Daily news - 13th February 2020

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UK news

Psychoactive drugs linked to 95% of jail's ambulance callouts

Crews called to HMP Wealstun 200 times in six months over spice-like drug incidents | Guardian, UK

Scots drug summit to be held day before UK event

The Scottish government is to hold a drugs summit in Glasgow the day before a UK government conference on the same issue in the same venue | BBC, UK

Food Standards Agency sets deadline for the CBD industry and provides safety advice to consumers

The FSA has set a deadline for CBD businesses to provide more information about CBD products and their contents. It also advises vulnerable groups not to take CBD, and healthy adults to take no more than 70mg a day | FSA, UK

Hepatitis C in the East Midlands: annual reports

The aim of these reports is to describe the epidemiology of hepatitis C in the East Midlands. The reports provide updates on trends, areas of high burden of disease and at risk population groups and identify opportunities for interventions to reduce disease burden | PHE, UK

Mental health app launched following suicides and drug deaths

Like many communities in Northern Ireland - the wider Ballymena area has been affected by suicide and drugs. Dr Martin McNeely, the minister at Ballykeel Presbyterian Church said there had been a spate of suicides and drugs deaths in the past few months | BBC, UK

Electronic Cigarettes: Death

To ask the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, if his Department will launch an inquiry into deaths relating to vaping | They work for you, UK

Alcohol, health education and changing notions of risk in Britain, 1980–1990

[Open access] This article explores the contentious definition and communication of alcohol consumption limits and their relationship to ideas about risk through an analysis of the development of health education materials during the 1980s | DEPP, UK

Is CBD as healthy as we think?

CBD is arguably one of the biggest health trend of the past two years. Touted as a cure for everything from anxiety and depression to insomnia and pain, with potential relieving benefits for conditions like Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis and cancer, the market for CBD has swelled to an estimated £300m. Around 1.3 million Britons are said to use the stuff | Telegraph, UK

Family In Legal Bid As Son Denied ‘Life-Saving’ Cannabis-Based Medicine

The family of a two-year-old boy with a rare medical condition is taking an NHS Trust to court for refusing to prescribe a cannabis-based treatment they believe is helping him | EachOther, UK

Episode 6: 'It's simple economics, that's why they're doing it' - podcast

This week we speak to VICE's Global Drugs Editor Max Daly about his reporting of County Lines drug trafficking in the UK. He tells us how the British drugs map has changed since the 1980s, and why the age of drug dealers just keeps dropping | Vent, UK

'One rule for black boys and another for white': Corbyn attacks PM

Jeremy Corbyn confronts Boris Johnson on drug use after deportation of ex-offenders | Guardian, UK

Bristol businesses criticised for using blue lighting to try to deter people from injecting drugs

The UK Government has been advising against using this type of lighting for more than a decade | Bristol Post, UK

Drugs: Students say 'more people know how to get drugs'

University students have been sharing their concerns about illegal drugs in south Wales, claiming they are freely available | BBC, UK

Non-alcoholic beer sales help Heineken to strongest growth in a decade

The Dutch brewing giant said it had rolled out its Heineken 0.0 brand to 57 countries as it reported annual results | Sky News, UK

Gambling Commission to discuss regulatory framework and gambling-related harm

The Select Committee on the Social and Economic Impact of the Gambling Industry continues its inquiry this week with evidence from the industry regulator, the Gambling Commission | Parliament.uk, UK



International news

Banning GHB at Raves Is Dangerous

I slipped out of a stall in the dimly lit basement bathroom of a Brooklyn soul food restaurant, sliding a frosted glass dropper bottle and chubby three-milliliter pink syringe into my friend’s hand as she quickly replaced me. My mouth burned, a sore beginning to develop on the side of my tongue | Talking Drugs, UK

Access to hapatitis C treatment and care among people who inject drugs

Accurate, high-quality data on hepatitis C continues to be a struggle for countries that are scaling up treatment access, expanding testing services, and developing national hepatitis plans | HepCoalition, France and USA

Preclinical study links human gene variant to THC reward in adolescent females

A common variation in a human gene that affects the brain's reward processing circuit increases vulnerability to the rewarding effects of the main psychoactive ingredient of cannabis in adolescent females, but not males, according to preclinical research by Weill Cornell Medicine investigators | EurekAlert, USA

Enforcing Freedom: The Insidious Nature of Drug Courts

The fact that drug courts often widen the [criminal justice] net is hardly a surprise given that the initial impetus for their development was to create a more efficient mechanism to handle the large numbers of new, low-level cases generated by the drug war | Filter Magazine, USA

Will “Sobering Centers” Help People Who Use Methamphetamine?

Officials in San José, California are proposing a new solution to rising rates of methamphetamine use in Santa Clara County. Beginning March 4, people using methamphetamine in public will be offered a choice by law enforcement: receive a citation or be taken to an alcohol “sobering center | Filter Magazine, USA

Juul Bought Ads On Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, And Other Kids Websites, A New Lawsuit Claims

Internal documents obtained by the Massachusetts attorney general as part of a new lawsuit are the clearest indication yet that the e-cigarette giant aimed its early advertising at young people who've never smoked | BuzzFeed, USA

Cigarette smokers often reject electronic cigarettes, study shows

Not wanting to substitute one addictive product for another was cited as a major reason why U.S. smokers who have never used electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) rejected them as a means to quit cigarettes, according to a study by tobacco researchers from Georgia State University's School of Public Health | Medical Xpress, USA

Wall Street Is Buying Cigarettes

Financial analysts are telling their clients that disaster in the vaping industry will only help the tobacco market | Vice, USA


Blogs, comment and opinion

Fact Check: do the police spend over a million hours a year fighting cannabis?

Nick Clegg, former Liberal Democrat leader, commenting on Twitter on May 15 on the party’s election pledge to legalise cannabis. According to the authoritative Crime Survey for England and Wales, 6.5% of 16 to 59-year-olds use cannabis. But fewer people are using cannabis than in 1996, when information first became available | Conversation, UK

The Trip Report 11/02

Through the work of organisations such as WEDINOS, The Loop, and SaferParty, we know a little more about the drugs in circulation. The report provided below is a summary of their findings over the last week | Cameron Scally, UK

New Australian estimates of the impact of Minimum Unit Pricing

he demand for alcohol, like almost every product, is affected by its price. Systematic reviews provide compelling evidence that price matters, but there remains uncertainty about how best to respond from a policy perspective. Historically, governments have relied on excise taxes, both to raise revenue and to reduce some of the harms related to alcohol consumption | IAS blog, UK