Daily news - 2nd September 2020

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September is recovery month - see more below


UK news

Research Partnership launch with Liverpool John Moores University

As part of our Sustainable Recovery Strategy Phoenix Futures is working to facilitate a more symbiotic relationship between research and practice; providing opportunities for practitioners and service users to inform research projects whilst simultaneously integrating emerging evidence and models of best practice into our services. To facilitate this we have formed a research partnership with Dr Helena Gosling from the School of Justice Studies, Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) | Phoenix Futures, UK

September 2020 APPG on Liver Health update

Health Minister Lord Bethell provided answers to two questions tabled by APPG on Liver Health Co-Chair Baroness Randerson on increasing provision of low dead space needles in needle and syringe exchanges in England (which are more effective for hepatitis C prevention purposes) and on hepatitis C testing and treatment in prisons during the Covid-19 pandemic | APPG live Health, UK

Mobile ‘fix room’ begins operating in Glasgow

A drug consumption van where addicts can inject heroin has been launched in Glasgow - despite warnings it could be breaking the law | BBC, UK

Why is the NHS still refusing to prescribe medicinal cannabis?

[Limited number of free articles per month] It's cheap and effective, yet patients are having to seek private or illegal means to get cannabis, writes a chronic pain sufferer | Telegraph, UK

Ten recovery tips (PDF)

10 tips for recovery month | Humankind, UK

Introducing our recovery advice videos

In this short film Jo Byrden of 5 WAYS in Leeds introduces a series of films on recovery. These films were designed to offer advice, tips and ideas for those trying to remain abstinent from alcohol and or drugs | Humankind, UK

Sex, Drugs and Risk: Understanding risk behaviours and harms for people involved in chemsex, transactional sex or IPED use - webinar

Friday 4 September 2020, 13:00-14:15. On Friday SDF will publish a research report on Understanding the Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Risk Behaviours of Defined ‘at risk’ Groups to Inform a Service Training Programme. The webinar will be an opportunity to discuss the research process and findings of the report whilst also hearing from staff across Scotland who work with these three populations | SDF, UK

Drug and alcohol workers take on Three Peaks Challenge

A team of fourteen from Forward Leeds, the city’s alcohol and drug service, aim to climb the three highest peaks in Yorkshire in one day | Forward Leeds, UK

Mushrooms, moonshine and psychedelics: Merlin Sheldrake on the wild life of fungi

[Limited number of free articles per month] The biologist’s new book is about the interconnectedness of nature. Should we see everything from Covid to Class A substances differently? | Telegraph, UK


International news

Treatment systems transcend individual services

Online course on alcohol treatment research moves out to the level of whole treatment systems, highlighting the simple US innovation which routed detoxification recyclers into longer term remission. See if your vision of a ‘good’ service corresponds with that of an expert group, and explore whether Britain is making progress on organising care at the substantial overlap between problem drinking and mental illness | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

26. Synthetic Opioids with Bryce Pardo - podcast

The US opioid crisis is a result of a fractured and fragmented healthcare service. Federal and state policy created a system whereby doctors were rewarded for prescribing highly addictive substances. This epidemic was compounded when the same federal and state government suddenly restrained these prescriptions, forcing people into the black market | Drug Science, UK

'So much sadness': more British Columbians dying from overdoses than Covid

Morgan Goodridge was one of 900 British Columbians to die of an overdose this year, more than four times the number killed by coronavirus | Guardian, UK

New Zealand split on legalising cannabis in 'reeferendum'

Latest poll shows the No campaign ahead slightly among registered voters | Guardian, UK

'Implement plans' to cut overdoses - Merchants Quay Ireland

The Government has been called on to fully implement the National Drugs Strategy by ensuring greater access to a life-saving ‘overdose antidote’ and funding more detox and rehabilitation beds | Irish Examiner, Ireland

Effectiveness of a Community-Based Intervention to Increase Supermarket Vendors’ Compliance with Age Restrictions for Alcohol Sales in Spain: A Pilot Study

In Spain the legal age to buy alcohol is 18 years. However, official surveys show that minors perceive alcohol availability to be easy. This paper describes the impacts of a community-based intervention to increase vendors’ compliance with age limits regarding alcohol sales in supermarkets. The aim of this study was to explore the association between implementation of a multicomponent intervention to reduce adolescents’ alcohol use and sale of alcohol to minors in the city of Palma (Spain) | MDPI, Spain

Research shows that the addictive effect of alcohol is altered in the presence of pain

A research team from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Valencia has shown that the presence of physical pain alters the effect of alcohol as a reinforcement to avoid suffering | Medical Xpress, Spain

New in the Hastings Center Report: Ethical challenges of the opioid crisis

Three open access articles discussing the opioid crisis in the USA and what might be done about it | EurekAlert, USA

Exclusive: Report finds TV tobacco imagery persists, and says young viewers turn to vaping

When young viewers see smoking on television, it can increase the likelihood they will try e-cigarettes, according to a first-of-its-kind study, part of a new report on tobacco and smoking imagery on TV | USA Today, USA

Tobacco industry could ask California voters to overturn ban on flavored tobacco sales

California voters could be asked to overturn a new law banning the sale of flavored tobacco after opponents notified the state Monday of plans to seek a referendum on the measure | LATimes, USA

1 in 20 older Americans smoke pot regularly, survey finds

Marijuana use is on the rise among older Americans, with one in 20 saying they had used within the previous month, according to a new study | Medical Xpress, USA

STASH, Vol. 16(9) - Does substance use change what you are like?

Huxley’s reflections on ingesting mescaline in 1953 has much in common with how many people talk about psychoactive drugs today, such as in the recent Netflix series The Midnight Gospel | BASIS, USA

“This Is Ohio”—Economic Pain and Harm Reduction in the Rust Belt

Jack Shuler watched the overdose crisis take a heavy toll on his hometown of Newark, Ohio. It was terrible and needed attention, the author and Denison University associate professor of English told Filter. But deaths alone—even so many—were not the whole story | Filter Magazine, USA

Canada’s Largest  Addiction and Mental Health Recovery Day Festival

September 5th, 2020 6 pm to 7:30 pm. Whether you are in recovery, an ally to someone who is in recovery, or you just think that sobriety is awesome.  – Tune in live | Recovery Day BC, Canada

Regional trends in drug use in Queensland: A pilot study

This bulletin reports on the results of a pilot study that involved face to face interviews with sentinel groups of people who regularly use drugs in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Townsville, to explore the utility of regional data collection on drug use, markets and harm for surveillance purposes | NDARC, Australia

Revision of the second edition of the National Comorbidity Guidelines

We would be delighted if members of the alcohol and other drugs sector (including alcohol and other drug workers, clinicians, healthcare workers, consumers and people with lived experience of mental health and substance use, family members, carers, and academic experts) would be interested in participating in the revision | Matilda Centre for Research in Mental Health and Substance Use, University of Sydney, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

Collective Voice responds to second part of independent review of drugs by Professor Dame Carol Black

The first part of Dame Carol Black’s review of drugs, published in February 2020, looked at the challenges posed by drug supply and demand, including the ways in which drugs fuel serious violence. On drug treatment, the first part of the review acknowledged the significant, long-term cuts to funding, and recommended a renewed focus on accountability in the system | Collective Voice blog, UK

Announcing Change Grow Live as Social Value Pioneers!

Social Value UK are proud to announce Change Grow Live as Social Value Pioneers! Change Grow Live is a national charity, they deliver services across England, Wales and Scotland | Social Value UK, UK

Childhood Criminal Exploitation And School Exclusions

Just for Kids Law on vulnerable children excluded from school for behaviour linked to criminal exploitation | Russell Webster, UK

If only I were given a chance to be free

My name is Merry Utami. I received the death sentence, because I was accused of smuggling drugs in the bag I brought, inside of which lay 1 kilogram of heroin I did not know of | Jakarta Post, Jakarta

In Memory of Glenn C.

On July 27, 2020 one of our fellowship’s finest historians, Glenn C. passed away in his sleep. Glenn was integral in the formation and success of the Symposium on A.A. History. He presented at three out of the six conferences and the Symposium will not be the same without his steadfast presence | Points blog, USA

Marijuana and pregnancy: There’s no evidence that exposure is safe

Approximately four per cent of North American women use cannabis during pregnancy. With more than 4.15 million births annually in Canada and the United States, this means that over 166,000 babies are exposed prenatally every year. Cannabis use in pregnancy rose by 62 per cent between 2002 and 2014 | Conversation, Canada