Daily news - 13th September 2019

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UK news

Nearly 100,000 Britons thought to be risking death from hepatitis C

Public health body calculates undiagnosed sufferers after monitoring drugs users | Guardian, UK

What would better mental health and substance use care look like?

According to Public Health England, better care begins with commissioners and service providers adopting the principles that there is ‘no wrong door’ for accessing support, and it is ‘everyone’s job’ the other side of the door to help. Now added to the Effectiveness Bank, a 2017 guide for supporting people with co-occurring mental health and substance use problems | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Mum of epilepsy teen Billy in High Court bid over medicinal cannabis

Charlotte Caldwell will return to the High Court this week in her bid to force NHS doctors to prescribe her son the medication she says is keeping him alive | Belfast Telegraph, UK

‘Don’t judge low-and-no drinks on their sales’

Pubs need to go all in on low-and-no alcohol drinks, whether the sales currently stack up or not because they may risk missing out on the genuinely rising demand for the category | Morning Advertiser, UK

Free webinar: Medical cannabis in the UK: an introduction

17th September, 2019 at 7:00pm | SMMGP, UK

'No link' between Essex drug deaths

Tests have failed to establish a link between six suspected drugs-related deaths in Essex, police said | BBC, UK


International news

British American Tobacco cuts 2,300 jobs in shift towards vaping

Firm aims to increase revenues from ‘potentially reduced-risk products’ to £5bn | Guardian, UK

We're quitting smoking, so why is big tobacco booming? - video

Smoking rates are falling in the UK, US and much of Europe. Forty-five per cent of Brits smoked in the 60s and 70s, compared with just 15% today. You would think this was bad news for cigarette profits, but tobacco companies are making more money than ever | Guardian, UK

Man who was charged with murder for accidentally injecting his wife with fentanyl rather than heroin has the charges dropped after appeals court notes his wife bought the drugs with her own money

The appeals court said that since the couple possessed the drugs and used them together, injecting his own wife should not be defined as him 'dealing drugs' | Mail Online, UK

Alleged drug gang thwarted by giant seal in $1bn Australian drug bust

Meth, cocaine and ecstasy found stashed under seaweed off Western Australia after yacht used by alleged smugglers ran aground | Guardian, UK

The Empowering and Dangerous Work of Harm Reduction in Afghanistan

Idris Azizi speaks softly when he relates how, as a person living with HIV, he was told to sit in the trunk of a car, with the door open, when traveling to a 2017 Global Fund committee meeting in Kabul, Afghanistan. The two doctors from the Ministry of Public Health with whom he was traveling sat in the car cabin | Talking Drugs, UK

Drugnet Ireland

The latest fi gures from the National Drug-Related Deaths Index (NDRDI) show that a total of 736 deaths in Ireland during 2016 were linked to drug use.1,2 The NDRDI reports on poisoning deaths (also known as overdose), which are due to the toxic eff ect of a drug or combination of drugs, and on non-poisonings, which are deaths as a result of trauma, such as hanging, or medical reasons, such as cardiac events, among people who use drugs | Health Research Board, Ireland

CDC, states update number of cases of lung disease associated with e-cigarette use, or vaping

CDC today announced the updated number of confirmed and probable cases of lung disease associated with e-cigarette product use, or vaping | CDC, USA

A Ban on Flavored E-Cigarettes Would Sharply Cut Sales

Companies and trade groups weigh the risks of waging a fight against a proposed ban on most flavored vaping products, to protect mint and menthol brands | NYTimes, USA

Mitigating opioids’ harm

Ideally, opioid addiction could be prevented altogether. But failing that, strategies to make drug use safer can curb opioid-related death | Nature, USA

Polysubstance use in young adults -- are there predictable patterns?

Michigan investigators, led by Dr. Sean McCabe, explored patterns and drivers of young adults' non-medical use of prescription drugs -- including prescription sedatives, opioids, or stimulants -- and their association with substance use disorder symptoms at age 35 | Science Daily, USA

DEA Wants 3.2 Million Grams Of Marijuana Legally Grown In 2020

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) wants 3,200,000 grams of marijuana to be legally grown in the U.S. next year, the agency announced in a notice set to be published on Thursday | Forbes, USA

National Guard Drops $100K on Fentanyl Fear-Mongering Classes for Cops

The ongoing panic around fentanyl, a potent opioid that is driving the overdose crisis, is being stoked among law enforcement by unscientific claims, as well as alarmist images and videos. But government agencies are also funding workshops by a company that seems to have a history of giving police officers misleading messages about the drug | Filter Magazine, USA

Assessing the impact of the opioid overdose crisis on individuals providing harm reduction services across Canada: Survey

Welcome to the research survey. The following information is provided to inform you about the research. If you wish to participate in the research and complete the survey, you will be asked to click on a button later on this page to provide your consent | CCSA, Canada

Taking control of cannabis: A model for responsible regulation (PDF)

Today at Parliament the NZ Drug Foundation released Taking control of cannabis: A model for responsible regulation, a new report that shows how we can take back control of cannabis from organised crime | NZDF, New Zealand


Blogs, comment and opinion

Cheap fags and booze: why now, more than ever, we need a whole government approach to health

On Tuesday, an announcement by the Chancellor and accompanying HM Treasury tweet promoted cheap cigarettes and alcohol as something we can all look forward to following a no-deal Brexit. A government department promoting the use of tobacco and alcohol at a time when life expectancy is stalling—and for some groups falling—is at best, wilful ignorance, and at worst, shameless political marketing | BMJ opinion, UK

Grieving my Own Childhood

I grew up in a small coastal town in West Wales with my father and sister, my mother was always on the peripheral of the picture, having lost a custody battle against my father when I was four years old | Anyone's Child blog, UK

Vaping likely has dangers that could take years for scientists to even know about

The rise in cases of otherwise healthy young adults who have been hospitalized or even died from vaping-associated lung injury is alarming | Conversation, USA