Daily news - 15th November 2019

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UK news

Saving Lives: Best practice guidance on the provision of naloxone

Naloxone is used to treat respiratory depression caused by opioids. Opioids produce their effects by acting on opioid receptors in the brain and nervous system. Naloxone works by blocking these opioid receptors, thus stopping opioids from acting on them | Release, UK

'Third generation' synthetic cannabinoids

Report to the Minister for Crime Prevention, which recommends a revised generic description of ‘third generation’ synthetic cannabinoids | ACMD, UK

Circular 009/2019: third generation synthetic cannabinoids update

This circular draws attention to the content of the Statutory Instruments SI 2019/1323 and SI 2019/1362 | Home Office, UK

Alcohol treatment in 2019: downward trend stabilising?

Public Health England (PHE) have released the latest national statistics for substance misuse 2018/19, indicating no significant change in the numbers receiving alcohol treatment | Alcohol Policy UK, UK

Life expectancy in UK falls amid rise in avoidable deaths in disadvantaged communities, report shows

Analysis shows that while people in wealthier parts of Britain continue to live longer,  life expectancy is stalling – or even falling – for those living in most deprived areas | Independent, UK

Bristol gets first medical cannabis centre

The MyAccess service in Redland Court Road's May Wellness Centre is only the second medical cannabis clinic in the UK to get a licence, which the CQC announced last night | Bristol Live, UK

Whisky Action Fund helps Glasgow projects tackle alcohol misuse

Two Glasgow projects are to receive funding as part of a £1million project by the Scotch Whisky Action Fund (SWAF) | Evning Times, UK

Amazon and eBay 'must block illicit nitrous oxide sales'

Nitrous oxide is being sold with equipment needed to take it as a high on sites like Amazon and eBay, BBC Wales has found | BBC, UK

Jailed – the pharma boss who ran ‘world’s biggest’ anabolic steroid distribution network

The head of an international pharmaceutical firm has been jailed for heading up what is believed to be the world’s biggest ever illegal anabolic steroid distribution network | NCA, UK


International news

Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction

The "No Fire, No Smoke – the Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction 2018" (GSTHR) report maps for the first time the global, regional and national availability and use of safer nicotine products (SNP), the regulatory responses to these products, and the public health potential of tobacco harm reduction |  Knowledge-Action-Change, UK

HIV-positive gay men in England report highest chemsex rates in four-country survey

A study presented at the recent 17th European AIDS Conference (EACS 2019), comparing reported drug use among HIV-positive men attending clinics in England, Spain, Greece and Italy, has found higher rates of drug use in England than in other countries and considerably higher usage of the drugs used in chemsex (sexualised drug use) – methamphetamine, GHB/GBL, mephedrone and ketamine | NAM Aidsmap, UK

Simon Harris considering banning ads for vaping products near schools and playgrounds

Measures to restrict alcohol advertisements around children came into effect this week | Journal, Ireland

Cardiologists establish how e-cigarettes damage the brain, blood vessels and lungs

Cardiologists have issued a stark warning about the dangers of e-cigarettes, particularly for young people, as results of new research show the damage they cause to the brain, heart, blood vessels and lungs | EurekAlert, Germany

Family history of alcoholism is associated with brain activation to a rewarding stimulus

Dysfunction in the brain’s reward system response, and familial history of alcoholism, each increase the risk for problem drinking. Is it possible that these factors exert their effects not just in isolation, but in conjunction? | BASIS, USA

Adoption of state Prescription Drug Monitoring programs linked with death rates from heroin poisoning

A new study at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health found a consistent association between the adoption of state Prescription Drug Monitoring programs (PDMP) and death rates from heroin poisoning. However, the research showed that rates vary by program type | News Medical, USA

Urban hotspots of opioid abuse among high-schoolers revealed

A new study from researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that in several cities and counties the proportion of high-schoolers who have ever used heroin or misused prescription opioids is much higher than the national average | News Medical, USA

Is opioid treatment available to those who need it most?

The U.S. opioid epidemic is still raging—it's particularly pronounced in low-income areas and in those where people lack access to health care services, which includes cities in Michigan and across the Rust Belt | Medical Xpress, USA

Health groups urge president to ban all flavored e-cigarettes

An ad campaign urging U.S. President Donald Trump to follow through on a commitment to ban all flavored electronic cigarettes, including mint and menthol, has been launched by a number of public health groups | Medical Xpress, USA

UCLA scientist awarded $3.5 million NIH grant to study pain-relieving effects of cannabis

Ziva Cooper, research director of the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative, has been awarded a $3.5 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to conduct a five-year study assessing the pain-relieving effects of cannabis and cannabinoids, the chemicals in the cannabis plant | News Medical, USA

Screen Depictions of Parents Who Use Drugs Still Fuel Stigma and Punishment

Let’s play a game. I’m going to describe a scene, and you guess which movie it’s from | Filter Magazine, USA

Injection drug use: a new study shows a mixed Canadian portrait

In Canada, 171,900 people injected drugs in 2016, up from 130,000 in 2011 | Medical Xpress, Canada


Blogs, comment and opinion

Three key ways we can reduce alcohol-related harm

With alcohol related deaths rising, we don’t need to accept the status quo | Addaction blog, UK

How much is too much? Misunderstandings around guidelines on drinking

For many Brits, drinking goes hand in hand with nights out with friends, unwinding after a long week at work or celebrating big life events and keeping track of what we’re drinking can often be the last thing on our minds, but this approach risks us developing unhealthy drinking habits | Alcohol Change UK blog, UK

Toby's story: "I finally realised how important it was to talk openly and honestly."

I have spent my entire adult life battling my addiction to alcohol, a journey which has involved seven months in rehab, repeatedly breaking the hearts of my family, countless stints in hospital and eventually liver disease at 25 which almost killed me | Alcohol Change UK blog, UK