Daily news - 3rd September 2019

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UK news

Scots teens ‘blind to risks of sedatives’

[Free registration may be required] Teenagers in Scotland are risking their lives by experimenting with highly addictive tranquillisers as campaigners lobby MSPs to crack down on illegal supplies, curb prescriptions and help reclassify them in line with opiates | The Times, UK

The Volteface Podcast #10: Chris Snowdon on Canada’s Cannabis Regulation : E for Effort

In this episode Paul talks to Chris Snowdon, Head of Lifestyle Economics at the Institute of Economic Affairs. They have a lively chat discussing their recent trip to Canada with three UK MP’s which was covered by the BBC. Chris explains how cannabis nearly made him miss his flights and his impressions of the regulated market | Volte Face, UK

Gary Seaman Award 2019

We are now accepting nominations for the Gary Seaman Award 2019, our annual award presented to an outstanding practitioner or volunteer who has made a real difference supporting family members affected by drugs or alcohol | Adfam, UK

Sutton awards Cranstoun contract to lead domestic abuse partnership

Sutton council has awarded Cranstoun the contract to lead the borough’s specialist domestic abuse partnership, Transform. Transform incorporates local organisations, each bringing their unique skills and experience in domestic abuse to deliver support for the borough’s communities | Cranstoun, UK

Devon underground cannabis factory owner jailed

A businessman who ran a cannabis factory in five interlocking shipping containers buried under a barn on his father's farm has been jailed | BBC, UK


International news

Calls for needle exchange program in NSW jails amid rising illicit drug use

New South Wales ice inquiry hears that corrections department has no ‘overall strategy’ to deal with drug use in ballooning prison population | Guardian, UK

Ireland set for explosion of cannabis crops as numbers seeking hemp licenses soar

The Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) received 77 licence applications by July 2019 compared to 24 for the whole of 2018 and just seven in 2016 | Irish Mirror, Ireland

Drugnet Europe

August edition of the newsletter covering latest European news and developments | EMCCDA, Portugal

Chronic cocaine use modifies gene expression

Chronic cocaine use changes gene expression in the hippocampus, according to research in mice recently published in JNeurosci | Medical Xpress, USAs


Blogs, comment and opinion

Has substance misuse treatment been moved out of the NHS?

I’ve been struck recently by the number of articles and comments lamenting the state of substance misuse treatment in the UK (and England specifically), and the fact that some of the problems and solutions identified seem to be missing the point | Thinking to some purpose blog, UK

Misguided morality is denying help to drug addicts

[Free registration may be required] Iain Duncan Smith has been highlighting the horrors of addiction. The former Tory leader pointed out that ten times more people died from drugs than knife crime over the past year, underlining the need for more focus on rehabilitation and spending on treatment to break a vicious circle that hurts the poor hardest | The Times, UK

Why a ‘methadone or nothing mentality’ is a mistake – Tom Wood

The Scottish Government’s new Drug Death Task Force faces a tough job but there are pinpricks of light if they look carefully, writes Tom Wood | Scotsman, UK

The Trip Report 02/09

Through the work of organisations such as WEDINOS, The Loop, and SaferParty, we know a little more about the drugs in circulation. The report provided below is a summary of their findings over the last week | Cameron Scally, UK

If Boris Johnson really wanted to get tough on crime he’d legalise drugs

The UK is one of the last modern democracies left clinging to an approach based solely on  prohibition | i News, UK

Drug death capital: What will it take for politicians to admit the need for decriminalisation?

Since recent figures put the number of drug-related deaths in Scotland in 2018 at 1,187, some have started calling it the drugs death capital of the world | Politics.co.uk, UK