Daily news - 27th November 2019

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UK news

Scotland's first heroin treatment clinic for addicts to open

The £1.2m Enhanced Drug Treatment Service (EDTS) is the first in Scotland and the second in the UK | BBC, UK

NHS Smoking Cessation Services Local Delivery Plan Standard, 2019/20 (Quarter 1)

This release by Information Services Division (ISD) presents information on NHS smoking cessation services in Scotland and their progress towards their 2019/20 Local Delivery Plan (LDP) Standard. The LDP Standard for NHS Scotland in 2019/20 is to achieve at least 7,026 selfreported successful twelve-week quits (those people still not smoking after 12 weeks) through smoking cessation services in the most deprived areas | ISD Scotland, UK

One-off ketamine dose may reduce heavy drinking, say scientists

Drug could ‘rewrite’ memories to help those struggling to reduce their consumption | Guardian, UK

Doctors should avoid co-prescribing benzodiazepines to opioid dependent patients due to increase in overdose death

Doctors should avoid co-prescribing benzodiazepines to opioid dependent patients who are being treated with methadone or buprenorphine, also known as opioid agonist treatment (OAT), due to a three-fold increase in risk of overdose death, according to a study led by researchers at the University of Bristol | University of Bristol, UK

Alcohol related brain damage: 'The bottle ruled my life' - video

Heather Magee showed symptoms of dementia - but these were caused by her alcohol abuse | BBC, UK

Medical Cannabis - does it have a role in the treatment of substance use disorders? - Free webinar

Presenter Professor Nick Lintzeris.The webinar covers: the evidence base for the use of medical cannabis and problematic drug and alcohol use and a clinician’s experience of treatment of drug and alcohol dependency with medical cannabis | SMMGP, UK

Bust to boom: how drugs won the war on drugs

10 years ago, drugs were scarce, expensive and low quality. Today, pills are cheaper than a pint, and high purity substances are everywhere | MixMag, UK

F1 legend Mika Hakkinen launches campaign to tackle drink-driving

Formula One legend Mika Hakkinen brought a supercar to Holyrood as he launched a festive campaign urging people to never drink and drive | Scotsman, UK

Fred Yates prize

The prize will be awarded at the annual SSA Conference to a researcher who is in the early or mid part of her or his career who has made a significant and specific contribution to the addictions field in recent years | SSA, UK

The former addicts who stay sober thanks to a choir

The Bristol Recovery Choir was founded back in 2014 for people specifically affected by addiction to alcohol and drugs | Bristol Live, UK

Drug dealer who headed Glasgow organised crime gang is jailed

A drug dealer who set up an organised crime gang after being released early from prison has been jailed for eight years | BBC, UK


International news

New York City lawmakers vote to ban ALL flavored e-cigarettes - as vaping advocates throw dollar bills from the balcony and jeer, saying the city is shutting down small businesses

New York City lawmakers voted Tuesday to ban flavored electronic cigarettes after a lawsuit halted a statewide ban | Mail ONline, UK

A Notorious Ex-Cocaine Trafficker Is Helping Black People Sell Legal Weed

The multibillion-dollar cannabis industry is shutting out Black people who were jailed for selling weed. Freeway Rick Ross wants to change that | VICE, UK

Serbian police seize four tonnes of cannabis from organic food farm

Deputy prime minister accused of being ‘frequent visitor’ to site before raid | Independent, UK

UK organised crime gangs profit most in Europe from darknet drugs sales – report

EU drugs agency estimates UK dark web vendors sold illegal drugs worth more than £24m | Guardian, UK

EU Drug Markets Report 2019

The EU Drug Markets Report 2019 is the third comprehensive overview of illicit drug markets in the European Union by the EMCDDA and Europol. The analysis presented in this report spans numerous topics such as the links between drugs and other crimes, the licit economy and society more generally as well as the processes and players involved in the trade, from production and trafficking to distribution | EMCDDA, Portugal

EU Drug Markets Report 2019 — highlights video

Three minute video highlightimg main points from the report | EMCDDA, Portugal

Estimating the size of the main illicit retail drug markets in Europe: an update

The technical report 'Estimating the size of the main illicit retail drug markets in Europe: an update', will be published shortly. Executive summary below | EMCDDA, Portugal

EMCDDA pilot study of drug-related homicide in Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden

This paper is part of the EMCDDA activity around the development and improvement of drug supply indicators, with a focus on drug-related homicide. It builds upon the 2017 review of the academic research and data sources on drug-related homicide at national and European/international levels by providing a common definition of the phenomenon and a detailed set of guidelines for standardised data collection | EMCDDA, Portugal

Methamphetamine in Europe: EMCDDA-Europol threat assessment

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the methamphetamine market in the European Union. It assesses the current threat situation regarding current trends in production, trafficking and distribution | EMCDDA, Portugal

Drug precursor developments in the European Union

This paper describes the significant developments that have occurred in the last 5 to 10 years in the field of drug precursors related to synthetic stimulant drugs produced in the EU | EMCDDA, Portugal

Using open-source information to improve the European drug monitoring system

This paper explains the methodology developed by the EMCDDA for open-source information monitoring in the area of drug markets | EMCDDA, Portugal

Additives in vaping products produce higher aerosol toxins, study finds

Portland State University Chemistry Professor Rob Strongin led a research team to study what happens when additives are put into vaping products | News Medical, USA

Fewer Americans now struggle with 'problem' pot use

There are fewer problem "potheads" today than before the wave of marijuana legalization that's swept the United States, a new analysis of federal survey data shows | Medical Xpress, USA

Successful alcohol, drug recovery hampered by discrimination

Even after resolving a problem with alcohol and other drugs, adults in recovery report experiencing both minor or "micro" forms of discrimination such as personal slights, and major or "macro" discrimination such as violation of their personal rights | Medical Xpress, USA

Inside the Rising Chemsex Response in Europe

Having too many people itching to talk about their activism is a good problem to have. For the organizers of the third annual European Chemsex Forum, that seemed to be the case | Filter Magazine, USA

Heroin Pipes: How the “Hammer” Was Built for Harm Reduction

Acommon misconception about people who use heroin is that they all want to get as high as possible, that everyone wants to arrive at that sleepy-eyed nod that movies depict immediately following an injection | Filter Magazine, USA

Incarcerated Women in Thailand Face Issues Seen Worldwide

Natauboo Jama started selling methamphetamine in northern Thailand after her second child was born. Known locally as yaba, it is sold mixed in a three-to-one ratio of caffeine to meth and is popular among small-scale farmers who need stamina to work long hours | Filter Magazine, USA


Blogs, comment and opinion

Legalisation of cannabis is a fool’s crusade

Calls to make dope as freely available as cigarettes or alcohol are gathering support but ignore the real harm it does | The Times, UK

Rebuttal: Legalisation of cannabis is a fool’s crusade

The release of The Times’ comment piece “Legalisation of cannabis is a fool’s crusade” shows that cannabis legalisation is firmly on the agenda of the 2019 general election | Volte Face, UK