Daily news - 2nd November 2021

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UK news

DDN November 2021

Maybe the pandemic has taught us something about the loneliness and isolation that can go hand in hand with stigma – about reaching out, and about joining in when we’re not necessarily invited | DDN, UK

Government announces support for rough sleepers over winter

Rough sleepers will be helped into safe and warm accommodation and treatment services for drug and alcohol dependency this winter, supported by an extra £66 million the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities announced | Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities , Department of Health and Social Care, Eddie Hughes MP, and Gillian Keegan MP, UK

Approved Premises (Substance Testing) Bill

Approved premises are essentially hostels which provide temporary accommodation for people who have been released from prison but are considered to present the highest risk to the community. Unfortunately, the number of deaths among approved premises residents has increased over recent years, and many of those deaths are believed to be related to taking drugs. As a result, the independent prisons and probation ombudsman has made repeated recommendations about the urgent need for a comprehensive drugs strategy for the approved premises estate | They work for you, UK

Some alcohol brands ‘should do more’ to cut chance of children seeing ads

Some alcohol brands could and should do more to minimise the chance of children falsely registered as adults seeing their ads on social media, a regulator has warned | Wales Online, UK

Cannabis treatment: Parents fear for teen's life without drug

The life of a teenager who can have hundreds of epileptic seizures a day "hangs in the balance" without cannabis treatment, his parents say | BBC, UK

New game helps teens make better choices about drinking

Decide the Night, a new, immersive game designed to encourage young people in Leeds to make safer choices around alcohol, is now available to play online | Forward Leeds, UK

Alcohol Awareness Week 15th-21st November

Alcohol Awareness Week is a week of awareness-raising, campaigning for change, and more. This year's Alcohol Awareness Week takes place from 15-21 November 2021 on the theme of Alcohol and relationships | Alcohol Change UK, UK

#182 – David Nutt: Psychedelics & Recreational Drugs - podcast

“It turns out that the drugs that have been most vilified and which we've been taught are the most dangerous, turned out to be the least dangerous.” —David Nutt | Peter Attia, UK

Current List - November 2021

This is a quick summary of the main discovery for each research paper we have published in the November Journal of Addiction | SSA, UK

Lextox celebrates 10 years of delivering improved drug, alcohol and DNA testing services

Since the business was founded in 2011, it has achieved significant growth and today is recognised as one of the leading providers of specialist hair, drug and alcohol testing services in the UK, employing one of the largest teams of reporting scientists in its industry and working with more than 14,000 family law solicitors and local authorities across England and Wales | Lextox, UK

Guernsey deputy resigns in a row over cannabis laws

Guernsey deputy Marc Leadbeater has resigned from the island's Home Affairs committee in a row over cannabis laws. He wants the legislation reformed and says his role as a director of a cannabis company gives him a unique insight into the issues | ITV, UK

Alcohol and the Environment - Sustainability Series - Seminar 2

Wed, 3 November 2021, 14:00 – 15:30 GMT. The second seminar in our sustainability series will explore the impact the production, packaging and distribution of alcohol has on both the local and global environment | IAS, UK


International news

International Drug Users Day 2021: #PowerOfPeers

This year's theme is #PowerOfPeers, in recognition that in times of crisis it is always peers who step up for our communities in spite of the significant barriers we face everyday | INPUD, UK

Proposing a Harm Reduction Framework for Youth Drug Use in Nigeria: A Research Inspired Commentary

Drugs is a hotly debated subject that attracts the attention of policymakers, especially regarding the perceived effects drug use has on society. But, following scientific research and targeted campaigns, it is apparent that the ‘war on drugs’ rhetoric has lost its gloss... | GDPO, UK

Zimbabwean Government On a War Path with Drug Lords

The Zimbabwean government has approved a multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral approach to address the rampant misuse of illicit drugs in the southern African country. Local reporter Lawrence Paganga covers the operation's details | Talking Drugs, UK

Extraordinary effort in 2020 to respond to COVID-19 and problematic drug use

Ana Liffey Drug Project’s 2020 Annual Report highlights extraordinary effort to respond to COVID-19 and problematic drug use | Ana Lifey Drug Project, Ireland

HRB National Drugs Library e-newsletter volume 17, issue 10

This October issue of the newsletter includes links to Irish and international publications related to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs | HRB, Ireland

#IDUD21: International Drug Users’ Day 2021

Every year on 1st November, among many organisations, C-EHRN celebrates International Drug Users’ Day by showing solidarity within the harm reduction world, aiming to raise awareness about the importance of community-led harm reduction and peer involvement and advocate for the rights of people who use drugs | C- EHRN, The Netherlands

On International Drug Users’ Day, UNAIDS calls for action against the criminalization of people who use drugs and for community-led harm reduction programmes

On International Drug Users’ Day, UNAIDS is calling for urgent action against the criminalization of people who use drugs, for the redress of criminalization’s negative effects on HIV, viral hepatitis and other health issues, for the respect of human rights and for more funding for community-led harm reduction programmes | UNAIDS, Switzerland

Increased take-home methadone during pandemic did not worsen outcomes

Relaxing limits on take-home doses of methadone—a medication used to treat opioid addiction—does not appear to lead to worse treatment outcomes, according to a new study led by Washington State University researchers | EurekAlert, USA

CDC launches complementary education campaigns to save more lives from drug overdose

To save more lives from drug overdose, the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently launched four complementary education campaigns intended to reach young adults ages 18-;34 years | News Medical, USA

“Tobacco-free nicotine” claims may increase the likelihood of e-cigarette use among young people

Young adults who do not use tobacco products report higher intentions of using Puff Bar, a leading e-cigarette brand that has a "tobacco-free nicotine" claim, than products with the regular claim of containing nicotine, according to a Rutgers study | News Medical, USA

Sex-specific brain connectivity during early abstinence: Implications for anxiety, stress, and alcohol use disorder

A small region of the brain, called the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis, and its connections to neighboring brain regions are shown to play a key role in arousal, stress response, alcohol consumption, withdrawal, and anxiety-related behaviors during abstinence from alcohol | Recovery Research Institute, USA

Research indicates increasing rates of crash deaths involving both alcohol and cannabis

New research indicates that between 2000 and 2018, the percentage of car crash deaths in the United States involving cannabis have doubled, and the percentage of deaths involving both cannabis and alcohol, have more than doubled | News Medical, USA

A California court says drug companies aren't liable for the state's opioid crisis

A state judge in California ruled late Monday that four drug companies can't be held liable for that state's opioid epidemic. Communities had hoped for tens of billions of dollars in compensation to help ease the addiction crisis | npr, USA

NY Employers Can (Mostly) No Longer Fire You for Using Weed Off the Job

New Yorkers can no longer be fired for using marijuana while off the clock. Updated guidelines released by the state Department of Labor (DOL) in October stipulate that the detection of cannabis in a drug test is no longer sufficient grounds to penalize workers. Now, employers would need to demonstrate that marijuana was consumed during work hours, or that consumption affected  performance | Filter Magazine, USA

ISAM Global Expert Network (ISAM-GEN) Webinar

Thu, November 11, 2021, 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM GMT. This webinar aims to discuss the 2020 ISAM global survey project, review the literature on expert surveys and exemplar expert elicitation projects, identify areas for improvement, and outline the potential future directions of the ISAM Global Survey Network | ISAM, USA

Only 484 marijuana pardons have been granted since program started in 2019

It's been more than two years since the federal government launched a program to offer Canadians with criminal records for simple marijuana possession a fast, free pardon — but only 484 people have been granted one so far | Yahoo, Canada

Alcoholic beverages need labels with calorie counts, Manitoba group says

Community Health and Housing Association hopes to see information added to alcoholic beverage containers | CBC news, Canada

Canada shows how to legalise cannabis – and then reap the rewards

Despite the worst drug death rates on record and the prospect of a new drugs strategy, the UK’s drugs debate remains totally moribund | CAPX, Canada

Out-of-pocket costs for people receiving Opioid Agonist Treatment (OAT) equates to one-eight of their income new study shows

Researchers at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC), UNSW Sydney surveyed 402 people receiving OAT (including methadone and buprenorphine) in New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania and found that the vast majority paid some out-of- pocket costs | NDARC, Australia

Major harm from barbiturates is now suicide

Barbiturates are no longer routinely prescribed in Australia but despite this, since 2000 the population rate of intentional self-harm due to them has increased, to the point that the major harm associated with these drugs is now suicide... | MJA, Australia

TGA warns consumers of counterfeit nicotine vaping products

Fake products, known as counterfeits, imitate genuine products but may contain undeclared and hazardous active ingredients. If a product contains nicotine but is not declared to contain nicotine on the product or packaging it is a counterfeit product | TGA, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

‘All change, but to what effect?’ Reflections on the Autumn 2021 Budget

The Autumn 2021 Budget hailed big changes in the world of alcohol policy, with the announcement of a revamp to the alcohol duty system. The Alcohol Health Alliance has long campaigned for the strongest products to pay the highest taxes and welcomed the principles outlined in the review that would help protect public health | AHA UK blog, UK

“I drank because I was socially awkward, then I got sober and discovered I’m autistic”

Autism can have an enormous impact on alcohol use and recovery. In this blog, Chelsey Flood discusses her experiences of drinking and of 12 step support. She writes about the importance of providing recovery support that allows people with neurological differences to be comfortable and authentic to themselves | SSA blog, UK

Exercise can reduce students’ desire to drink alcohol – new research

Alcohol intoxication, particularly in western cultures, is increasingly regarded as a socially acceptable behaviour, and excessive levels of alcohol consumption has been identified as a significant problem among university students. One study found that 45-69% of UK students engage in weekly binge drinking sessions | Conversation, UK

Reframing Ontario’s overdose crisis: Addressing inhalation and stimulant use

The overdose crisis in Ontario is often stereotyped as an “opioid injection” crisis. However, data show that significant numbers of overdoses are also being driven by stimulant drug use and inhalation drug use | CATIE blog, Canada