Daily news - 1st October 2019

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UK news

Victoria Derbyshire show - 30-09-19 - BBC iPlayer

[Watch from 5 minutes in] Experts tell Victoria Derbyshire that cocaine and alcohol is a 'deadly combination' which can increase violent and impulsive behaviour | BBC, UK

‘Comprehensive’ and ‘timely’ addition to the debate about drug consumption rooms

As the debate warms up about drug consumption rooms in Britain in 2019, fresh insight is delivered about this contested substance use intervention with an updated hot topic. Has the story changed since it was first documented by Drug and Alcohol Findings three years ago? Is the UK Government any closer to integrating this pragmatic harm reduction approach into its drugs policy? | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Drugs & alcohol treatment and recovery: local system snapshot - London

Free event. Tue, October 29, 2019. Humankind (Formerly Blenheim CDP). 212 Wandsworth Road. London SW8 2JU. Come together with others from across the local system to discuss drug/alcohol treatment and recovery in London - and the UK as a whole | Collective Voice, UK

NDTMS: secure setting alcohol and drug treatment business definitions

[Updated] Business definitions for secure setting drug and alcohol treatment providers to input data onto the national drug treatment monitoring system (NDTMS) | PHE, UK

Post It from Practice: "But I've been on them for years, doc."

Our Clinical Director, Dr Steve Brinksman, writes a Post It From Practice about managing a patient on long-term opioids | SMMGP, UK

Health Inequalities Resource Pack

The pack is designed as a set of pragmatic tools, setting out the problems and solutions, to support the case for targeted tobacco control in groups with high smoking prevalence | ASH, UK

Using a cognitive behavioural approach to help people with depression and anxiety to stop smoking - video

Integrating smoking cessation treatment into usual care for depression and anxiety: Using a cognitive behavioural approach to help people stop smoking | AIM, UK

Gary Seaman award

We are now accepting nominations for the Gary Seaman Award 2019, our annual award presented to an outstanding practitioner or volunteer who has made a real difference supporting family members affected by drugs or alcohol | Adfam, UK

Police discover Merseyside's largest ever Cannabis farm

The farm was found in an industrial unit containing 2,885 plants, thought to be worth in the region of £10 million | ITV, UK

Talking Horses: Is cocaine a growing problem in British racing? Unlikely

Four jockeys have tested positive for the drug this year but generally they are a clean-living bunch these days | Guardian, UK



International news

US deaths linked to vaping - podcast

Suzi Gage talks to Robert West about recent US reports of deaths linked to vaping | Addiction audio, UK

Vape adverts are making e-cigarettes 'more appealing' to teenagers

The study, which used data from a 2017 international online survey of 12,064 16 to 19-year-olds, suggests that changes need to be made in terms of how businesses are allowed to promote vaping products, especially online | Independent, UK

Could cannabis be the cure for dementia? World-first study is set to test how marijuana could improve the life of people suffering with the devastating illness

A pioneering study testing the effectiveness of medical cannabis on dementia patients will take place in Western Australia.The trial, a world first, will test the drug on elderly people living in residential aged care facilities in Perth over a 14 month period | Mail Online, UK

Herbert Kleber: How one man changed the way we view drug addiction

He relied on research-backed methods such as medication and therapeutic communities for treating addiction | Independent, UK

Benzodiazepine warning is highly significant

The overprescribing of addictive pregabalin, benzodiazepines and z-drugs must be tackled | Irish Times, Ireland

'Huge rise' in drug use by people in emergency accommodation

A homeless charity has said it is experiencing what it describes as a "huge rise" in drug use by those in emergency accommodation | RTe, Ireland

Drugnet Europe - September

In this issue: European Prevention Curriculum, LxAddictions19 update and hepatitis elimination barometer | EMCDDA, Portugal

ONDCP Releases Data on Coca Cultivation and Production in Peru

Today the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) released the results of the annual U.S. Government estimates measuring coca cultivation and potential cocaine production for the Republic of Peru | ONDCP, USA

Researchers explore the role of psychology in responding to opioid addiction

The literature on addictive substances such as alcohol and tobacco has developed consistently over decades of study within the field of psychology | Medical Xpress, USA

Secrets of the molecular makeup of cannabis

High levels of cannabidiol (CBD) in cannabis can offset the neuropsychiatric effects of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) by preventing activation of an emotional processing pathway, according to research recently published in JNeurosci | Medical Xpress, USA

Study examines adolescents' perceptions and information sources about e-cigarettes

Flavor, safety and family attitude toward vaping are among the greatest factors influencing teenage perception of e-cigarettes, new University at Buffalo research finds | News Medical, USA

Characteristics of lung injuries associated with vaping

New research looks at the lung injuries caused by vaping or e-cigarette use. The report suggests that Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis, could be the main culprit behind this lung damage | News Medical, USA

The Vaping Drama Gets Even Worse: Study Finds Dangerous Heavy Metals In Some Types Of E-Cigarette Vapors

It’s been a rough year for the vaping industry. What began as a purportedly less harmful replacement for combustible cigarettes has become the focus of investigations into everything from lung disorders to fatalities | Forbes, USA

Ecuador’s Drug Decriminalization Bid Has Lessons for the World

When Rodrigo Velez received a call in 2008 asking him to become Ecuador’s new “Drug Czar,” he thought it was a joke. Velez managed a family-owned agro-business. He had no experience working in the public sector and knew little about illicit drugs | Filter Magazine, USA

No One Knows What Vape Juice Actually Is

Vaping is believed to have caused more than 800 illnesses, regulatory bodies are freaking out, and yet...? | VICE, Canada

NZ First halts festival drug-testing policy proposed by Labour

NZ First has put the brakes on a plan to legalise drug quality testing at music festivals this summer, in its latest move blocking policies proposed by Labour | NZ Herald, New Zealand

Parliament needs to regulate vaping industry: National

The National Party says it wants to work with the Government to regulate vaping in the face of resistance from the industry | NZ Herald, New Zealand


Blogs, comment and opinion

Danny Kushlick is leaving Transform

In October this year I will leave Transform, after 25 years of campaigning for drug policy reform. I founded the organisation when I was 32, in 1994, to campaign for an end to global drug prohibition, and to replace it with an effective, just and humane system of regulation and control | Transform blog, UK

Is there such thing as an addictive personality?

Most of us know somebody who tends to get over involved in certain behaviours, and the saying often goes that they must have an “addictive personality”. But is there such a thing? | Conversation, Australia