Daily news - 28th May 2019

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UK news

Benefit Bash | Fundraiser for Bristol Recovery Orchestra

Please note corrected date: 30/05/2019 19:30 - 23:00 at Kuumba Centre, 20-22 Hepburn Road, Bristol, BS2 8UD. Launched in 2019, Bristol’s Recovery Orchestra provides a safe and supportive environment, for anyone who has been affected by alcohol and drugs, to perform alongside people with similar experiences and learn more about music. Bristol musicians headline charity fundraiser to support new Recovery Orchestra for musicians affected by alcohol and drugs | BDP, UK

FDACs to grow after government pledges £15m to keep children out of care

More vulnerable families will be helped by a pioneering substance-abuse problem-solving court scheme once under threat after the government announced £15m over the next year to keep children out of care | Law Society Gazette, UK

Drinkers ignore government guidance and construct personal thresholds of too much alcohol

New research highlights that national guidance on safe levels of alcohol consumption is disconnected from the real life experiences and conceptions of those who drink regularly | Oxford Brookes University, UK

The Volteface Podcast#8 with Orson Boon: Psychedelics & Therapeutic Tripping

On this month’s edition of the Volteface Podcast, Paul North catches up with cannabis culture veteran & positive thinker Orson Boon. Up for discussion is the effects of psychedelics with the pair considering potential therapeutic benefits of certain psychedelic drugs | Volte Face, UK

Mums of children killed by ecstasy explain why they want drug to be legalised

In the 24 years since Leah Betts was killed by a single MDMA tablet at her 18th birthday, ecstasy deaths in the UK have rocketed | Mirror, UK

Surge in use of jab to counter heroin overdoses in Northern Ireland

Revelation sparks calls for action on drug scourge | Belfast Telegraph, UK

This is why The Loop's drug testing service isn't at Love Saves The Day this year

The groundbreaking service was a huge hit last year | Bristol Live, UK

Can Dundee contraception scheme break the cycle of children in care?

A programme which supports women with drug addiction and mental health issues if they agree to take contraception is being introduced in Dundee | BBC, UK

Bristol 'drink-in' protest over Castle Park alcohol ban

Bristol Momentum Youth said it would be "out in force armed with tins of mojitos and beers" calling on the council to lift the ban in Castle Park | BBC, UK

County Lines: Could a 'shed' help combat drugs gangs?

Scott Jenkinson established the UK's first "youth shed" in Denbighshire two years ago | BBC, UK

Bar owner says health-conscious customers who only order tap water are ruining her business

Those who order tap water to go with their meal often feel virtuous, as it does not carry the hefty calorie count of a beer or the sugar of a glass of fruit juice | Telegraph, UK

Jeremy Kyle producers 'let guests get drunk and take drugs before shows'

Producers on the Jeremy Kyle show allowed guests to get drunk and take drugs before appearing in front of the cameras, a programme has claimed | Telegraph, UK

Tottenham fire: Blaze began 'at cannabis factory'

A large fire which sent up huge plumes of black smoke in north London started at a cannabis factory, police believe | BBC, UK

Cannabis worth £1m seized in Watford by police

The cannabis factory on the Shakespeare Road industrial estate in Watford, Hertfordshire was raided by officers following a tip-off from a member of the public | BBC, UK

Devon heroin and crack cocaine drugs gang jailed

A drugs gang that supplied "vulnerable" people with heroin and crack cocaine has been jailed | BBC, UK

Man sent to get drug addicts' numbers jailed

Jack Henstock was in debt to "county lines" drug dealers and was ordered by them to travel from his home in the Rochdale area to Carlisle in January | BBC, UK


International news

Blow up: how half a tonne of cocaine transformed the life of an island – podcast

In 2001, a smugglers’ yacht washed up in the Azores and disgorged its contents. The island of São Miguel was quickly flooded with high-grade cocaine – and nearly 20 years on, it is still feeling the effects | Guardian, UK

Has legal cannabis killed the bong?

Under cannabis prohibition, nothing signified one’s love of the plant more than bongs – but health-conscious users who prefer to vape don’t have much use for them | Guardian, UK

Man dies on plane after ingesting 246 cocaine bags

The flight, bound for Japan's Narita International Airport, had to make an emergency landing in Mexico's Sonora state after he began to have seizures | BBC, UK

HSE finalising new school curriculum on drug use

The HSE is finalising a new curriculum for secondary school students to address drug use, including cannabis, this newspaper has been told | The Medical Independent, Ireland

FactCheck: Does cannabis legalisation cause 'exponential' increases in the use of the drug?

The claim was made earlier this week by GP Dr Ray Walley in debate on cannabis legalisation | Journal, Ireland

'Low-level dealing is enough to have your life taken': Garda appeals to youth to shun drug life

A Garda boss leading investigations into the murder of two young men has warned youths across the country that even low-level drug dealing “is enough” to get them killed | Irish Examiner, Ireland

Israeli drugmaker Teva to pay Oklahoma $85 mn in opioid suit

Israeli pharmaceutical giant Teva agreed on Sunday to pay the US state of Oklahoma $85 million to settle a lawsuit accusing it of fueling the state's opioid epidemic, Oklahoma's attorney general said | Medical Xpress, USA

E-cigarette use, flavorings may increase heart disease risk, study finds

The flavoring liquid for electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease when inhaled, according to a study led by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine | Medial Xpress, USA

E-cigarette use on the rise among cancer patients and cancer survivors

E-cigarette use is climbing among cancer patients and cancer survivors, according to a new study by a UT Southwestern Medical Center oncologist | News Medical, USA

Scientists Wanted: Recruited by Juul, Many Researchers Say No

Juul needs good science to prove to the F.D.A. that its e-cigarettes offer more benefits than risks. Some researchers say they are loath to take the company’s money | NYTimes, USA

California bill to create ‘safe injection sites’ in San Francisco clears Assembly

A bill that would allow San Francisco city officials to open facilities where people can inject drugs without legal consequences clearedthe state Assembly on Thursday | LA Times, USA

Colorado to allow doctors to prescribe marijuana in place of opioids

A new law in Colorado will let doctors prescribe marijuana instead of opioids | NY Post, USA

Tired Of Being 'Dope Sick,' A Drug User Gets Help From Police To Get Sober

Two key ingredients came together for Shannon McCarty to get off drugs in late 2017: connections and timing | npr, USA

Embracing ecstasy

O a chilly spring morning in 2017, Boris Heifets took the podium to talk about MDMA in an Oakland, California, hotel ballroom packed with scientists, therapists, patients, and activists | The Verge, USA

Growing up high: Neurobiological consequences of adolescent cannabis use

Canadian neuroscientists offer insights into the long-term effects of adolescent cannabis use | EurekAlert, Canada

More Drug Users Are Intentionally Using Fentanyl Amid Overdose Crisis, Study Finds

Fentanyl has become shorthand in North American public discourse to indicate a dangerous, unwanted, and lethal substance. This is due to the opioid’s link to overdose crises across the continent | VICE, Canada

Canada's Ontario province says will sue opioid makers

Canada's most populous province of Ontario on Monday announced plans to sue opioid makers to recover health care costs related to the deadly addiction epidemic | Medical Xpress, Canada

Trends in availability, use and harms of new psychoactive substances in Australia

This presentation was given by Dr Amy Peacock at the VI International Conference on Novel Psychoactive Substances, 8-9 April 2019, Maastricht, Netherlands | NDARC, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

What it’s like to run a needle exchange service

The people I see come from all walks of life. The key is getting to know them properly without judgement | Addaction blog, UK

My alcoholic fiance has tried to give up but keeps hiding cider in his bag

He blames stress at work for his drinking and has been diagnosed with anxiety, but he even drinks at work. With two small children to look after, I can’t cope with it any more | Guardian, UK

Chris Rintoul: Investment in addict support services crucial

Heroin use has increased rapidly here, particularly in Belfast. This is reflected in the NIAS figures reported in this newspaper today, which reflect a doubling of the rate of opioid overdose in the space of two years | Belfast Telegraph, UK

Cannabis legalisation: ‘It’s a bit like the anti-vaxx debate’

On Monday The Irish Times published a letter by 20 prominent doctors claiming Ireland was “sleepwalking” into the legalisation of cannabis on the back of a “one-sided debate” on recreational and medicinal forms of the drug | Irish Times, Ireland

Alan O'Keeffe: 'Too many still unaware of harmful new breed of 'weed''

Medical professionals are sounding warnings about strong cannabis available on the streets | Irish Independent opinion, Ireland