Daily news - 18th March 2020

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UK news

£3.2 million emergency support for rough sleepers during coronavirus outbreak

Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick announces £3.2 million emergency funding to help rough sleepers to self-isolate | Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government and The Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP, UK

Controlling Drug Users: Forms of Power and Behavioural Regulation in Drug Treatment Services

This article examines the control practices used in drug treatment services to regulate the behaviour of people with drug problems. Drawing on an extensive qualitative study, we developed a conceptual framework, integrating the notion of responsive regulation with Wrong’s sociology of power | BJC, UK

Is dual use of nicotine products and cigarettes associated with smoking reduction and cessation behaviours? A prospective study in England

Dual use of e-cigarettes is associated with a greater reduction in cigarette consumption than dual use of OTC NRT. It may discourage a small proportion of users from making a quit attempt compared with dual OTC NRT use but it does not appear to undermine use of evidence-based cessation aids | BMJ Open, UK

The Lancet Psychiatry: Single dose of psychoactive component in cannabis could induce psychotic, depressive, and anxiety symptoms in healthy people

In addition, the review found no consistent evidence that cannabidiol (CBD) moderates the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC - the psychoactive component of cannabis) in healthy volunteers | EurekAlert, UK

On-line course explores evidence on how to generate system-wide alcohol screening and brief intervention

Context is that Britain’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) insists commissioners and managers “must” generate a system which provides the training, resources and time needed for routine brief intervention | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Alcohol-related brain damage: 'I was paid in lager to babysit'

A woman who was paid in lager to babysit as a teenager went on to develop alcohol-related brain damage (ARBD) following 20 years of drinking | BBC, UK

Dundee distillery switches production from gin to hand sanitiser

Verdant Spirits, based in Dundee's west end, hopes to produce 400 litres of the gel, starting this week | BBC, UK

Bristol cannabis oil maker found guilty of flats explosion

James Toogood was using butane to make a powerful cannabis derivative known as "shatter", Bristol Crown Court heard | BBC, UK

Harry Baker murder trial: Teen's death was 'drug deal gone wrong'

Harry Baker from Cardiff was found dead at a freight container port in Barry Docks, Vale of Glamorgan, on 28 August | BBC, UK


International news

On the A-Gender: Community Monitoring Tool for Gender-Responsive Harm Reduction Services for Women who Use Drugs

Worldwide, women who use drugs are vastly underserved within health and social services and programmes. National and international research, services, guidelines, and training programmes are either gender-neutral or male-focused | INPUD, UK

British American Tobacco circumventing ad ban, experts say

BAT seems to be running accounts to promote e-cigarettes after crackdown on hiring influencers | Guardian, UK

Holland REOPENS its cannabis cafes after coronavirus lockdown saw huge queues outside coffee shops, prompting government U-turn

Dutch cannabis users had something to cheer today when the country re-opened its famous 'coffee shops' just two days after shutting them over coronavirus fears | Mail Online, UK

Alcohol use disorder strongly linked to suicide risk, study finds

Alcohol use disorder is strongly associated with suicide risk, according to a Virginia Commonwealth University-led study published March 12 in the American Journal of Psychiatry | Medical Xpress, USA

Can volunteers with lived experience fill the treatment gap for parents of people with substance use disorder?

Family members of individuals suffering from substance use disorders can play a pivotal role in the recovery process. However, many do not know how best to help | BASIS, USA

Estimated Worldwide Mortality Attributed to Secondhand Tobacco Smoke Exposure, 1990-2016

This cross-sectional epidemiologic assessment used Our World in Data to calculate how many individuals who smoked for a mean of 24 years were associated with the death of 1 individual who died of exposure to secondhand smoke; globally, this changed from 31.3 individuals who smoked in 1990 to 52.3 individuals who smoked in 2016 | JAMA Open, USA

Coronavirus and lungs: How do smoking, vaping, air pollution affect respiratory illnesses?

Smoking could definitely have an impact on whether people get the coronavirus and how fast they recover, experts say | Cleveland, USA

A Scientist Persuaded Italy to Exempt Vape Shops From COVID-19 Lockdown

Italy has seen the worst outbreak of COVID-19 outside of China, after cases first appeared in the Lombardy region but quickly spread to other regions. At publication time, the country had almost 28,000 confirmed cases and over 2,100 deaths | Filter Magazine, USA

Booze buses grounded as top cops listen to union's coronavirus fears

Victoria Police will ground its fleet of booze and drug buses over fears that random testing could both hasten the spread of coronavirus among the public and pose a potential health risk to officers | The Age, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

Coronavirus and heroin supplies, what are the implications? Dr Owen Bowden-Jones talks to the SSA

How do you think COVID-19 (coronavirus) might affect people who use drugs? | SSA, UK