana?

American views on marijuana have shifted incredibly rapidly. Thirty years ago, marijuana legalization seemed like a lost cause. In 1988, only 24 percent of Americans supported legalization | Conversation, USA

Recommending that pregnant women not drink alcohol has been called old-fashioned and even patriarchal. So, as a feminist, my opinion may come as a surprise | NYTimes opinion, USA