Daily news - 28th October 2019

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UK news

Oral evidence: Problem drug use in Scotland (PDF)

Minutes from the debate on Problem drug use held on October 23rd 2019 | House of Commons, UK

Dundee academics shine light on ‘unique’ factors in city’s drugs deaths

Academics who helped shine a light on the unique factors involved in Dundee’s drugs deaths say more “deep dives” into statistics are needed across Scotland | Courier, UK

Alcohol and Cancer Risks A Guide for Health Professionals (PDF)

Drinking alcohol is an established risk factor for several malignancies, and it is a potentially modifiable risk factor for cancer. This guide updates previous guidance from SHAAP to summarise for health professionals the links between alcohol consumption and cancers, so that they can use opportunities in their work to intervene to reduce the risks | SHAAP, UK

Additions to the Effectiveness Bank 25 October 2019

What would better care look like for people with a ‘dual diagnosis’? Could smartphone apps offer a promising way of reaching people reluctant to seek face-to-face treatment? Did minimum unit pricing have the desired impact in Scotland in the months after implementation? How high should the evidence bar be set when deciding whether to endorse drug consumption rooms? | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Adults 'ignorant' over children's access to drugs

Most adults are "living in ignorance" about the accessibility of drugs to "very young children", the UK's four children's commissioners have said | BBC, UK

Family of teenager who died from lethal ecstasy dose support drug legalisation

Luke Campbell’s mother and sister say ‘lip service policies’ such as Priti Patel’s ‘war on drugs’ are doomed to fail | Guardian, UK

A year after legalisation, medicinal cannabis still not accessible on NHS

We have been talking to the families who are desperate for treatment they say could transform their loved ones’ lives, but are left struggling to pay the cost | Channel 4, UK

Edinburgh mother vows to go on 'hunger strike' over cannabis oil

The mother of a boy with severe epilepsy says she will go on "hunger strike" outside Downing Street to secure NHS funding for medical cannabis | BBC, UK

Minister ‘told mother to flout cannabis law’ for epileptic son

Seema Kennedy denies saying bringing drug into UK was an ‘option’ | Guardian, UK

Green Party - Drug Policy

 To end the prohibition of drugs and create a system of legal regulation to minimise the harms associated with drug use, production and supply as part of an inclusive, supportive, socially just society | The Green Party, UK

Addictions: Health Services

To ask the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, what programmes are in place to support people with addictions | They work for you, UK

The challenges facing the alcohol industry in catering for Generation Z

Grant, the family firm that makes Glenfiddich single malt and Hendricks gin, invests each year in a marketing report intended to define what is trending, at the high (and sometimes gufftastic) level that helps them understand consumers' relationships with brands | BBC, UK

International news

#LxAddictions19 - The 3rd European Conference on Addictive Behaviours & Dependencies

Live podcasts recorded at the 2019 Lisbon Addictions Conference, the 3rd European Conference on Addictive Behaviours & Dependencies | Mental Elf, UK

Trafficked Vietnamese and the lure of UK nail bars and cannabis farms

Anti-slavery groups have been warning for years of rise in young Vietnamese being smuggled into UK | Guardian, UK

How money launderers clean dirty drug money

Following criminal cash from the streets of London to the gold markets of Dubai, BBC Panorama and the French media company Premieres Lignes reveal how an international crime gang laundered millions in drug money | BBC, UK

EY: Gold, drug money and a major auditor's 'cover-up'

A major accountancy firm covered up evidence of smuggling and laundering of drug money by an organised crime gang, an investigation has revealed | BBC, UK

Fruit-flavoured e-cigarettes more likely to be addictive, study suggests

Teenagers who vape fruit-flavoured e-cigarettes have a greater chance of becoming addicted, a study indicates | Telegraph, UK

Dopeworld: The Chinese War on Drugs (Essay from the Author)

In light of next week’s ‘Dopeworld Discussion: An Insight into the criminal underworld of drugs’ event at Volteface, the author Niko Vorobyov has provided us this essay, which was originally intended for the book | Volte Face, UK

Australia's rural drug use tops city consumption: crime commission analysis

Wastewater tests show regional Australians use more cannabis, prescription opioids, alcohol and methamphetamine than capital city dwellers | Guardian, UK

Humiliating and potentially unlawful: punitive police tactics cast shadow over music festivals

With the festival season approaching, an inquiry into the strip search of a 16-year-old has focused attention on NSW police practices | Guardian, UK

See you in court: obstacles to enforcing the ban on electronic cigarette flavours and marketing in Finland

[Open access] The aim of Finnish tobacco policy is to end the use of tobacco and other nicotine-containing products by 2030. Towards that end, the regulation of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) in Finland is stricter than that in other European Union (EU) countries, including a ban on characterising flavours in e-cigarette liquids as well as on marketing e-cigarettes | BMJ Open, UK

Major regional towns see increase in recorded drug crime

More disposable income means people are spending more on drugs, says Garda source | Irish Times, Ireland

Addiction support to be peer-run

Organisers of support meetings in which people who have recovered from addictions help others do the same could graduate to a position where professional trainers are no longer needed | Irish Examiner, Ireland

School objects to proposed injection room after pupils see woman collapse from overdose

A school in Dublin city centre has objected to a supervised injecting room in the area after young pupils witnessed a woman overdose on heroin | Irish Examiner, Ireland

Angela Merkel's party mulls legalizing cannabis in Germany

Prominent members of the ruling Christian Democratic Union (CDU) have begun to openly discuss legalizing marijuana in Germany. The move would be a historic policy turn for the conservative party | DW, Germany

Regional Differences in the Drugs Most Frequently Involved in Drug Overdose Deaths: United States, 2017 (PDF)

This report describes regional differences in the specific drugs most frequently involved in drug overdose deaths in the United States in 2017 | CDC, USA

Teen e-cigarette use epidemic blamed on flavoured cartridges

Researchers from University of Southern California have found that more and more teenagers are sticking to vaping e cigarettes if they are being offered choices of different candy and fruity flavours | News Medical, USA

Years of education may impact drinking behavior and risk of alcohol dependence

Higher educational attainment -- spending more years in education -- may impact people's drinking behavior and reduce their risk of alcohol dependence, according to a new study | Science Daily, USA

Opioid Epidemic Cost the U.S. Economy at Least $631 Billion Over Four Years: Society of Actuaries’ Analysis

The opioid epidemic cost the U.S. economy at least $631 billion from 2015 to 2018, according to a Society of Actuaries’ (SOA) analysis of non-medical opioid use during this timeframe | SOA, USA

Can Harm Reduction and Abstinence-Based Models Constructively Co-Exist?

What does it mean to be “in recovery” from a substance use disorder? | Filter Magazine, USA

As Buttigieg Visits a Dispensary, How Far Will 2020 Dems Go for Cannabis Justice?

On October 23, Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, visited a cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas | Filter Magazine, USA

Mexico’s Other Drug War Is Addiction, and Its Rehabs Are Terrifying

A rise in meth addiction has exposed Mexico’s shambolic, often brutal drug treatment system | VICE, USA

Should I try microdosing at work? The science behind the Silicon Valley brain hack

Tech culture is obsessed with productivity hacks, whether chugging meals in the form of Soylent, or logging in steps on a treadmill desk | Mic, USA

Major Weed Companies Are Cutting Hundreds of Jobs as the Industry Struggles

Mass layoffs, executive firings, and scandals suggest Canada's weed honeymoon might be coming to an end | VICE, Canada

Burden of tobacco use in Australia: Australian Burden of Disease Study 2015

This report quantifies the health burden that tobacco use places on Australia. Tobacco use contributes to health burden more than any other risk factor and was responsible for 9.3% of the total burden of disease in Australia in 2015. The report highlights that health inequalities exist, with lower socioeconomic groups and more remote areas generally experiencing higher rates of disease burden due to tobacco use | AIHW, Australia

Older people out-drink younger Australians on a regular basis

A 53-year-old mother out-drinking her 19-year-old son may be surprising, but new data shows this is a common trend for Australia's older generations | ABC, Australia



Blogs, comment and opinion

Student podcast #1 Alex and Ian discuss ‘Addiction and Mental Health’ (2019) - podcast

Undergraduate Politics and Philosophy student, Alex Woodward, speaks to Ian Hamilton, Associate Professor of Addiction in the Department of Health Sciences, about Ian's research into drugs, addiction and mental health | University of York, UK

'I've been homeless – a drug addict. I needed to earn a living'

Michael, 48, on how he has no boss and can make up to £100 a week selling the Big Issue | Guardian, UK

What do experts think of Canada’s first year of legalising cannabis? Part 1

On the one year anniversary we asked 5 leading Canadian policy experts on their view on how the groundbreaking new policy was progressing… | Transform blog, UK

What do experts think of Canada’s first year of legalising cannabis? Part 2

On reflection a year in, was the federal legislation adequate? and In terms of lessons for other countries what’s worked, what’s not worked, and what did they miss? | Transform blog, UK


And finally...

Drug mule cat gets caught in Russian jail

Security guards at a penal colony in the Russian Republic of Tatarstan have caught a cat suspected to have been used to smuggle drugs hidden in its collar | BBC, UK