Daily news - 29th January 2019

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UK news

Street valium blamed for 'unprecedented' spike in drugs deaths

Early data shows there was a 43% rise in the number of people who died of drugs overdoses from January to October last year, compared with 2017 | BBC, UK

SIGN 156: Children and young people exposed prenatally to alcohol
A national clinical guideline (PDF)

This guideline was developed using a combination of standard SIGN methodology, based on a systematic review of the evidence, and adaption of the Canadian guideline for diagnosis of FASD. Further details on the processes used are included in the guideline | Healthcare Improvement Scotland, UK

Emergence of Novel Psychoactive Substance injecting associated with rapid rise in the population prevalence of hepatitis C virus

[Open access] Novel Psychoactive Substance (NPS) use has increased in recent years and generated significant concern within public health. People who inject drugs (PWID) are at increased risk of blood borne viruses, in particular Hepatitis C virus (HCV) | IJDP, UK

Functioning alcoholics on their road to recovery

Many people see alcohol as a way to relax and socialise. But for some, it becomes the only way they can get through the day | BBC, UK

Steph and Dom: Gogglebox stars in Channel 4 documentary about how cannabis oil could save their son

Steph & Dom: Can Cannabis Save Our Son? is coming to Channel 4 | i news, UK

The CannaPro CBD Compassionate Access Programme

The CannaPro CBD Compassionate Access Programme is a response to the failure of the NHS to deliver on the medicinal cannabis reforms which came into force last November. It is intended to match those in need with businesses that are able to donate CBD products. It is not confined solely to cases of children with epilepsy | CannaPro, UK

Celebrating 20 years of DHI: The Vision Project

Developing Health & Independence has always been an innovative and solution focused charity, led by our vision and values in the face of challenge. That’s why, rather than looking backwards, we have decided to spend our 20th anniversary year looking forwards | DHI, UK

Rough sleeping: 'To beg for drugs, it's just horrible'

Martin arrived in England to try to get off heroin but ended up living on the streets of Newcastle | BBC, UK

Man suspected of selling fatal diet pills to British woman Bethany Shipsey has been arrested in Ukraine

Bethany Shipsey purchased the fat burning pills, which have now been linked to 26 deaths in the UK, for £150 | ITV, UK

Derelict Birmingham flats hide 31-room cannabis factory

A huge cannabis factory has been found covering three floors and 31 rooms of a derelict tower block in Birmingham | BBC, UK

Cannabis 'Drumstick sweets' found in Gateshead police raid

A 28-year-old woman was arrested following the search in Eden Dale Estate, Crawcook, on Sunday | BBC, UK

Laura Plummer: Jailed Briton in Egypt 'released'

A British woman jailed after she was found with painkillers in her suitcase at an Egyptian airport has been released, according to her family | BBC, UK

Sam Mechelewski murder: Pair guilty of drug dealer 'execution'

Two men have been found guilty of luring a teenage drug dealer to a woodland and "executing" him | BBC, UK


International news

Free-market groups and the tobacco industry - full database

More than 100 free-market thinktanks have argued against tobacco control policies or accepted donations from the tobacco industry, research by the Guardian shows | Guardian, UK

Therapeutic relationships matter for young clients too

Amalgamation of research findings for the American Psychological Association finds that the relationship between therapists and young clients and their parents matters nearly as much as in adult therapy. Practice recommendations will aid counsellors, therapists and mental health teams in their work with young substance users | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Spanish police say drugs gang used drones to spy on officers

Smugglers monitored for possible police presence as hashish shipments approached | Guardian, UK

How dangerous is marijuana for young men's mental health?

A bestselling anti-marijuana book, Tell Your Children, is sounding the alarm with a link between cannabis and violence. But is it warranted? | Guardian, UK

Study shows how LSD interferes with brain's signalling

Scans of volunteers who took acid shows it disrupts information pathways in brain | Guardian, UK

Scientists are working on a pill for loneliness

Modern life has led to greater isolation, which can fuel an array of disorders. If there are medications for social pains like depression and anxiety, why not loneliness? | Guardian, UK

Thailand to revoke foreign patent requests on marijuana

Thailand on Monday effectively revoked all foreign patent requests for the use of marijuana, after fears foreign firms would dominate a market thrown open last month when the government approved the drug for medical use and research | Reuters, UK

The Frankfurt Resolution of 1990 Still Inspires City-Level Drug Policy Reforms

Nearly 30 years ago, a group of European cities signed a groundbreaking drug policy agreement that heralded many important harm reduction advances. Today, it continues to inform progress in North America—although its lessons have been learned far too slowly | Filter Magazine, USA

Gender gap seen in accessing alcohol treatment with cirrhosis

Women with alcohol-associated cirrhosis (AC) are less likely to receive alcohol use disorder (AUD) treatment than men with the disease even though such treatment is associated with improved outcomes at one year | Medical Xpress, USA

Researchers highlight need for more smoking cessation programs in state prisons

Inmates want to quit smoking but don't have access to smoking cessation programs in state prisons, increasing the risk—especially among black male inmates—of cancer, heart disease, stroke and other smoking-related diseases, according to Rutgers researchers | Medical Xpress, USA

Pictorial warning labels on hookahs reduce smoking satisfaction and exposure to smoking-related toxicants

In the first clinical laboratory study to provide evidence on the effects of warning labels on waterpipes, also known as hookahs, researchers at FIU Robert Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work found pictorial warning labels are effective in reducing smokers' positive experiences | Medical Xpress, USA

High rates of opioid prescriptions may be linked to poor labor force participation

Prescription opioids may be negatively affecting labor force participation and unemployment nationwide, according to findings in a new study | EurekAlert, USA

The incredible 10,000-year history humanity shares with cannabis

Today, as more countries change their laws and relax the legal restrictions surrounding the use of marijuana, one thing is missing from the discussion - the incredible 10,000-year history that cannabis shares with humankind | Digital Magazine, USA

Injection of opioids linked to significant increase in bacterial heart infections

People who inject drugs are at a high risk for a number of health issues. In a new study from ICES, Lawson Health Research Institute and Western University, researchers discovered a significant rise in the risk of infective endocarditis, a serious heart infection, among Ontarians who inject drugs | Medical Express, Canada

Seven core principles can help substance use treatment systems focus on high-level goals

Building on reviews of existing studies, researchers have identified the principles that may help improve substance use treatment systems | Science Daily, Canada



Blogs, comment and opinion

I overcame serious drug and alcohol issues. I couldn’t have done it without my dad

We enjoy the good times and support each other through the bad | Addaction blog, UK

Opinion: Pat was refused mental health services because of his addiction - now he's dead

Mental illness and addiction are interlinked so why are people who suffer from both routinely excluded from services, asks Senator Lynn Ruane | Journal, Ireland

My Life of Overusing Pills for Back Pain in a Grueling Factory Job

Ihave a factory-floor job here in Montreal, Canada. I wake up each morning at 5 am for what is supposed to be an eight-hour day. It stretches to 12 hours when you count a three-hour Metro transportation round-trip and endless stairs | Filter Magazine, USA