Daily news - 22nd January 2019

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UK news

Radio 1's Life Hacks: Timothée Chalamet

Correction: Our Director @Shapiroharry talks about drugs and families on @BBCradio1 player following the release of the film Beautiful Boy. Listen from 90 mins in | BBC Radio 1, UK

The Human Medicines (Amendment) Regulations 2019

The nasal naloxone (and Falsified Medicines Directive) legislation was laid before Parliament on Friday and will come into force on 9 February 2019 | Legislation.gov.uk, UK

Fears over life-saving drug unfounded, finds review

Fears over a drug that can be used to treat alcohol addiction are unfounded, according to its first ever systematic review, led by academics at The University of Manchester | University of Manchester, UK

MPs call for reform of business rates system

St Albans’ MP Anne Main led the way in challenging the Government to reform the business rates system in a debate on the closure of Britain’s pubs in Parliament | Morning Advertiser, UK

Cannabis: Medical Treatments

To ask the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, how many NHS prescriptons have been issued for patients to use medical cannabis since 1 November 2018 | They work for you, UK

Mother has four-year-old son taken from her after failing drug test taken from strand of hair

Child put up for adoption as 'heartbroken' mother insists she does not use drugs anymore | Independent, UK

Streets of shame: Homelessness and the NHS – a tome of tragedies

For two and a half years Samantha Moss and her partner Clayton Bradshaw slept under the cold, stone arches of Nottingham’s Trent Bridge | BMA, UK

HMP Bedford inmate caught rats in his cell during inspection visit

Vermin infestation at prison one of many problems cited in damning report last year | Guardian, UK

PSHE KS3 / KS4: Alcohol abuse and binge drinking

A drama about the effects of alcohol abuse and binge drinking on young people | BBC, UK

Record cocaine levels in Thames probably not making fish high, experts say

High levels of class A drug all week long not threat to wildlife, says expert | Independent, UK

Recruitment for upcoming trial - Psilocybin for major depression: A randomised control trial

Call for participants. Psilocybin for major depression: A randomised control trial - the design of this trial is a DB-RCT in major depressive disorder. We will use fMRI to compare the treatment mechanisms of six weeks of daily Escitalopram (SSRI antidepressant) with two doses of psilocybin | Imperial College, UK

Consultation on a national strategy to reduce gambling harms

Survey.Gambling is a leisure activity enjoyed by many, but which can cause some people harm. In the past, the Gambling Commission’s expert advisors, the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board (RGSB), have published a National Responsible Gambling Strategy, which has set out what activities should be undertaken by all stakeholders (the Gambling Commission, gambling businesses, researchers, charities, etc.) to promote responsible gambling | Gambling Commission, UK

Suffolk Family Voices

Free event. Fri, 25 January 2019. Bury Saint Edmunds. Please join us for this free lunchtime discussion event on co-existing substance use and mental ill health and the impact on families and carers in Suffolk | Adfam, UK 

VolteFaceTV - Cannabis! Legal in 2019?

Free event. Tue, January 22, 2019. 5:30 PM – 6:45 PM GMT. London. New Zealand has eased the rules on medicinal use of cannabis. Next year they will vote on legalising receational use country wide. If current polling predictions hold good New Zealand will vote yes to legalisation. Are we entering a new age of legalisation around the world? | Volte Face, UK

19/02 Interventions that reduce harmful substance use with a focus on novel psychoactive substances

Funding opportunity. The Public Health Research Programme are accepting stage 1 applications for this primary research topic | NIHR, UK

18/162 Tobacco cessation, control and harm reduction interventions (PHR Programme)

Funding opportunity. The Public Health Research Programme are accepting stage 1 applications for this primary research topic | NIHR, UK

Kate Osamor said she is "first and foremost a mother" as she apologised if her actions were misinterpreted in recent months | Sky News, UK


International news

Number of people taking HSE online test for drug addiction doubles

[Free registration maybe required] The HSE has reported a doubling in the number of people completing an online drug-addiction screening test that helps substance abusers to quit | Times, UK

Future of e-cigarettes could go up in smoke as the nation's top health authorities consider BANNING vaping over fears underage smokers are becoming addicted

E-cigarettes are now the top high-risk substance used by teenagers, according to the latest U.S. figures which show that Juul and similar products have quickly outpaced cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana and other substances that have been tracked over more than four decades | Mail Online, UK

Drug deaths at music festivals: one overdose victim 'took up to nine MDMA pills'

NSW coroner told different circumstances led to the five deaths, including one victim who was drinking as well as consuming MDMA | Guardian, UK

Prosecco production takes a toll on northeast Italy’s environment

The industry accounts for 74 percent of the region’s soil loss every year | Science News, UK

Twenty years of the methadone treatment protocol in Ireland: reflections on the role of general practice

[Open access] Opioid dependence, characterised by socio economic disadvantage and significant morbidity and mortality, remains a major public health problem in Ireland | Harm Reduction Journal, Ireland

Ross criticises 'lunatic fringe' in Dáil who oppose drink-driving laws

The Transport Minister Shane Ross has launched a scathing attack on what he calls "the lunatic fringe" in Leinster House who are opposed to tougher drink-driving laws | Irish Examiner, Ireland

Payments to physicians may increase opioid prescribing

US doctors who receive direct payments from opioid manufacturers tend to prescribe more opioids than doctors who receive no such payments, according to new research published by Addiction | EurekAlert, USA

National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

(NDAFW) is coming January 22-27, 2019. NDAFW is a national health observance linking teens to science-based facts | NIDA, USA

One-third of pregnant women do not believe cannabis is harmful to their fetus

In some cases, women perceived a lack of communication from their health care providers about the risks of cannabis as an indication that the drug is safe to use during pregnancy | News Medical, Canada

Music festival inquest may investigate more deaths

An inquest examining the deaths of five music festival revellers in recent months could see the addition of two more young people who died in similar circumstances | SMH, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

Many people use drugs – but here’s why most don’t become addicts

Drug use is common, drug addiction is rare. About one adult in three will use an illegal drug in their lifetime and just under 3m people will do so this year in England and Wales alone. Most will suffer no long-term harm | Conversation, UK

Harry’s blog 80: Not flavour of the month

JUUL is planning a TV campaign over the summer aimed at trying to persuade smokers to ‘make the switch’. Unfortunately, it might not be enough to rehabilitate the image of the company which should never have needed rehabilitating in the first place | NSP blog, UK

The NHS Long Term Plan – let’s stop the ‘us and them’

The NHS Long Term Plan has finally arrived. There is much in the plan that Directors of Public Health would support... | ADPH blog, UK

What can alcohol tell us about other drugs?

What is the relationship between alcohol and other drugs? I’ve been thinking about this a lot since leaving the alcohol field to take on the role of Chief Executive here at Transform. Having worked in alcohol research and policy for many years, I’ve always been conscious of the peculiar status of alcohol in society. It is a substance with which we are so familiar that, most of the time, we don’t think of it as a drug at all | Transform blog, UK

Opioids don't work for most people with chronic pain. So why do we still prescribe them?

There’s a temptation to offer desperate patients a solution in a medicine bottle. But long-lasting pain has complex causes | Guardian opinion, UK

How can we take power away from criminal gangs? Legalise drugs

Prohibition makes our world a more dangerous place, trapping people in poverty | Guardian, UK

Albanian mafia: the dangerous myth that distorts our view of the global drugs trade

Over the last few months, if not years, the UK media has reported claims by law enforcement authorities of an upsurge of serious, complex criminality conducted by Albanian organised crime groups, often referred to as the “Albanian mafia” | Conversation, UK

Is Cannabis Good or Bad for Mental Health?

The physicist Richard Feynman has been popularly quoted as stating that if you think you understand quantum mechanics, then you don’t. It is perhaps not a quantum leap to make the same claim about cannabis | Scientific American blog, USA