Daily news - 20th June 2019

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UK news

Report into homelessness and drug misuse published

Safe housing key to tackling homeless drug misuse, says ACMD | ACMD, UK

ACMD report: drug-related harms in homeless populations

ACMD report providing advice to the government on the factors that make the homeless population vulnerable to substance misuse harms and how these can reduced | ACMD, UK

MESAS monitoring report 2019

The Monitoring and Evaluating Scotland's Alcohol Strategy (MESAS) monitoring report 2019 presents all the latest available data on key alcohol indicators in Scotland | NHS Scotland, UK

The acceptability of addressing alcohol consumption as a modifiable risk factor for breast cancer: a mixed method study within breast screening services and symptomatic breast clinics

This study explored knowledge and attitudes towards alcohol as a risk factor for breast cancer, and potential challenges inherent in incorporating advice about alcohol health risks into breast clinics and screening appointments | BMJ, UK

Fact sheet: Use of e-cigarettes among young people in Great Britain (PDF)

This briefing uses the ASH smokefree GB survey of 11-18 year olds 2013-20191 , and other sources, to examine evolving youth use of e-cigarettes in Britain in the context of changes in the regulation of e-cigarettes, and use of tobacco among adults and children | ASH, UK

Young drinkers lead the trend for alcohol-free beer

If Becky Kean ever wants to organise a drunken party at her brewery, she'll have to buy in beers from somewhere else | BBC, UK

Pharmacy minister urged to let sector dispense hepatitis C treatments

A group of clinicians has called on pharmacy minister Seema Kennedy to amend legislation to allow pharmacies to dispense hepatitis C treatments | Chemist and Druggist, UK

Reading Around... Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

A selection of archival and historical resources from the UK, USA, Canada | SSA, UK

Cocaine user spared jail on Michael Gove plea

A class A drug user walked free from court yesterday after the judge ruled he should “suffer no more for dabbling in cocaine” than Michael Gove | TLE, UK

Tube pusher took £600 of crack cocaine the day before attack

A man who pushed a former Eurotunnel boss on to Tube tracks had taken £600 worth of crack cocaine the day before, the Old Bailey heard | BBC, UK

PMQs: Tonia Antoniazzi asks PM about medical cannabis

A Labour MP asked the prime minister why families were still waiting for medical cannabis to treat children with severe epilepsy | BBC, UK


International news

US school pupils to be drug-tested for nicotine to tackle ‘vaping epidemic’

Backers of scheme say they want to give teenagers 'an out' from peer pressure, while critics decry a worrying state-sponsored attack on personal freedoms | Independent, UK

UK Drug Gangs Recruit in Albania’s Remote North

Albanian crime gangs have come to dominate the cocaine market in Britain, drawing on illegal immigrants from the country’s remote, mountainous north where poverty is rife | Balkan Insight, UK

Drug harm-reduction campaign for music festivals

The HSE is to roll out a drug harm-reduction campaign for fans at music events — starting with the Body & Soul festival this weekend | Irish Examiner, Ireland

“It Is Politically Expedient to Demonise Drug Users” – An Interview with Naomi Burke-Shyne

Naomi Burke-Shyne became executive director of Harm Reduction International in September 2018 – a few months before she had to oversee the organising of the largest harm reduction conference on earth | Drug Reporter, Hungary

Most US pot users think they can get away with driving high

Most Americans think they won't get caught driving while high on marijuana, a new AAA Foundation survey finds | Medical Xpress, USA

Metabolic engineering of cannabinoids – are we there yet?

As the legal regulations on the use of cannabis continue to become more lenient around the world, researchers have become increasingly interested in establishing techniques that will meet the growing demand to harvest this plant | News Medical, USA

Possessing Marijuana In Prison 'Is Not A Felony,' California Court Says

California prison inmates who possess small amounts of marijuana are not guilty of a felony crime, according to an appeals court, which reasoned that because it's legal to have small amounts of pot in the state, the same is true inside its prisons. But the justices also said it's still illegal to smoke or ingest cannabis in prison | npr, USA

NYC Syringe Programs Successfully Serving the Most Vulnerable New Yorkers

New York City’s syringe service programs (SSPs) are successfully getting harm reduction resources into the hands of the most vulnerable New Yorkers, according to new data released by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) | Filter Magazine, USA

Lawmakers 'ran out of time' to legalize marijuana in New York

State leaders in New York failed to reach a consensus Wednesday on key details in the state's plan to legalize recreational marijuana, flattening a final push from Democratic leaders hoping to pass an agreement this year | CNN, USA

Elton John and Bob Weir’s Recovery Routes Are Closer Than They Seem

Two superluminary rock stars, Elton John and the Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir, have in recent weeks presented addiction-recovery paths that seem radically opposed: One an apparent poster-boy for rehab and abstinence, the other openly rejecting 12-step tenets | Filter Magazine, USA

Medicinal cannabis trial begins for Australian veterans with PTSD

An Australian-first trial using medicinal cannabis to treat returned servicemen and women suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has been launched today that targets defence personnel who have not had a response to conventional treatments | ABC News, Australia

Coroner backs injecting room despite no drop in local heroin deaths

The controversial trial of a safe injecting room in North Richmond did not reduce the number of deaths from heroin overdoses in the City of Yarra in its first six months of operation, the Victorian Coroners Court says | Sydney Morning Herald, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

Four golden threads — what the voluntary sector brings to treatment and recovery

Since August last year I’ve visited many charities around the country hard at work supporting local (and in a few cases not so local) people struggling with their drug or alcohol use, and, in some cases, their nearest and dearest too | Collective Voice, UK

Drugs are decriminalised in the UK—if you are a white, privileged MP

“If any of us lapse sometimes from standards we uphold, that is human, the thing to do is not necessarily to say the standards should be lowered, it should be to reflect on the lapse, and to seek to do better in the future.” | BMJ opinion, UK

‘Everyone has something to add to this conversation'

Within this special collection, a range of articles explore different elements of alcohol use | The Psychologist, UK

An interview with Dawn, Recovery Coordinator at Change Grow Live Leeds

This service offers a pathway to improve the lives of people involved in the criminal justice system. The service also runs a domestic abuse perpetrator group | Change Grow Live, UK

Cannabis quality involves careful science and carefree highs

Canada’s legal cannabis industry continues to make progress. Product shortages are decreasing. Store numbers are increasing. And edible cannabis regulations have just been finalized | Conversation, Canada

Weekly Dose: Krokodil, the Russian ‘flesh-eating’ drug, makes a rare appearance in Australia

A young man recently turned up at a rural drug and alcohol service in New South Wales seeking help because of an infection in his arm. He said he had injected the drug Krokodil, which had not previously been reported in Australia | Conversation, Australia