Daily news - 4th February 2020

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UK news

DDN February 2020

Each year the cross-party parliamentary group meets to review the ONS data on drug-related deaths, and each time frustrations surface at the lack of progress (page 11). We have the evidence, we know the contributing factors – why can’t we reverse this shameful trend? | DDN, UK

Bloodborne viruses: Eye of the needle

'Eye of the needle' is a report on healthcare workers' occupational exposures to bloodborne viruses such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV | PHE, UK

E-cigarette use or vaping: reporting suspected adverse reactions, including lung injury

Be vigilant for any suspected adverse reactions associated with use of e-cigarettes or vaping (including lung injury) and report them to the MHRA via the Yellow Card Scheme. In this article we provide UK case definitions of e-cigarette or vaping associated lung injury (EVALI) to facilitate identification | MHRA, UK

Health Behaviour in School Aged Children (PDF)

Incidence of regular smoking and drinking has decreased dramatically from 2002 to 2018, with only very few young people reporting that they had smoked (3%) or drank alcohol (7%) at least 3 times during the last 30 days. Around one quarter of 15 year olds said that they had been drunk twice or more during their life. One fifth (21%) of 15 year olds said that they had ever tried cannabis, which is a substantial decrease since 2002 (41%) | HBSC, UK

'Stand up and tell me your story' - Press release 03 Feb 2020 (PDF)

SHAAP’s recommendations for engaging people with alcohol and drugs lived and living experience | SHAAP, UK

Three quarters of adults plan to cut out or consume less booze

Some 72% of those who consumed less alcohol or stopped drinking in January plan to do so in the long term, a new study has found | Morning Advertiser, UK

Cannabis Trades Association: The UK should keep CBD products on shelves

A campaign is underway to prevent the Foods Standards Agency to attempt to enforce any move against the CBD industry | Manufacturing Chemist, UK

Latest Drugs Uncut episode highlights need to include people who use drugs in the decision-making process

The latest episode of ‘Drugs Uncut’ – the Scottish Drugs Forum podcast – has been published and is available to listen to for free online or on your favourite podcast app | SDF, UK

Deep in the throes of cocaine addiction, Ollie was sleeping rough after his marriage broke down. Now his life is unrecognisable

He's now helping others fight their demons and get their lives back | Manchester Evening News, UK

Addaction to overhaul website as part of major rebrand

The mental health and addiction charity is to be renamed We Ae With You and overhaul online support to improve accessibility | Charity Digital, UK

County Council approves cash to help recovering drug and alcohol addicts

Derbyshire County Council has approved more than £147,000 of funding to organisations helping people recover from drug and alcohol dependency | PeakFM, UK

Gambling Commission releases guidance to help consumers limit gambling-related content on Twitter

The Gambling Commission has partnered with Twitter to create guidance aimed at supporting users who want to limit the amount of gambling-related content they see on the social media platform | Gambling Commission, UK

Woman remains seriously ill amid Leamington club drug inquiry

A woman remains in a serious condition after taking what is thought to be MDMA, as police investigate the death of a man on the same night out | BBC, UK

Gabe Hamlin: Ex-Wigan Warriors prop gets two-year ban from Ukad for cocaine use

Ex-Wigan player Gabe Hamlin has been banned by UK Anti-Doping for two years after testing positive for cocaine | BBC, UK

Harlow 'human warehouse' drug deals and violence uncovered

Drug-dealing, violence and anti-social behaviour are rife at a converted office block likened to a "human warehouse", an investigation has found | BBC, UK


International news

The shelter giving wine to alcoholics

A radical treatment scheme in Canada is allowing alcoholics to drink while trying to stabilise their lives | BBC, UK

Over 100 human rights groups urge the UN to intervene to stop executions of drug offenders in Bahrain

Harm Reduction International, the International Drug Policy Consortium and the International Network of People Who Use Drugs published open letters today calling on the United Nations’ major human rights and drug control bodies to take all necessary actions to prevent the executions of two individuals convicted of drug trafficking in Bahrain | HRI, UK

QMJC January 2020 - Good enough’ parenting: Negotiating standards and stigma

Kylie valentine, Ciara Smyth and Jamee Newland’s (2019) article ‘“Good enough” parenting: Negotiating standards and stigma’ offers a generative and nuanced analysis of what is often a controversial topic: strategies used by parents to minimise the potential risks and harms related to their drug consumption | SSA, UK

'This was supposed to be reparations' Why is LA's cannabis industry devastating black entrepreneurs?

Black merchants affected by the war on drugs are denied licenses and thrown into debt as white owners thrive | Guardian, UK

Rapper Loski tells court drug dealer forced him to carry gun

Musician, real name Jyrelle O’Connor, 20, claims man threatened him and his mother | Guardian, UK


New website. We provide advocacy for people who use drugs and work towards protecting their civil liberties and human rights within services | UISCE, Ireland

Cigarettes kill even after you put them out

A new study says cigarette butts continue to emit toxic fumes for days after they’ve been extinguished | News Medical, USA

Natural herb kratom may have therapeutic effects and relatively low potential for abuse or harm

Using results of a survey of more than 2,700 self-reported users of the herbal supplement kratom, sold online and in smoke shops around the U.S., Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers conclude that the psychoactive compound somewhat similar to opioids likely has a lower rate of harm than prescription opioids for treating pain, anxiety, depression and addiction | Medical Xpress, USA

Can Psychedelics Find Acceptance in the Recovery Community?

Can psychedelic drugs like LSD and MDMA help people who are recovering from addiction? A new research group is looking at the potential of these substances for people who have experienced problematic relationships with drugs, or behaviors like sex and gambling | Filter Magazine, USA

After a $145 Million Opioid Kickback Settlement, Can We Trust Our Doctors?

By the time of their September 2015 meeting, they knew they weren’t working on a project to merely study opioid prescribing patterns or educate physicians. Employees for the electronic health records company Practice Fusion and an unnamed pharma manufacturer—reportedly Purdue—had a mutual understanding | Filter Magazine, USA

Self-reporting and close monitoring of alcohol use for older patients

Older people may be unaware of the potential risks when combining alcohol and commonly prescribed medications, according to new study findings | RACGP, Australia

Age restrictions to be added on alcoholic drink labels- audio

The International Alliance for Responsible Drinking has announced age restrictions will be added to labels on alcoholic drinks by 2024 | NewsTalk, New Zealand


Blogs, comment and opinion

Fewer people in prison drug & alcohol treatment

Last week (30 January 2020), Public Health England published its annual Alcohol and drug treatment in secure settings 2018 to 2019: report. The report contains information on both adults and young people in contact with treatment services in prisons and secure settings | Russell Webster, UK

WHO’s unusual e-cigarettes press release was more PR than medical science

Press document, in a question and answer style, was not backed by any new research or high-powered commission report | Irish Times, Ireland

Many countries regulate e-cigarettes. South Africa should too

Opinions differ on how to regulate electronic cigarettes. But dozens of countries are taking action. In Africa, Kenya already taxes these products, and South Africa is preparing to follow. E-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco, which has harmful health effects. But they often contain highly addictive nicotine and have their own negative health risks | Conversation, South Africa

Study confirms vaping will save Australian lives

The latest scientific review  of vaping nicotine has concluded it is an effective quitting aid for smokers and could substantially reduce smoking rates in Australia | ATHRA, Australia

Thinking about taking a break from alcohol? Here’s how to cut back or quit

It’s February and many people are starting to put into place their New Year’s resolution to drink less alcohol | Conversation, Australia