Daily news - 12th September 2019

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UK news

Chancellor announces return of duty-free

The Chancellor will today (10 September 2019) announce the return of duty-free shopping with EU countries if the UK leaves the EU without a deal | HM Treasury and The Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP, UK

Health secretary voices concern at duty-free's return under no-deal Brexit

Matt Hancock asked about health implications of ‘cheap booze and fags’ amid growing anger among experts | Guardian, UK

Smoking and tobacco: applying All Our Health

Updated with advice on tackling the harm from smoking and tobacco | PHE, UK

News & updates August 2019: MUP 'compliance high', brain damage, labelling, student bar closures & more

Selected media stories from August | Alcohol Policy UK, UK

The 2019 recovery street film festival launch

The 2019 Recovery Street Film Festival was launched at the Everyman, King’s Cross on 3rd September where the 10 shortlisted films were shown. Humankind is one of the seven charities involved in organising the festival and we are delighted to announce that this year’s winner, The Beast Inside Me, was made by Junaid, a volunteer at Blenheim, part of Humankind’s service, in Lewisham | Humankind, UK

Felicite Tomlinson: Drug use killed One Direction star's sister

An aspiring fashion designer died accidentally from a fatal combination of drugs, a coroner has concluded | BBC, UK


International news

Trump plans ban on sale of flavoured e-cigarettes

US President Donald Trump has announced that his administration will ban flavoured e-cigarettes, after a spate of vaping-related deaths | BBC, UK

E-cigarette ban: Parents want Juul held to account

After Kristen Beauparlant's teenage son got addicted to nicotine she wants vaping companies held accountable | BBC, UK

Purdue Pharma 'reaches tentative agreement' to settle opioid cases

Drug-making giant Purdue Pharma has reportedly reached a tentative multi-billion dollar agreement in the US to settle a host of lawsuits against it | BBC, UK

Australia targets addicts in tough social security reform

Scott Morrison launches drug tests of welfare recipients sparking fierce criticism | FT, UK

Impact of e-cigarette health warnings on motivation to vape and smoke

A prevailing hypothesis is that health warnings for electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) could drive people away from vaping and towards smoking cigarettes. We consider an alternative hypothesis that e-cigarette warnings discourage both vaping and smoking | BMJ, UK

Healthy, prosperous lives for all: the European health equity status report (PDF)

This report identifies five essential conditions needed to create and sustain a healthy life for all: good quality and accessible health services; income security and social protection; decent living conditions; social and human capital and decent work and employment conditions. Policy actions are needed to address all five conditions | WHO, Switzerland

Trump Administration Combating Epidemic of Youth E-Cigarette Use with Plan to Clear Market of Unauthorized, Non-Tobacco-Flavored E-Cigarette Products

FDA compliance policy would prioritize enforcement of premarket authorization requirements for non-tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes | HSS.gov, USA

Juul Illegally Marketed E-Cigarettes, F.D.A. Says

Juul Labs, the dominant e-cigarette company, illegally marketed its vaping products as a less harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes, the Food and Drug Administration said on Monday, casting a deepening shadow over the safety of e-cigarette devices. The agency issued a warning letter to Juul, saying that the company violated federal regulations because it had not received federal approval to promote and sell its vaping products as a healthier option | NYTimes, USA

Obscuring Truth: Did CDC and FDA Fail the Public in Lung Scare?

The past few weeks have been horrific for the approximately 400 victims (and families) poisoned by illicit THC-vaping products—some fatally | Regulator Watch, USA

Twitter Study Explores Nicotine Dependence in JUUL Users

As e-cigarette brand JUUL continues to climb in popularity among users of all ages, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine researchers took a unique approach to analyzing its impact by using Twitter to investigate any mention of nicotine effects, symptoms of dependence and withdrawal in regards to JUUL use | Technology Networks, USA

Can a mass media campaign raise awareness of alcohol as a risk factor for cancer and public support for alcohol related policies?

Alcohol consumption increases the risk of several cancers, but public awareness of alcohol as a risk factor for cancer is low. Research indicates that public opinion about alcohol related policies can be influenced by mass media campaigns and awareness of alcohol as a carcinogen | Science Direct, USA

Only a fraction of the costs of excessive drinking are paid for by alcohol taxes

The total harm caused by excessive alcohol consumption is a staggering $2.05 per drink in the United States, and, of this, the government ends up paying about $0.80 per drink. However, the federal government and states only bring in about $0.21 per drink on average in alcohol taxes, according to new research. This leaves the majority of the cost of alcohol's harms borne by those who don't drink excessively or who don't drink at all | Science Daily, USA

Opioid treatment for teens? Medications can help

Teens who misuse prescription or illicit opioids might benefit from opioid treatment medications, according to a new study. An estimated 900 adolescents started to misuse opioid painkillers every day in 2017, and some of them turned to cheaper and more potent illegal opioids like heroin | Science Daily, USA

Can cannabis help ease addiction?

Pharmacologist Yasmin Hurd sees promise in the cannabis-derived chemical cannabidiol for mitigating opioid dependence | Nature, USA

The Empowering and Dangerous Work of Harm Reduction in Afghanistan

dris Azizi speaks softly when he relates how, as a person living with HIV, he was told to sit in the trunk of a car, with the door open, when traveling to a 2017 Global Fund committee meeting in Kabul, Afghanistan. The two doctors from the Ministry of Public Health with whom he was traveling sat in the car cabin | Filter Magazine, USA

Mobile cannabis tests on drivers gave inaccurate results, researchers say

A study found devices that test for tetrahydrocannabinol in saliva often fail to detect high amounts of cannabis use but often produce positive readings for low levels | SMH, Australia

MedCan 2020: New Zealand set to have its first medicinal cannabis summit

The summit, called MedCan 2020, is open to everyone and people will learn about medicinal cannabis from local and international health professionals, academics, researchers and patients | Stuff.co.nz, New Zealand


Blogs, comment and opinion

It’s not just young people who are pre-drinking

re-drinking, the act of drinking at home before going out, is an issue of global concern due to its links with greater overall drinking across the night, and increased risk of assaults, injuries, and arrest. Generally people pre-drink due to the high cost of drinks in licensed premises, to socialize with friends, reduce social anxiety before going out, or to get drunk quickly | OUP blog, UK

‘I was a dangerous person’: Casey Legler on life as a teenage Olympian – and raging alcoholic

At 19, Legler broke the Olympic freestyle swimming record. But she was also an alcoholic and drug dealer who had suffered years of abuse from her trainers. She is surprised she is still alive, she says | Guardian, UK