Daily news - 6th June 2019

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European Drug Report 2019 - launched in the UK today at 10.30 am

What are the latest drug trafficking trends and what lies behind them? What substances are causing the most harm today? What’s new in the areas of drug prevention, treatment and policy? These, and other, questions will be explored by the EU drugs agency (EMCDDA) on 6 June in its annual overview of the European drug situation. #EDR2019 | EMCDDA, Portugal



UK news

Calling time for change: A charter to support all older adults in England to live free from the harm caused by alcohol

This charter, co-created by people with lived experience and experts in alcohol and ageing, provides insights and practical solutions to commissioners, service providers and policy makers about how we can support all older adults to live free from the harm caused by alcohol | DrinkWise, AgeWell, UK

Alcohol misuse in the Over 50s costing £125 million

A new report from Queen’s University Belfast, commissioned by the advice and support programme Drink Wise Age Well, has found alcohol misuse among people over 50 is costing Northern Ireland healthcare services an estimated £125 million | Queen's University Belfast, UK

Cannabis and Psychosis: Are We any Closerto Understanding the Relationship?

This paper provides an update from the literature on understanding of the relationship between cannabis andschizophrenia. In particular, the paper focuses on the latest findings and remaining areas that require investigation | Current Psychiatry Reports, UK

Stop and searches without suspicion soar 425% in London police crackdown

'People who aren’t part of any violence are being judged and potentially pulled into the criminal justice system' | Independent, UK

London man convicted over role in £40m international steroid smuggling gang

‘We believe this organised criminal group to be the most prolific of its kind ever uncovered,’ says UK’s National Crime Agency | Independent, UK

Cumbria 'county lines' drug plot group jailed

The key organiser and players were from the Liverpool area, and were assisted by a number of Cumbrian residents | BBC, UK

Drug dealer who faked Novichok poisoning is caught after going on the run

Adrug dealer who falsely claimed he had been poisoned with the nerve agent Novichok, has been arrested after going on the run | Telegraph, UK

St Mellons murder: Drug addict 'tortured' over £500

A drug addict was tortured in a "ferocious beating" before being stabbed to death over a £500 debt to dealers, a court has heard | BBC, UK


International news

Low-barrier intervention for homeless people with (mostly severe) drinking problems

Heavy drinking is clearly problematic for homeless populations, but is the best way to tackle it to aim for abstinence, or to accept the reality of life on the streets and aim to reduce harm and improve lives in ways which make sense to the patient? This US study provides part of the answer | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Oakland becomes second US city to legalise magic mushrooms

Council votes unanimously after testimony from users of naturally-occurring drugs | Independent, UK

Mexico dismantles three synthetic drug labs in Sinaloa

A combined army and police force on patrol in the northern Mexican state of Sinaloa has dismantled three labs producing the synthetic drug methamphetamine | BBC, UK

TalkingDrugs Updates from Eastern Europe & Central Asia [May 2019]

How Much Does it Cost to Criminalize People Who Use Drugs in the EECA Region? and more updates | Talking Drugs, UK

What is the Public Health (Alcohol) Act?

The Public Health (Alcohol) Act is legislative framework designed to tackle Ireland’s harmful relationship with alcohol. It aims to reduce the damage that alcohol causes to individuals, families and society by reducing our alcohol consumption, with a particular focus on protecting children and young people from alcohol harm | Alcohol Action Ireland, Ireland

I think, therefore I try: Perceptions about e-cigarette harm and addictiveness as predictors of e-cigarette use

Over 15% of adults aged 18 and older in the United States have ever used an e-cigarette. This is greater than the combined population of the United States’ top ten largest cities | BASIS, USA

Safe consumption spaces would be welcomed by high-risk opioid users

Three-city study finds strong support for harm-reduction strategy | EurekAlert, USA

Majority of community supports proposed overdose prevention site in Philadelphia

The majority of residents and business owners/staff in Philadelphia's Kensington neighborhood support opening an overdose prevention site in their community, according to a study led by researchers at Drexel's Dornsife School of Public Health | Medical Xpress, USA

Mexico Public Health Agency Lashes Out Against Tobacco Harm Reduction

Mexico’s consumer health protection agency has effectively denounced the US Food and Drug Administration’s recent approval of IQOS, a heat-not-burn product—as well as warning against electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), like e-cigarettes, in general | Filter Magazine, USA

Vietnam Vets Proved That Addiction Is a Product of Life Circumstances

For most people addiction is situational and of limited duration. In some cases, such as people in war zones, the situational nature of addiction is so obvious that everyone has noted it | Filter Magazine, USA

Beverly Hills votes to outlaw tobacco sales in ordinance believed to be first of its kind in US

The ban, which is set to begin in 2021, prohibits the sale of cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco and electronic cigarettes sold in gas stations, convenience stores, pharmacies and grocery stores | CNBC, USA


Blogs, comment and opinion

The media has a problem with alcoholism – and it's stopping people getting help

Alcoholism as a term has long expired, so why do common narratives around alcohol problems still rely on it so much? | Guardian, UK

Are Alcohol Brief Interventions with older adults in public spaces hitting the mark?

In England and Scotland, drinkers aged 55-64 are more likely to exceed the recommended weekly guidelines than any other age group; Drink Wise, Age Well are investigating how brief interventions are received by an older population, in a public setting | Alcohol Change UK blog, UK

What does a prevention programme look like?

We asked young people who participated in The Bottle Project to create a profile of a young person facing challenges and what they might take away from the programme | Mentor blog, UK

Arriving in, surviving and escaping the hell of addiction

Paul's reflection on how he got into drugs, and what got him out, is a reminder that sometimes a single event or encounter can be the impetus for lasting change | SMMGP, UK