Daily news - 20th February 2020

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UK news

Training in Addiction Psychiatry: Current Status and Future Prospects

This report looks into addictions psychiatry provision and how we can support and reinvigorate the decreasing number of training posts across the UK | RCPSYCH, UK

Funding needed for community pharmacists to tackle patients' smoking and drinking, say pharmacy bodies

Several pharmacy organisations have welcomed the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence’s findings on community pharmacies being “well placed” to offer advice on health and wellbeing, but maintain that they cannot provide services without adequate funding | Pharmaceutical Journal, UK

Standardised Packaging for Tobacco Products in England - Evidence of Policy Impact from the International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project

Twice as many smokers notice the health warnings on cigarette packs before they notice the branding since the introduction of the plain packaging law in the United Kingdom. In addition, three times as many smokers find the packaging less appealing. The findings are published in a new British Heart Foundation-funded report released by the International Tobacco Control (ITC) Policy Evaluation Project (PDF), which summarises research findings from King’s College London and the University of Waterloo | ITC, UK

Pregnancy: Alcoholic Drinks

To ask the Secretary of State for Justice, with reference to the findings of the study published in the International Journal of Epidemiology on 29 January 2020, what discussions he has had with the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care on the effect of drinking alcohol during pregnancy on children's (a) intelligence and (b) weight; and if he will take steps to criminalise excessive drinking of alcohol during a known pregnancy | They work for you, UK

Britain's CBD Clampdown, Explained

One thing's for sure – if you're a fan of CBD-infused mattresses, you have nothing to worry about | VICE, UK

New medical cannabis clinic opens in Solihull and this is what it costs

The clinic in Dickens Heath has begun treating patients with medical cannabis | Birmingham Live, UK

PSNI considering using naloxone to treat heroin addicts

The PSNI are considering equipping frontline officers with the drug naloxone, which is used to reverse the effects of opiods | ITV, UK

Heroin overdose-blocking Naloxone in all first aid kits

Health chiefs hope to provide heroin overdose-blocking drugs in all first aid kits in response to North Ayrshire’s drugs death crisis | Irvine Times, UK

Priti Patel says there is 'no such thing' as dabbling in drugs, despite Boris Johnson and other cabinet members having admitted dabbling in drugs

'Why is it one rule for cabinet members and another for my constituents?' asks Labour MP David Lammy | Independent, UK

The relationship to alcohol through the lifespan of a Scottish island community - free event

Thursday 20th February - 12:30pm. The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, 11 Queen Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1JQ. This free programme showcases innovative research on alcohol use and provides the chance for researchers, practitioners, policymakers and members of the public to hear and discuss alcohol-related topics, over lunch at the historic Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh | SHAAP and SARN, UK


International news

Cork man who overcame years of heroin addiction graduating with criminology Masters

James Leonard shared his story of addiction on The Tommy Tiernan Show last month | Journal, Ireland

Prevalence of Electronic Cigarette Dependence Among Youth and Its Association With Future Use

 In this cohort study of 444 youths aged 16 to 18 years with past-year e-cigarette use, 11.7% of youth reported experiencing at least 1 e-cigarette dependence symptom. While less common and severe than combustible cigarette dependence, e-cigarette dependence had a similar symptom profile and was positively associated with vaping continuation, frequency, and intensity 6 months later | JAMA Open, USA

Residents, Council Gang Up Against Syringe Exchange in Chico, CA

People who use drugs in Chico, California may soon have fewer options for obtaining sterile harm reduction supplies. Following residents’ complaints about a syringe service program operating in a park, officials are considering shutting it down | Filter Magazine, USA

Naloxone Now Used as Evidence to Prosecute Indiana OD Victims

An Indiana county attorney and police chief are working together to prosecute people who have suffered overdoses with felonies—and to use lifesaving naloxone overdose reversals as evidence against them | Filter Magazine, USA

Meet Noel Vest: Former felon finds purpose as a postdoc studying addiction

When Noel Vest walked out of Lovelock Correctional Center in 2009, he had no money, no job and 14 felonies on his record, including identity theft and methamphetamine use | Stanford Magazine, USA

Can magic mushrooms and LSD treat depression and anxiety? Scientists are optimistic

When Marc Morgan tried lysergic acid diethylamide, better known as acid or LSD, for the first time as a teenager, he noticed that he could emotionally disconnect from traumatic memories of the sexual abuse he had suffered as a child | Medical Xpress, USA

What has changed since cannabis was legalized?

Cannabis is one of the most widely used substances in Canada with nearly half of Canadians reporting having used it at some time in their lives. In October 2018 Canada became the second country in the world to legalize its' sale, possession and non-medical use by adults | Statistics Canada, Canada

Prison needle exchanges driven by security, not health concerns, says federal watchdog

Few inmates have enrolled in the needle exchange program, according to Correctional Investigator | CBC News, Canada


Blogs, comment and opinion

Opinion: It's time to get real about heroin addiction. It's time to decriminalise this drug

Dr Austin O’Carroll says decriminalisation would be a way of taking responsibility for the vicious effects of inequality | Journal opinion, Ireland

Recognizing Stigma Embedded in Diagnostic Criteria for Substance Use Disorders

Jordan sat on the bench outside the group room waiting for the day to be over. He was being punished for coming late to treatment because he had to drop his daughter off at school. The addiction treatment center he attended had a strict policy about being on time and Jordan’s situation was no exception | BASIS editorial, USA