Daily news - 7th May 2020

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Coronavirus frequently updated resources

Treatment and recovery services – and COVID-19 |Collective Voice

COVID-19 Information Hub | Scottish Drugs Forum

COVID-19 and smoking: resources, research and news | BMJ

Coronavirus: information and advice hub - alcohol | Alcohol Change UK

COVID-19 resources page for people who use drugs (PWUD) and drug service providers | EMCDDA


UK news

COVID -19 and drug markets survey: Month one month study

We’ve put together a one month summary report from our COVID-19 and Drug Markets survey to showcase the results so far. We hope that the report will help you to understand some of the changes to the drugs market as well as the issues facing people who take drugs and the services that support them | CREW, UK

Open Letter to Home Secretary

The Home Secretary has this week amended the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001, providing Ministers with emergency powers concerning the supply of controlled drugs such as morphine in specified circumstances during a pandemic | Suzi Gage, UK

COVID-19, smoking, and inequalities: a cross-sectional survey of adults in the UK

[Preprint] To examine associations between smoking and COVID-19 relevant outcomes, taking into account the influence of inequalities and adjusting for potential confounding variables | Medrxiv, UK

Drugs Under Lockdown: Are People Partying More Or Less In Quarantine?

Our relationship with drink and drugs is changing during the Covid-19 pandemic – for better or worse | Huffington Post, UK

Recovery through Nature: Succession Gardening - video

As part of Phoenix Futures' Recovery through Nature scheme, Jon and Mark take us through a quick tutorial on how to utilise succession gardening in your own planting endevours. This video was recently featured on the premiere broadcast of Recovery TV | Phoenix Futures, UK

Health Behaviours During the COVID-19 Pandemic - survey

We want to understand physical activity and diet, as well as the use and changes to the use of tobacco (e.g. cigarettes), nicotine (e.g. e-cigarettes) and alcohol during the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19). We also want to understand how we could create or provide support that may help people to make changes to their behaviours and therefore their health | UCL, UK

Woman reveals how she turned her life around after struggling for decades

She is now working with We Are With You on their latest project in collaboration with the University of Lincoln | Lincolnshire Live, UK


International news

COVID-19 addiction news: global responses to lock-down

In the last month, there has been a huge increase in COVID-19 related addiction news. Although the current situation is unprecedented, many of the policy responses have well-established precedents including forms of prohibition, regulation and outreach treatment. Perhaps the most common policy option has been to ban substances, particularly alcohol | SSA, UK

Prisoner releases by country/ jurisdiction

The UK’s already overcrowded prisons face a rapidly escalating public health catastrophe from COVID-19. Transform have been calling for the managed release of non-violent drug and drug related offenders from prisons as part of the effort to reduce the strain on the prisons system and reduce risk of virus transmission | Transform, UK

IDPC alert

Latest evets, news and publications | IDPC, UK

Egypt says jailed filmmaker who mocked Sisi died from alcohol poisoning

Egypt has said alcohol poisoning caused the death in prison of filmmaker Shady Habash, who was detained after he made a music video mocking the president | BBC, UK

Vitamin E Acetate and THC Not the Only Culprits in EVALI Cases

Chronic heart and lung disease also linked to EVALI deaths | MedPage Today, USA

Innovative drunk driving program lowers risk of rearrest

An innovative statewide alcohol-monitoring program that requires drunk drivers to be tested frequently for alcohol use significantly lowers the likelihood that participants will be rearrested or have probation revoked, according to a new RAND Corporation study | Medical Xpress, USA

Emergency drug overdose visits associated with increased risk for later suicide

NIH-funded study highlights importance of emergency department-based interventions for mitigating suicide risk | EurekAlert, USA

“We’re Human Beings. Help Us.”—Drugs and Homelessness in the Pandemic

“It’s fucking horrible right now,” Andy said. “Since this corona thing, the quality of the heroin on the streets is just shite | Filter Magazine, USA

Delhi imposes 70 per cent coronavirus tax on alcohol to curb India's post-lockdown thirst

The easing of coronavirus lockdowns in India has seen a run on liquor stores, which authorities in the capital Delhi have addressed with a "special corona fee" — a 70 per cent tax on booze | abc.net.au, Australia

Summary of monitoring of cryptomarkets for drug listings, 1 February 2014 – 31 January 2020

Drug Trends has identified, crawled (or ‘scraped’), extracted, categorised and analysed drug listings on cryptomarkets on a weekly basis since 1 February 2014. This summary reports on trends in the availability and type of substances sold on the internet via cryptomarkets from 1 February 2014 to 31 January 2020 | NDARC, Australia

We Asked Experts How Risky It Is to Self-Medicate With Mushrooms

Studies showing the mental health benefits of psychedelics are inspiring people to take matters into their own hands. But doctors warn it's not as simple as it sounds | VICE, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

Coronavirus: why managed alcohol programmes are essential for problem drinkers who are homeless

People who are homeless are being particularly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Common health problems such as respiratory disease put people who are homeless at more risk and self-isolation is impossible if you are living on the streets or in temporary accommodation | Conversation, UK

Drug Use And Prisons

This is the ninth in a series of posts based on perhaps the most important drug-related report of the current century, Dame Carol Black’s Review of Drugs. Today’s post looks at the section from that report dedicated to drug use and prisons | Russell Webster, UK

Psychedelics and the New Future

In 1999 my brother Dan was a hero to a particular set of heroin and crack addicts who were trying to escape from their crumbling lives. They were jumping at the chance of a fresh start, the promise of a withdrawal-free recovery from their dependencies, one that Dan had offered them as a genuine, if unusual option | Guy Lieberman, UK

Will the Pandemic Lead to Better Treatment for Drug Users?

Harm reduction advocates hope new emergency rules for medication-assisted treatment will foster broader reforms after the Covid crisis | The Nation, USA

Pasha 64: The history of drugs in southern Africa

The history of drugs in southern Africa shows how pharmaceutical and illegal substances are intertwined. Understanding the history matters because a society inherits ideas about what is “normal” and what is morally right or wrong | Conversation, South Africa