Daily news - 31st July 2019

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UK news

England failing to tackle alcohol 'epidemic', say researchers

People with alcohol problems in England are less than half as likely to receive the right help as those in Scotland and Wales, research suggests | BBC, UK

Take-Home Naloxone for the Emergency Interim Management of Opioid Overdose: The Public Health Application of an Emergency Medicine

[Open access] Over two decades, the concept of ‘take-home naloxone’ has evolved, comprising pre-provision of an emergency supply to laypersons likely to witness an opioid overdose (e.g. peers and family members of people who use opioids as well as non-medical personnel), with the recommendation to administer the naloxone to the overdose victim as interim care while awaiting an ambulance | Springer Link, UK

Mixed evidence shows some impact of mass media campaigns promoting tobacco control, physical activity and sexual health

Mass media campaigns have demonstrated effectiveness for promoting tobacco control, physical activity and sexual health. Most of the evidence relates to improving awareness of health risks or the availability of services | NIHR, UK

Additions to the Effectiveness Bank 30 July 2019

Analyses published in July focused on expanding screening and brief interventions into fertility treatment, rethinking abstinence as a prerequisite for inpatient medical care, and aiming to ‘turn people’s lives around’ by diverting to treatment and incentivising going alcohol-free | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

SSA trustees speak to Health and Social Care Select Committee - audio

SSA trustees Professor Matt Hickman, Professor John Strang and Dr Arun Dhandayudham spoke recently to a parliamentary select committee around future drug policy, which included looking at areas such as harm reduction | SSA, UK

06: Clubs and Nightlife - audio

Comedian Jacob Hawley continues his exploration of the UK drugs scene | BBC Sounds, UK

South Essex: Deaths linked to drugs in five mile radius

Essex Police is keeping an "open mind" as to whether the deaths in the south of the county are linked | BBC, UK

UK hemp farmers 'devastated' after being forced to destroy crop

Oxfordshire farmers launch campaign against Home Office policy on hemp cultivation | Guardian, UK

Elton John celebrates 29 years of sobriety: I was a broken man

Sir Elton John has celebrated 29 years of sobriety in a candid post on social media, describing himself as a “broken man” during his battle with substance abuse | Independent, UK

Ladbrokes Coral Group to pay £5.9m for past failings in anti-money laundering and social responsibility

Systemic failings at the Ladbrokes Coral Group (1) has led to a penalty package including a series of improvement measures that must be implemented by new owner GVC and a £5.9m payment, while further investigations into the actions of Personal Management Licence holders continue | Gambling Commission, UK


International news

Exclusive NYPD Data Reveals Just How Much Fentanyl Is in Cocaine

Big claims have been made about the infiltration of fentanyl into America's cocaine supply. So we got some hard data | VICE, UK

Tobacco-21 laws and young adult smoking:quasi-experimental evidence

[Open access] To estimate the impact of tobacco-21 laws on smoking among young adults who are likely to smoke, and considerpotential social multiplier effects | Addiction, UK

GTL Provides Access to Substance Abuse Behavioral Modification Resources to Assist Inmates in Rehabilitation

GTL, a leader in transformative corrections technology that improves outcomes for inmates and facilities, today announced that is has implemented several resources to assist inmates in rehabilitation for substance abuse while incarcerated and after release on probation or parole | GTL, UK

Latest update on drug-related deaths and mortality in Europe

The EMCDDA has published today its latest update on Drug-related deaths and mortality in Europe. The information provided in the report is collected through the EMCDDA’s expert network on drug-related deaths (DRD) | EMCDDA, Portugal

Antioxidant compound from soybeans may prevent marijuana-induced blood vessel damage

Marijuana exposure damages cells of the inner lining of blood vessels throughout the heart and vascular system. In studies with human cells and arteries from mice, a compound found in soybeans blocked the damage and may have potential in preventing cardiovascular side effects of marijuana use | Science Daily, USA

Cannabidiol reduces aggressiveness, study concludes

A new study has concluded that cannabidiol attenuates the aggressiveness induced by social isolation | Medical Xpress, USA

New app designed for opioid users, loved ones, providers

A new smartphone app puts a network of information and support about opioid and other substance use disorders into the hands of users, their loved ones and health care providers | Medical Xpress, USA

Exclusion, Censorship, Internment: Brazilian Drug Policy Under Bolsonaro

The situation for harm reductionists here in Brazil continues to deteriorate. A decree signed by President Jair Bolsonaro and published on July 22 in the Federal Gazette effectively excluded civil society from the country’s National Council on Drug Policy (CONAD) | Filter Magazine, USA

Assessing the impact of the opioid overdose crisis on individuals providing harm reduction services across Canada: Survey

The survey is open to individuals of legal age (18 years for Quebec, Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island and Manitoba; 19 years for all other provinces and territories) to provide informed consent for research, and who reside in Canada and who provide harm reduction services to others in some capacity | CCSA, Canada

Soy sauce and marinades to be taken off NT shelves to tackle alcohol abuse

Soy sauce and other condiments could be banned from stores in the Northern Territory because they contain traces of alcohol, sparking claims over-regulation has become a farce | 9 news, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

Alcohol related hospital admissions: Locking the door after the horse has bolted

The government’s cuts to addiction services have displaced the burden of alcohol onto an already overstretched NHS hospital system, say Emmert Roberts and Colin Drummond | BMJ opinion, UK

Full statements of support from political leaders for World Hepatitis Day

Political leaders from Scotland and Wales have spoken out to reaffirm their commitment to eliminating hepatitis C for World Hepatitis Day on the 28th July 2019 | Hep C Trust blog, UK

I was only going to give up alcohol for a month but I wasn’t prepared for the impact it had

I drank to pretend my life was more interesting. Feeling slow or a little sad in the mornings was so normal I barely noticed it | Guardian, UK

Talk to Frank is still there – Part 2 Medicinal cannabis and SCRAs

Talk to Frank really does leave a lot to be desired on occasion, but this is beyond satire | UKCIA blog, UK

How Canada failed to smash the cannabis black market

I had forgotten how much I disliked cannabis until I found myself under its influence, in the rain, trying and failing to find Toronto’s Union Train Station so I could get to the airport and go home | Spectator, UK

Opioid epidemic may have cost states at least $130 billion in treatment and related expenses – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg

The devastating health effects of the opioid epidemic have been well documented, with over 700,000 overdose deaths and millions more affected | Conversation, USA

Potential cost to patient safety as NZ debates access to medicinal cannabis

Cannabis-based products will be allowed to bypass usual processes required for medicines in New Zealand and go directly onto the market without any proof of safety or effectiveness | Conversation, New Zealand