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Taking Action on Addiction is a campaign which aims to reframe existing perceptions of addiction and build awareness of the causes and nature of addiction that improves understanding, reduces prejudice and enables more people to ask for and receive help.  It's a major campaign that will be launched during Addiction Awareness Week running October 18-24, 2021 | Action on Addiction, UK

Factors affecting primary care practitioners’ alcohol-related discussions with older adults: a qualitative study

[Open access] There are clear opportunities to support older people in primary care to make healthier decisions about alcohol. Dedicated time to address alcohol, training in identification of alcohol-related risks...and tailored interventions for older people, feasible to implement in practice settings, would help primary care practitioners to address older people’s alcohol use | BJGP, UK

Beyond the Green wants hemp on the agenda at COP26

Beyond the Green state that hemp should be high on the climate agenda, thanks to its potential to decarbonise multiple industries and combat climate change through carbon sequestration | Leafie, UK

Leicester woman who turned to alcohol after sex abuse felt silenced

She said: "In the Asian community, we have the need to present ourselves as this picture perfect image." | BBC, UK

World Mental Health Day at Wellfest

Following on from the suicide prevention day event last month, Red Rose Recovery were invited to attend an event for World Mental Health Day 9th October 2021 called Wellfest, held the day before World Mental Health Day at Preston Flag Market | Red Rose Recovery, UK

Roots celebrates with Luton Mayor

Luton service SIG Penrose Roots to Recovery (Roots) hosted the Mayor of Luton, Councillor Mahmood Hussain, at a special celebration at the community garden | DDN, UK

ScHARR 2021 Pemberton Lecture: Greg Fell

Mon, 29 November 2021, 16:00 – 17:30 GMT. We are delighted to announce that Greg Fell, Director of Public Health for Sheffield, will be delivering the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) 2021 Pemberton Lecture at 4pm on Monday 29th November 2021 | ScHAAR, UK

The Use of Technology in Detecting and Responding to Overdose

Thu, 11 November 2021, 13:00 – 14:30 GMT. We would like to understand the views of service providers about drug users to understand their digital technology needs and how digital technology can improve safety for these people | Stirling University, UK

Cumbria Police sorry for black drug dealer image in appeal leaflet

A police force has apologised after using an image of a black person dealing drugs in an anti-drugs leaflet | BBC, UK

E-Scooter Trials – Intoxicated Riders

Can you confirm whether all three e-scooter companies taking part in the London e-scooter trials have safeguards and software to deter or prevent intoxicated individuals from renting e-scooters? | They work for you, UK

Women Who Dressed as Couriers With Pink Backpacks to Deliver Drugs Over Lockdown Jailed

Four women and their male boss jailed for 37 years after selling party drugs, including their own heart-shaped ecstasy, while disguised as delivery riders during London lockdowns | VICE, UK

NI prisons: Sniffer dogs tackle drug smuggling

Dogs are on a front line fight against drugs and other contraband being smuggled into Northern Ireland prisons, with almost 600 finds in recent years | BBC, UK


International news

Ecstasy, LSD and magic mushrooms: are these drugs the future of therapy? - podcast

Scientists treating depression and a range of other mental illnesses have been running controlled trials using MDMA and psychedelic drugs such as LSD, and the results have been encouraging | Guardian, UK

British drug smuggling gran dies alone in Portuguese jail following cancer 'torture'

A British woman who smuggled £1million of cocaine on a cruise ship has died in a Portuguese jail following breast cancer "torture" | Sunday Express, UK

Drug Policy, Law Enforcement, and The Monetisation of State Violence in Brazil

As copaganda thrives under prohibition, the different ways that the state apparatus of violence exercises its power and profits from it continues to multiply | Talking Drugs, UK

Australian police make record $104m heroin seizure

Australian police have announced the seizure of the largest heroin shipment ever recorded in the country, worth around A$140 million (£76m; $104m) | BBC, UK

Dormice favoured by Italian mafia seized in drugs raid

Police carrying out a drugs raid on a cannabis farm in southern Italy have seized a stash of 235 frozen dormice - said to be a mafia delicacy | BBC, UK

Pablo Escobar: Colombia sterilises drug lord's hippos

Escobar, who was shot dead by police in 1993, illegally imported exotic animals, including a male and a female hippo - dubbed the "cocaine hippos" | BBC, UK

Report on CBD

This report aims to present a recapitulation and update of the current scientific knowledge about cannabidiol, or CBD. CBD has become popular in recent years as a quasi-miraculous product that can treat almost any medical condition, including diseases related to the central nervous system, i.e. neurological and psychiatric | Fundacion Canna, Spain

Trends in and Characteristics of Buprenorphine Misuse Among Adults in the US

 In this survey study of 214 505 respondents to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health Data, nearly three-fourths of adults reporting buprenorphine use did not misuse their prescribed buprenorphine in 2019. Among adults with OUD, prevalence of buprenorphine misuse trended downward during the period from 2015 to 2019, and “because I am hooked” and “to relieve physical pain” were the most common motivations for the most recent buprenorphine misuse | JAMA Network Open, USA

Woman found guilty of First-Degree Manslaughter

The doctor confirmed the fetus was at the gestational age of about 17 weeks and that methamphetamine use can have an effect on the pregnancy, though he said it may not be the direct cause of death for the fetus | KSWO, USA

Voices of Hope: Substance Use Peer Support in a System of Care

Prior research has found that peer support workers provide essential services to individuals in recovery, while the experience of the peer and their integration into a system of care has yet to be fully explored. This qualitative study explored the peer worker’s experience as a provider of recovery support services in a system of care | Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment, USA

Supreme Court Setback in Safehouse Fight for SCS: Will Biden Break His Silence?

On October 12, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) chose not to hear a lawsuit over Philadelphia nonprofit Safehouse. The embattled harm reduction group, which for the past several years has been on the frontlines of the fight to open legal safe consumption sites (SCS) in the US, vowed to keep pursuing the case in federal court | Filter Magazine, USA

Denver City Panel Pushes To Expand Psilocybin Decriminalization With Gifting And Communal Use

Denver activists, police officials and other experts have agreed upon a set of recommendations to expand the city’s historic vote to decriminalize psilocybin in 2019—including by deprioritizing criminal enforcement against additional activities like gifting and communal use of the fungi | Marijuana Moment, USA

Fentanyl Batches I Have Known in Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canada often seems to get left out of discussions of our country’s ongoing drug-poisoning crisis. Yet recorded overdose deaths in Nova Scotia alone increased to almost 100 last year. Society continues to brush them off, while people who use opioids and other drugs are denied effective treatment and left to try unregulated “down,” AKA fentanyl | Filter Magazine, Canada

MDMA adulterated with PMMA

PMMA has been detected in MDMA (ecstasy) in Melbourne, presenting as broken up (crushed) yellow crystals | Victoria State Government, Australia

Online liquor gets audited: a review of regulatory controls and supply practices of online liquor retailers in NSW, Australia

A rapid expansion in online liquor delivery services is making it easier for minors to obtain alcohol, due to regulatory holes and non-compliance with legal requirements, say the authors of a study published today | Public Health Research and Practice, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

Wrongs on the road to giving Scots addicts a right to treatment

Every Scottish citizen with a health problem has a right to treatment, free of charge, at point of need, but the situation for people with drug problems is a little different | Daily Record, UK

My dad, who was often drunk and angry, has messaged me after 20 years. Should I reply?

The first thing to think about is what you hope to achieve by replying to him, and whether this is achievable | Guardian, UK

An Open Letter to SAMHSA and the SSA’s On Inclusion – Our History and A Cautionary Tale

The redoubled focus on recovery within our federal administration is heartening. This is an area in which history is instructive | Recovery Review blog, USA

Premier Perrottet, this could be your first act of political courage

I wonder how many citizens of NSW realise that, for more than a decade now, we have had no formal drug and alcohol policy whatsoever. This issue has become extremely urgent | SMH opinion, Australia