Daily news - 12th November 2021

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UK news

Alcohol Awareness Week 15th -21st November

Alcohol Awareness Week is a week of awareness-raising, campaigning for change, and more. This year's Alcohol Awareness Week takes place from 15-21 November 2021 on the theme of Alcohol and relationships | Alcohol Change UK, UK

SNP ministers 'actively exploring' new drug consumption room plans

SNP ministers are "actively exploring" new proposals for drug consumption rooms after Scotland's top law officer appeared to open the door to their introduction | Herald, UK

Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use (SDD) Among Young People in England Survey - Please participate

Welcome to the Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use Among Young People in England (SDD) 2021 information page. The survey has been running since 1982 and is the Government’s main source of information on alcohol, drug and tobacco use among young people in England | NHS Digital et al, UK

On War and Drugs

Like the thick smoky aftertaste that lingers after bonfire night merrymaking, memory hangs heavy in the air during the early weeks of November in the UK. As the oppressive darkness of the ironically named daylight-savings time settles in, we cast our collective memory back to the foiled attempt at Gunpowder Treason in 1605 | Volteface, UK

Oral Tobacco

To ask Her Majesty's Government what are the medical reasons for the ban of the smoking substitute snus | They work for you, UK

Maternal Drinking - podcast

Suzi is joined by Abi Rose and Leila Goodman to talk about alcohol use in mums, the evidence and our own experiences. Why it might be appealing, what the risks are, why it's hard to do research in this area | Suzi Gage, UK

Professor Jim McManus elected ADPH President

Professor Jim McManus has been elected President of the Association of Directors of Public Health. Jim has served as Interim President since 1st October, following the appointment of previous President Dr Jeanelle de Gruchy to the role of Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England | ADPH, UK

Jersey Alcoholics Anonymous still in high demand as it marks 70 years

Alcoholics Anonymous in Jersey is celebrating its 70th anniversary | ITV, UK

Fok Hing Gin

The name of the product FOK HING Gin is clearly intended to shock and be pronounced as an offensive term- marketing comments I’ve seen online include | Portman Group, UK

Alcohol Health Alliance Marketing Report Launch

Tue, 30 November 2021, 10:00 – 11:00 GMT. Join us for the launch of the Alcohol Health Alliance's marketing report - examining the evidence of how alcohol advertising affects us all | AHA, UK

What I've Learned After Decades Drinking with London's Criminals

An interview with Professor Dick Hobbs, who has spent more time with villains than most crown court judges | VICE, UK

Cocaine worth £4m seized in joint operation at Avonmouth Docks

Cocaine with an estimated value of around £4 million has been seized at Avonmouth docks, following a joint operation involving the National Crime Agency, Border Force and Avon & Somerset Police | NCA, UK

Operation Venetic: Two charged in specialist organised crime team drugs investigation

Two men have been charged as part of a drugs investigation by the Merseyside Organised Crime Partnership | NCA, UK


International news

5th KAC Tobacco Harm Reduction Scholarship Programme

We have developed a scholarship package to ground scholars in the theory and practice of tobacco harm reduction (THR). Note: applications close 30 November 2021 | KAC, UK

‘It’s our lifeline’: the Taliban are back but Afghans say opium is here to stay

Despite talk of a Taliban ban, in Helmand’s poppy fields farmers and traders say they are not the only ones who depend on the drug to survive | Guardian, UK

Caught in the Crossfire: Health and human rights impacts of COVID-19 measures on people who use drugs in Indonesia and the Philippines

COVID-19, as well as government responses to the pandemic, are having unprecedented impacts on peoples’ lives, and are exacerbating vulnerabilities and inequalities. Since the early stages of the pandemic, many governments have resorted to securitised strategies centred around control and punishment, often leading to policies skewed towards repression and control, rather than health, transparency, and socio-economic support | HRI, UK

A Dumb Scare Story Could Lead to the Creation of Europe’s Largest Legal Weed Market

Negotiations to legalise weed in Germany have been spurred on by unfounded fears that the country’s illegal cannabis is being laced with heroin | VICE, UK

Astroworld security guard not injected with drugs, police say

Houston police have walked back from a claim that an Astroworld Festival security guard was pricked in the neck at the event, potentially with drugs | BBC, UK

Accused drug kingpin Mostafa Baluch behind bars in Sydney after extradition from Gold Coast

Baluch, 46, evaded police for more than two weeks before he was found hiding in a Mercedes in a shipping container | Guardian, UK

Bloomberg, the World Health Organisation & the Vaping Misinfodemic (PDF)

Today, innovative safer nicotine products (including vapes, ultra-low harm snus, and heat-not-burn alternatives to deadly cigarettes) are disrupting the traditional tobacco market like no other sector in its industry. More than 98 million adults now use these products worldwide | INNCO, USA

Screening for alcohol use disorder in primary care medical settings: There’s an avatar for that

This study assessed a new computer-driven, avatar-based intervention designed to screen for alcohol use disorder in primary care medical settings and make referrals to treatment | Recovery Research Institute, USA

Improving outcomes among patients on medications for opioid use disorder is challenging, but incentivizing patients may be a path forward

Innovative strategies are needed to improve outcomes among patients on medications for opioid use disorder. In this study, researchers test a novel clinical intervention that incentivizes patients to adhere to treatment and remain abstinent from opioids | Recovery Research Institute, USA

New Opioid Use and Risk of Emergency Department Visits Related to Motor Vehicle Collisions in Ontario, Canada

In this cohort study of 1 454 824 individuals with new analgesic exposure, there was no significant difference in the hazard of an ED visit after a motor vehicle collision between opioid and NSAID recipients; however, the rate of collisions was higher among drivers receiving new analgesic therapy than in the general population | JAMA Network, USA

Moncton woman can't continue addiction treatment unless she agrees to 'invasive' birth control method

Rebecca Billard feels her doctor’s decision is a matter of life and death for her | CBC News, Canada

Doctor takes bid to treat patient with MDMA to court, in first case of its kind in Australia

A Melbourne doctor who is fighting for permission to treat a severely unwell patient with the drug MDMA has taken his battle to court, in what is believed to be the first case of its kind in Australia | abc.net.au, Australia

Research shines a light on patients’ experiences of a new treatment for opioid dependence

A recent study led by Turning Point at Monash University and The University of Sydney, has found that a new treatment for opioid dependence, long-acting injectable buprenorphine, may have a range of benefits for patients and be particularly relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic | Monash University, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

It’s time to talk about parliament’s drinking problem

Making alcohol freely available through a short walk down the corridor attracts cold comfort from a public that expects its MPs to uphold standards in public life | Independent voices, UK

Champagne and the Performance of Femininity in Victorian Britain

In nineteenth century Britain, champagne was gendered feminine. Poems were written to “My Lady Champagne” that described it as “wayward, soft, luscious and tender”. Women went to fancy dress balls dressed as champagne bottles (the nearest male equivalent was to go as a bottle of Bass beer) | Points blog, USA