Daily news - 28th August 2020

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UK news

Reported road casualties in Great Britain, final estimates involving illegal alcohol levels: 2018

Final estimates on personal injury drink drive accidents in Great Britain for 2018 | DoT, UK

Government planning to put 'alcolocks' in cars after a rise in drink-driving crashes

[Registration may be required] An estimated 5,890 accidents involved at least one driver who was over the alcohol limit in 2018, the Department for Transport (DfT) said | Telegraph, UK

Protecting children online: building a zero-tolerance culture to age-restricted ads in children's media

We have published the findings from our latest online monitoring sweep, which has helped us identify and tackle age-restricted ads appearing in children’s media | ASA, UK

Excluded, exploited, forgotten: Childhood criminal exploitation and school exclusions (PDF)

A new report by Just for Kids Law highlights how vulnerable children are being excluded from school for behaviour resulting from being criminally exploited by gangs and drugs traffickers | Just for Kids Law, UK

Parental experiences of child criminal exploitation - Rebecca Plimmer - video

Parents of children who have been exploited and involved in county lines, feel many different emotions like trauma, fear, isolation and intimidation. They find that they do not recognise their own child's behaviour which can strain relationships. Parents may also feel concerned about the involvement of the police or social services as well as the potential associated stigma associated | MyPOV, UK

Professor Mike Barnes On The Safety Of Cannabis As Medicine

"Cannabis is remarkably safe.  We know there are some people who shouldn’t be prescribed cannabis. Those, for example, with schizophrenia or psychosis but for the great majority of the population it’s quite safe to prescribe by a responsible doctor who knows and understands cannabis." | Peter Reynolds, UK

Bag-in-box wines enjoy sales boost during UK coronavirus lockdown

So called ‘bagnums’ and wine boxes prove popular as Britons minimise trips to the supermarket | Guardian, UK

Drug dealer jailed for crash that killed London bus driver

A convicted drug dealer who killed a bus driver and injured 14 other people in a multi-vehicle crash in south east London has been sentenced to seven years and eight months in detention | BBC, UK


International news

International Overdose Awareness Day - 31st August 2020

List of activities around the world | Penington Institute, Australia

Webinar 1: Drugs are a Development Issue. An Introduction to Legal Regulation

9th of September 1630-1800 BST. In the first of our 8 webinars, we will launch with a rallying call to action. Legal regulation has the potential to provide redress for the decades of untold misery and destroyed lives resulting from prohibition across the world. It is critical for sustainable development | Health Poverty Action, UK

Ketamine Therapy Has Made Its Way On to Instagram

Ketamine has been shown to be an effective treatment for depression, but experts warn that Instagram ads from clinics offering the drug could lead to viewers taking matters into their own hands | VICE, UK

A Digital Substance-Use Harm Reduction Intervention for Students in Higher Education (MyUSE): Protocol for Project Development

This project aims to design and develop a digital intervention that targets drug use–related harm among students in higher education | JMIR Research Protocols, Ireland

Judicial corporal punishment is unacceptable for all offences, including drug-related ones: comment on recent caning in Singapore (PDF)

The caning of Ye Ming Yuen in the Changi prison of Singapore, on August 18th, is a horrific reminder of the use of judicial corporal punishment for people incarcerated for drug offences in many countries in the world | Global Commission on Drug Policy, Switzerland

CDC’s Tips® campaign led 1 million U.S. adults to quit smoking during 2012–2018

Findings from a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study published in Preventing Chronic Disease show that CDC’s Tips From Former Smokers® (Tips®) campaign led more than 1 million U.S. adults to quit smoking and an estimated 16.4 million U.S. adults to attempt to quit smoking during 2012–2018 | CDC, USA

Examining the link between adolescent marijuana use and cigarette smoking in adulthood

Over the past three decades, rates of youth cigarette smoking have declined substantially across the United States; however, there have been some recent increases in adolescent marijuana use | BASIS, USA

Premature deaths from alcoholic liver disease rising as gap between men and women narrows

Since the early 2000s, alcoholic liver disease deaths among non-Hispanic whites, particularly women, have increased more rapidly than rates among other ethnic groups., reports a new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine | EurekAlert, USA

Vaping-related lung injuries have suggestive patterns on CT scans

Injuries to the lungs from vaping have suggestive patterns on CT scans that could help physicians make accurate diagnoses and reduce unnecessary biopsies, according to a new study published in the journal Radiology: Cardiothoracic Imaging | News Medical, USA

Pennsylvania Now Lets You Get Naloxone by Mail

Pennsylvania’s health secretary, Dr. Rachel Levine, has issued a new standing order to allow residents to receive naloxone (Narcan), the opioid overdose antidote, by mail | Filter Magazine, USA

'I have a brother who's an addict': Emotional mayor highlights personal toll of northern B.C. overdose crisis

With just one prevention site, northern B.C. now has the province's highest overdose death rate per capita | CBC News, Canada

Regional trends in drug use in Queensland: A pilot study

This bulletin reports on the results of a pilot study that involved face to face interviews with sentinel groups of people who regularly use drugs in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Townsville, to explore the utility of regional data collection on drug use, markets and harm for surveillance purposes | NDARC, Australia

Drug Foundation farewells long-standing executive director Ross Bell

The NZ Drug Foundation Executive Director Ross Bell is leaving the organisation for a role at the Ministry of Health. He has led the Drug Foundation for more than 16 years | NZDF, New Zealand


Blogs, comment and opinion

Cannabis use after work doesn’t affect productivity – new research

Musicians and artists have long used cannabis to enhance their creativity. But how does the drug affect more conventional nine-to-five jobs? With cannabis now legal in more places, including Canada and several US states, research is being carried out into how it affects people’s productivity at work | Conversation, UK

As a police officer, I see how we erode trust with our reliance on stop and search

Weed is not the problem, yet it lets us put our hands in people’s pockets. This is just one of the troubling things about the job | Guardian opinion, UK

Shaun Bailey: Blue collar workers already face drug tests, so why has my proposal for offices been so controversial?

If it’s required of someone in a hard hat, then we can ask it of someone in an Armani suit | i news opinion, UK

Britain’s antiquated laws on hemp are harming the environment—and short-changing farmers

Though CBD is technically legal in the UK, onerous restrictions mean that products must be imported from abroad. UK farms are losing out | Prospect Magazine, UK

Public health and the price of alcohol

Minimum unit pricing serves to make the cheapest alcohol less affordable, reducing excessive alcohol consumption, and the associated harm | Irish Times letters, Ireland

The pandemic is exacerbating other, co-occurring epidemic(s)

The current pandemic continues to be the front of discussion, as it should be. Yet, we need not to forget the other epidemic(s) that continue to occur: opioid overdoses, HIV, and the effects of systemic racism chief among them. This is especially true because people among the subgroups affected by these epidemics are at increased risk for the coronavirus and face significantly more problems accessing health care | Points blog, USA