Daily news - 11th August 2020

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COVID-19 and addiction: webinars, podcasts and online discussions | SSA

Treatment and recovery services – and COVID-19 |Collective Voice

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UK news

Facilitators and Barriers to Health Care Access Amongst People using image and performance enhancing drugs in Wales

The aim of this research was to identify low cost or no cost service improvements and interventions to encourage early engagement with health and related services by people using IPEDs in order to reduce health harms, be they physical, psychological and/or social. Whilst this work was undertaken in Wales, in light of the findings from the previous IPED surveys and extensive engagement with this population across England, Scotland and Wales, the findings and recommendations are considered to be generalizable to the wider UK... | PHI and Public Health Wales, UK

WEDINOS Annual Report 2019-20

WEDINOS provides a framework for the collection and testing of samples of psychoactive substances and combinations of drugs along with information regarding the symptoms users experienced... Collation of these findings along with identification of the chemical structure of the samples enables the dissemination of pragmatic evidence-based harm reduction information for those using psychoactive drugs or considering use. WEDINOS 2.0 continues to go from strength to strength with a 89 per cent increase in the number of samples analysed | Public Health Wales, UK

United Kingdom drug situation: Focal Point annual report

Updated: Added a user survey on the 2019 annual report | Public Health England, Home Office, Welsh Government, The Scottish Government, Public Health Wales, and Department of Health (Northern Ireland), UK

Upgrading the effectiveness’ of Britain’s response to drug and alcohol problems

Drug and Alcohol Findings aims to bridge the gap between UK-relevant research on substance use interventions and the practitioners who provide them by providing free, high-quality, evidence-based information on what works. Read about the different types of resources available in the Effectiveness Bank, and how Drug and Alcohol Findings is funded | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Alcohol marketing and young people: why our young people are still on the frontline?

Every decision to drink alcohol will be influenced, at least partly, by some form of marketing | What's the harm, UK, UK

'Cannabis turned my life around' says disabled pain-stricken Army vet

Former corporal Andy McIntosh has urged the Scottish Government to open up access to the therapeutic drug | Daily Record, UK

‘I’m still pinching myself’: Fife director’s drugs deaths film wins international prizes

A Dundee graduate’s silent film about drug deaths has won two international film prizes | Courier, UK

COVID-19 and alcohol harm - survey

Like many other organisations, we are currently reviewing our plans for the future and we are keen to hear what you think are the most pressing issues around alcohol harm | AHA UK, UK

Essex police officer who failed drug test committed gross misconduct

Tony Mowling, a former PC with Essex Police, failed a drugs test in June and resigned before the hearing | BBC, UK

'Beyond busy' Devon pub pulls out of Eat Out to Help Out scheme

A pub in North Devon has withdrawn from the Government's 'Eat Out to Help Out' scheme after being "beyond busy" since it started on Monday | ITV, UK


International news

Study links cannabis use during pregnancy to autism risk

Research suggests 50% greater risk for children whose mothers report using cannabis | Guardian, UK

Coronavirus and South Africa's toxic relationship with alcohol

South Africa's ban on alcohol during the coronavirus pandemic has prompted the BBC's Vumani Mkhize to reflect on why he and his country have such a toxic relationship with drink | BBC, UK

NGO Marketplace

We are proud to introduce the newest version of the NGO Marketplace, with not only a completely new look but also lots of new features and functionalities. Civil society is crucial when it comes to translating policy into action and the NGO Marketplace offers drug policy NGOs a platform to exchange best practices and showcase their work | UNODC and Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs, Austria

TAKING BACK WHAT’S OURS! – Episode 6. Australia and New Zealand - video

In this episode of the oral history of the movement of people who use drugs, we learn about the successes and challanges in Australia, from four veterans of the user movement | INPUD and Drug Reporter, Hungary

Can Alcohol Use Disorder Recovery Include Some Heavy Drinking? A Replication and Extension up to 9 Years Following Treatment

Recent research indicates some individuals who engage in heavy drinking following treatment for alcohol use disorder fare as well as those who abstain with respect to psychosocial functioning, employment, life satisfaction, and mental health. The current study evaluated whether these findings replicated in an independent sample and examined associations between recovery profiles and functioning up to 6 years later | ACER, USA

UBCO researchers link advertising to uptick in youth vaping

UBC researchers are raising the alarm about the increase of vaping among teenagers and how e-cigarette marketing strategies target youth | EurekAlert, USA

Restaurants in Italy are reopening ancient ‘wine windows’ used during the plague

The coronavirus pandemic has inspired a comeback for the socially distant invention | Washington Post, USA

Positive experiences of telephone-delivered interventions: a highly accessible treatment option for people with alcohol problems

Researchers from Turning Point and Monash University have found that Australians with alcohol use problems report positive experiences of receiving structured psychological interventions by telephone | Turning Point, Australia

Drug and Alcohol Research Connections - August edition

Latest news, research and opinion | NDARC et al, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

Rise in fake benzodiazepines in the UK may put people at risk of serious harm

Counterfeit, or “fake”, medicines are a growing problem worldwide, from antimicrobials to cancer treatments. The are are designed to look exactly like the real thing, but typically contain the wrong type or amount of active ingredient, which may cause serious harm, illness or premature death | Conversation, UK

Supporting Long term Recovery and the Tragedy of the Commons

Strengthening and supporting long term recovery for diverse communities across multiple pathways of recovery is a goal that would reap huge benefits for our entire society | Recovery Review blog, UK

A Domestic Safe Supply of Injectable Heroin Would Save Lives

And a new BC company has just formed to produce it. It’s up to the province now | The Tyee, Canada