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DDN Magazine July/August 2019

It’s time to challenge stigmatising language on social media | DDN, UK

Collecting data for the tobacco and alcohol CQUIN scheme

Guidance and tools to help collect and report data for the tobacco and alcohol commissioning for quality and innovation (CQUIN) scheme | PHE, UK

Take Home Naloxone: best practice in preventing fatal opioid overdoses for prison leavers (PDF)

This issue of Pulse gives an insight into a new, highly-targeted initiative to increase the number of service users being released from prison with Take Home Naloxone (THN), a drug that can save lives by reversing the reduced breathing rate caused by an opioid overdose. This is to help address the issue of drug-related deaths in England and Wales, which are at record levels, with death rates among prisoners (especially those on post-release supervision) many times higher than in the general population | The Forward Trust, UK

Evaluating peer-supported screening as a hepatitis C case-finding model in prisoners

Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) infection is endemic in prison populations, and HCV management in prisons is suboptimal. Incarceration is a public health opportunity to target this cohort. Community peer support increases HCV screening and treatment uptake | Harm Reduction Journal, UK

Children tracked with GPS in Scottish tobacco sale study

Children in deprived areas are exposed to significantly more tobacco sales than those from wealthier neighbourhoods, a new study has found | BBC, UK

After drugs and booze, an ultramarathon taught me how to love the mile I’m in

Breaking the cycle of my addictions was tough, but then I found inner strength by pushing myself to complete a 50-mile race | Guardian, UK

St Pauls Carnival 2019

Following on from last year's fantastic work at St Paul's Carnival, our BDP outreach team, made up of staff and invaluable volunteers, returned to St Paul's to provide essential harm reduction advice, free resources and a safe place for those wanting to relax in our chill-out zone | BDP, UK

Sick of summer drinking? Sainsbury’s is launching an alcohol-free pub

Alcohol and summer in Britain famously go hand-in-hand. At the merest rumour of the sun, many of us to head straight to the nearest pub and pay £5 a pint for the privilege of jostling for space on the pavement outside | Metro, UK

Jamie Insall: Striker rebuilds career after cocaine ban with Kilmarnock opponents Connah's Quay

Jamie Insall made cheerful headlines when Hibernian plucked him from non-league obscurity. Two years later, and without a first-team appearance for the Scottish Premiership club to his name, the striker left under a cloud after failing a drug test | BBC, UK

Cannabis factory discovered during Chatham house fire

Firefighters were called to the blaze which had started in the roof of a property in Chatham, Kent, on Sunday morning | BBC, UK

Springer spaniel wins national award for sniffing out illegal cigarettes

A springer spaniel who has sniffed out over half a million illegal cigarettes in Wolverhampton has won a national award | ITV, UK


International news

US teens may be finding it harder to buy cannabis after legalisation

Does legalising cannabis make it easier for teenagers to access the drug? The largest study to date suggests not – and it may even have the opposite effect | New Scientist, UK

How secondhand drinking ruins lives: ‘Every family has been touched by this’

Passive smoking is treated as a serious hazard. So why have we been so slow to wake up to the dangers alcohol poses to those who live with – or have a devastating encounter with – a heavy drinker? | Guardian, UK

One of Italy's top drug dealers arrested in Brazil after five years on the run

After five years on the run, one of Italy’s top cocaine dealers has been arrested in São Paulo along with his son | Guardian, UK

Copenhagen police crack down on drunk and stoned scootering

Twenty-eight arrested for riding electric scooters after using alcohol or cannabis | Guardian, UK

What It’s Like To Deal Drugs In a Country With the Harshest Penalties In the World

Thousands of Filipino citizens have been killed in President Rodrigo Duterte's violent war on drugs. VICE meets a local dealer to learn why anyone would run the huge risk of selling when your life is literally on the line | VICE, UK

Cocaine bricks keep washing up in the Philippines

Over the past few months, bricks of cocaine with a street value of millions have been washing up in eastern coastal provinces in the Philippines | BBC, UK

Unresponsive festival overdose victim not put in ambulance for an hour

Doctor at Defqon.1 medical tent was already overwhelmed when Joseph Pham arrived critically ill, inquest into NSW music festival drug deaths hears | Guardian, UK

Irish society needs to reintroduce abstinence from alcohol and drugs - Archbishop Eamon Martin

The head of the Catholic Church in Ireland has said it is time for Irish society to "reignite a temperance movement" to address the "terrible impact" of alcohol and drugs | Independent, Ireland

Research into cannabis dosage for reducing seizures in children with severe epilepsy

Medicinal cannabis oil containing both cannabidiol (CBD) and a small amount of THC (the drug that can cause intoxication) can reduce or end seizures in children with severe, drug-resistant epilepsy, a study by the University of Saskatchewan (USask) has found | Medical Xpress, USA

Herbal supplement used to treat addiction and pain found unsafe by researchers

The herb kratom is increasingly being used to manage pain and treat opioid addiction, but it's not safe to use as an herbal supplement, according to new research led by faculty at Binghamton University, State University of New York | EurekAlert, USA

Allowing the sale of buprenorphine without a prescription could save lives

In an effort to address the opioid epidemic in new, safe and effective ways, increasing access to buprenorphine, without a prescription, could prove helpful for treating persons with opioid use disorder (OUD), according to a Viewpoint in this week's JAMA | Medical Xpress, USA

Teens abusing painkillers are more likely to later use heroin

A new study shows that teens who use prescription opioids to get high are more likely to start using heroin by high school graduation | Science Daily, USA

Where pharma spends, docs prescribe more gabapentin, a potential drug of abuse

Pharmaceutical companies' payments to doctors may be influencing them to prescribe more expensive, brand-name versions of the pain drug gabapentin, a team of researchers report in the July 8 issue of JAMA Internal Medicine, and the increasing use of the drug suggests it may be being abused | Medical Xpress, USA

Social Factors Are an Essential—And Changeable—Element of Addiction

Resisting efforts to exaggerate the dangers of drugs does not mean we should ignore them. People suffer, and sometimes lose their lives, around excessive, compulsive and chaotic drug and alcohol use | Filter Magazine, USA

Almost 80 Percent of Heroin Users in Boston, Baltimore Would Visit Safe Consumption Sites

Alarge majority of people who use opioids in three coastal cities would utilize safe consumption spaces if they were made available, according to a new study conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health | Filter Magazine, USA

Overdoses Are Deadliest Within First Few Months Out of Delaware Prisons

In 2018, Delaware had the sixth highest number of overdose deaths in the country, yet the state still has major gaps in care for its more than 6,300 incarcerated people—nearly half of whom had substance use issues | Filter Magazine, USA

Irish society needs to reintroduce abstinence from alcohol and drugs - Archbishop Eamon Martin

The only way to ensure a safer Australian society is to legalise and regulate all drugs. This could save lives, earn huge revenue for the state and diminish the power of criminal gangs that make billions of dollars annually from the production and sale of illicit substances | The Age, Australia




Blogs, comment and opinion

Turning the tide on tobacco: Smoking in England hits a new low

New official statistics show the positive news that smoking prevalence in England is continuing to fall. 14.4% of adults in England smoke, down from 14.9% the previous year – a drop of almost 175,000. There are almost two million fewer smokers now than in 2011 | PHE blog, UK

Zoe Carre: Take home naloxone is not reaching those who most need it

Naloxone is key is to addressing the current opioid crisis, but poor systemic distribution means it isn’t saving the lives it should, says Zoe Carr | BMJ opinion, UK

‘Illegal’ drugs: a nonsensical construct

Lawyers often need to explain legal jargon in clear everyday language, yet because legal constructs are made from precise words in particular order, sometimes we can inadvertently mislead | Law Society Gazette letters, UK 

Stop the cuts that sap the life out of society

Senior figures in the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector call for an end to cuts to vital services, plus letters from Gillian Dalley, David Griffiths and Mike Stein | Guardian letters, UK

The Alcohol Change UK Conference 2019: New insights into alcohol research, policy, and practice

Wednesday 19th June saw the first ever Alcohol Change UK national conference, welcomed by Alcohol Change UK’s Chair of Trustees, Professor John Underwood. Approximately 150 people – including academics, policy makers, service users and interested members of the public – gathered to discuss the latest insights into alcohol research, policy and practice | University of Liverpool blog, UK