Daily news - 11th March 2019

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UK news

Britain's first medicinal cannabis clinic opens

The Beeches, in Greater Manchester, will charge £600-£700 for monthly prescriptions | Guardian, UK

Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) Guidance for 2019-2020

New #CQUIN scheme from @NHSEngland for 2019/20 includes confirmation that it includes alcohol and tobacco brief advice | NHS England, UK

Stop & Scrutinise: How to improve community scrutiny of stop and search (PDF)

The use of stop and search has declined significantly since 2011 but this trend appears to be slowing and, in some areas, reversing | CJA, UK

How Brit cocaine users have blood on their hands and are complicit in the UK’s knife crime epidemic

Harry Shapiro, DrugWise Director quoted | The Sun, UK

Mothers send sons to Somalia to avoid knife crime

North London community believes police cannot protect teenagers against county lines gangs | Guardian, UK

County lines drugs blamed for Kent's big rise in knife crime

Cuts to youth services and relocation of homeless families also thought to be factors | Guardian, UK

Britain's Teenage Drug Runners - BBC iPlayer

BBC Three film uncovering how gangs operating in cities have expanded their drug operations into the countryside and seaside towns | BBC, UK

Prejudice and Prohibition: Results of a study of smoking and vaping policies in NHS hospital trusts in England

The majority of NHS trusts in England are still banning vaping on hospital grounds despite a call by Public Health England in February 2018 to make e-cigarettes available for sale in hospital shops and to remove restrictions on their use | forest, UK

Rugby players growing increasingly addicted to prescription painkillers, Tony Adams warns

Rugby players are growing increasingly addicted to prescription painkillers like Tramadol, Tony Adams has claimed | Telegraph, UK

Chemsex Comedown: What's Behind The Rise In People Seeking Therapy For 'Sober Sex

James was enjoying the freedom – until he wasn't. Where do people go who want out of the scene? | Huffington Post, UK

Scottish Labour pledge to introduce new tax on alcohol sales

Fresh calls for a new tax on alcohol which could see up to 22p added to the cost of a bottle of wine will be outlined at Scottish Labour’s conference today | Herald, UK

Ministry of Justice: Smoking

To ask the Secretary of State for Justice, which premises controlled by his Department do not have a no-smoking policy | They work for you, UK

Alcoholic Drinks: Misuse

To ask the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, pursuant to the Answer of 28 February 2019 to Question 224315, for what reasons his Department has not made a recent estimate based on up to date prices of the cost to the NHS of treating injuries caused by excessive alcohol consumption | They work for you, UK

BDP Celebrates 33 Years!

This Sunday we celebrate BDP's birthday, with the 10th March 2019 marking 33 years since BDP first opened it's doors and began supporting some of the most vulnerable people living in Bristol | BDP, UK

Free drug kits have saved the lives of dozens of people from overdosing in Leeds

Naloxone is handed out free of charge across the city by Forward Leeds | Leeds Live, UK

Northamptonshire County Council: Smoking ban 'stretches goodwill'

A anti-smoking policy is stretching the goodwill of already-stressed staff at a cash-strapped council, a union says | BBC, UK

Chelmsford woman created aliases to get drugs

A woman who stole a doctor's prescription pad and used fake names to get hold of drugs must complete 240 hours of unpaid work | BBC, UK

Grimsby 'roof hideout' drug dealer jailed for 10 years

A drug dealer who tried to evade a police raid by hiding on a roof has been jailed for 10 years | BBC, UK


International news

Effectiveness Bank collection for International Women’s Day 2019

Two years ago Drug and Alcohol Findings launched a new collection in honour of International Women’s Day. This ‘mini-library’ showcases studies in the Effectiveness Bank catalogue that further our understanding of how sex and gender can influence the course of addiction and treatment, with a particular focus on women. Visit the collection, and read our full message for International Women’s Day | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Opioid crisis: US schools prepare for student overdoses

The US state of Alabama is pioneering a project to train school staff - including teachers, coaches and administrators - how to treat pupils suffering from drug overdoses | BBC, UK

Greek Parliament Approves Drug Consumption Rooms

The Greek Parliament has overwhelmingly endorsed the opening of drug consumption rooms (DCRs) - facilities that save lives and reduce drug-related harms | Talking Drugs, UK

Virtual reality game shows Danish teenagers how to party – without a hangover

So you’re 16 and at a schoolfriend’s party. You’ve had three or four drinks already, and are just starting to feel it. The most popular guy in the class comes up and demands you have another. And then another. What happens next? | Guardian, UK

Is the war on drugs racist? - BBC iPlayer

Marijuana could soon be made legal in New Jersey. But instead of focussing on health, the debate is concentrating on the impact of the war on drugs on minority communities | BBC, UK

Dallas Cowboys' David Irving quits NFL via Instagram and says marijuana should be permitted

Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman David Irving announced he is quitting the NFL during a live Instagram stream, while appearing to be smoking marijuana | BBC, UK

New heights but no high - why hemp sales are soaring

When Margaret MacKenzie heard that President Trump had legalised the cultivation of hemp across the US just before Christmas, she immediately thought: "Oh boy, here we go! Things are going to move very fast." | BBC, UK

National Drug-Related Deaths Index 2004 to 2016 data

There were 736 deaths in 2016, similar to the number reported in 2015 (735) | HRB, Ireland

Local Drug and Alcohol Task Forces: Motion [Private Members]

notes that: — global opium production jumped by 65 per cent from 2016 to 2017, the highest ever recorded by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), and global cocaine manufacture rose by 56 per cent between 2013 and 2016, reaching its highest level ever in 2016... | Houses of the Oireachtas, Ireland

Why gender matters in drug addiction - video

In Europe, around 37 million women have used an illicit drug at least once in their lifetime. Around 100 000 enter drug treatment every year and nearly 2 000 die from drug overdose. Over the last decade, the gender gap has been narrowing among young school students who use drugs | EMCDDA, Portugal

Pain in the Nation Update: Deaths from Synthetic Opioids Continue to Rise Sharply and Suicides Are Growing at the Fastest Pace in Years (PDF)

More than 150,000 Americans died from alcohol- and drug-induced causes and suicide in 2017 — more than twice as many as in 1999 — according to a new analysis by Trust for America’s Health (TFAH) and Well Being Trust (WBT) of mortality data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) | Wellbeing Trust, USA

A “Competence Vacuum” in Trump’s Opioid Response Team

n January, the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) outlined its strategy “to address, head on, the current opioid crisis” | Filter Magazine, USA

Thailand to start testing medical marijuana on patients

Thailand is poised to start its first tests of cannabis oil on patients, a health official said Friday, as excitement swirls around a new industry that could create money-making avenues for entrepreneurs while offering relief for suffering patients | Medical Xpress, USA

School leavers left out of alcohol and drug prevention programmes, research says

A generation of young people are starting university lacking adequate drug and alcohol education, research suggests | Stuff.New Zealand



Blogs, comment and opinion

Heroin Harm Reduction: Naloxone based reflections

Is the need for Naloxone an indicator of a failing OST system in England and the UK? Is the failure to distribute Naloxone throughout our system linked to the decline in discrete and bespoke harm reduction services? What would Grandpa Smackhead Jones have done | Discovering Health blog, UK

Swansea pitch perfect for Drug Consumption Rooms by Rob Barker

Swansea has been awarded the unwanted prize of being the location for the highest death rate from opioids in England and Wales, with 16 people per 100,000 suffering a fatality associated to pain killers | Labour Campaign for Drug Policy Reform blog, UK

I did dry February as well as January – and waved goodbye to hangxiety

I don’t want to be teetotal, but I have had enough of the creeping panic, shame and guilt that comes with drinking. A spell without alcohol left me thoroughly restored | Guardian opinion, UK

Opium, rat hair, beaver anal secretions – and other surprising things you might find in food

Diners in France recently got more than they bargained for when poppy seed baguettes were found to contain a dose of opium that could take postprandial napping to a new extreme. Other than narcotics, there are a host of surprises lurking in everyday foodstuffs that you might not be aware of. Here are some of the less palatable ones. Bon appétit | Conversation, UK


And finally...

Stray mongrel beats pedigrees to become elite Indian sniffer dog

Some 18 months after being rescued from stone-throwing children, a street-dwelling mongrel has emerged as India's top dog in the country's elite bomb- and drug-sniffing squad | Telegraph, UK