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Reports: December

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National Alcohol Strategy 2019–2028

A framework to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm. It highlights possible actions at the local, state or territory and national levels | Australian Government, Department of Health, Australia

Forward Trust Impact report (PDF)

The report presents our latest data on the characteristics of our clients, showing the nature and extent of disadvantage and deprivation that they have faced and continue to face. So many of the people we work with have complex and entrenched histories of addiction and crime - on average, a typical service user will have received 22 previous convictions and 7 previous custodial sentences | Forward Trust, UK

Global State of Harm Reduction 2019

The 2019 update to Harm Reduction International’s flagship publication, the Global State of Harm Reduction, includes updates to some of the key data in the report, including the opening of new drug consumption rooms, availability of needle and syringe programs, and references to harm reduction in national policy documents, among many other things | HRI, UK

Terrorism and drugs in Europe

Despite much speculation and conjecture over potential crossovers between terrorists and the drug trade in Europe, no study has examined the issue. This paper fills this gap by empirically examining such crossovers in the European Union between 2012 and 2017 | EMCDDA, Portugal

Alcohol-specific deaths in UK: registered in 2018

There were 7,551 deaths registered in the UK in 2018 that related to alcohol-specific causes, lower than the previous year’s 7,697 deaths but still the second highest since the time series began in 2001 | ONS, UK

Local Alcohol Profiles for England: December 2019 data update

Update of Indicators in the Local Alcohol Profiles for England (LAPE) interactive tool | PHE, UK

Health Survey for England 2018 [NS]

Includes sections on smoking, alcohol consumption and gambling | NHS Digital, UK

Health Survey for England 2018: Supplementary analysis on gambling

Contains tabulated outputs of additional analyses on gambling from the Health Survey for England 2018. The work was commissioned by Public Health England | NHS Digital, UK

Patterns of alcohol and other drug treatment service use in Australia, 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2018

Clients accessing alcohol and other drug treatment services across Australia commonly have multiple episodes of treatment spanning several years. This report categorises 3 client groups based on their patterns of service use between 1 July 2014 and 30 June 2018. While there were subtle differences in principal drug of concern and some aspects of service use between the 3 groups, overall there were many similarities. This highlights the complexities of characterising alcohol and other drug service users | AIHW, Australia

Seizures of drugs in England and Wales, financial year ending 2019

Contains figures for seizures of drugs made by local police forces and the UK Border Force. | Home Office, UK

Alcohol Obstacle to Development: How Alcohol Affects the Sustainable Development Goals (PDF)

The 2030 Agenda contains 17 Sustainable Development Goals with 169 targets. This comprehensive agenda is a plan of action for humanity to tackle the world’s biggest problems – coherently and systematically. The 17 SDGs cover all three aspects of sustainable human development: the social, environmental and economic dimension | IOGT, Sweden

6.2 Million middle and high school students used tobacco products in 2019

About 6.2 million U.S. middle and high school students were current (past 30-day) users of some type of tobacco product in 2019, according to new National Youth Tobacco Survey (NYTS) data released in today’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. The survey found that about 1 in 3 high school students (4.7 million) and about 1 in 8 middle school students (1.5 million) are current tobacco users | CDC, USA

Flualprazolam: Potent Benzodiazepine Identified Among Death and Impaired Driving Cases in the U.S (PDF)

The objective of this public announcement is to notify public health and public safety officials, law enforcement, clinicians, medical examiners and coroners, laboratory personnel, and all other related communities about information surrounding the emergent benzodiazepine flualprazolam — a novel psychoactive substance (NPS) | CFSRE and NPS Discovery, USA

Needle Syringe Program National Minimum Data Collection Report 2019

Australia's network of 4,182 NSP services was comprised of 98 primary, 908 secondary and 2,836 pharmacy NSPs in 2018/19. These face to face services were supplemented by 340 syringe dispensing machines. In 2019, n=66 NSPs in five jurisdictions provided programs to facilitate access to take-home naloxone | The Kirby Institute, Australia

Hepatitis C virus infection in Irish drug users and prisoners – a scoping review

Hepatitis C infection is a major public health concern globally. In Ireland, like other European countries, people who use drugs (PWUD) and prisoners carry a larger HCV disease burden than the general population | BMC Infectious Diseases, Ireland

Help not handcuffs: evidence-based approaches to reducing harm from drug use (PDF)

Final Report of the Select Committee into Alternate Approaches to Reducing Illicit Drug Use and its Effects on the Community | Legislative Council of Western Australia, Australia

ACT Pill Testing Trial 2019: Program evaluation (PDF)

In summary, our evaluation found that the ACT Pill Testing Trial was implemented as planned, that the service was well received by patrons and stakeholders, and that the service impacted positively on patron knowledge, attitudes and behaviours | Medical School, Australian National University and The Australian National University, Australia

Trends in drug-induced deaths in Australia, 1997-2018

Each year, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) makes available to Drug Trends in-depth data on drug-induced deaths in Australia. This year, we have produced a suite of products to summarise trends in drug-induced deaths in Australia from 1997 to 2018 | NDARC, Australia

National Drug-Related Deaths Index 2008 to 2017 data

This update presents figures from the National Drug-Related Deaths Index (NDRDI) on deaths due to poisoning (overdose) by alcohol and/or other drugs, and deaths among people who use drugs which are not due to poisoning (non-poisonings) for the period 2008-2017 | HRB, Ireland

ReLeaf Malta: A Maltese Legalised and Regulated Cannabis Market
2020: Proposals for Cannabis legalisation and regulation in Malta (PDF)

Back in 2017, the Government of Malta recognised the need to revise existing cannabis policy in Malta and declared that the legalisation and regulation of cannabis, framed within harm reduction policy and principles, is required to promote the health and well-being of cannabis consumers
whilst better protect youths and the most vulnerable | reLeaf, USA

Building community resilience. Responding to criminal and anti-social behaviour networks across Dublin South Central: a research study

To investigate and identify the nature and reach of the key criminal/ASB Networks within Dublin South Central | 4Fora, Ireland

New South Wales Drug Trends 2019: Key Findings from the Illicit Drug Reporting system (IDRS) Interviews

The Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS) is an ongoing illicit drug monitoring system which has been conducted in all states and territories of Australia since 2000, and forms part of Drug Trends. This report is based on interviews with a sentinel sample of people who regularly inject drugs recruited from all capital cities of Australia | NDARC, Australia

Trends in drug-related hospitalisations in Australia, 1999-2018

Each year, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) makes available to Drug Trends in-depth data on drug-related hospitalisations in Australia from the National Hospital Morbidity Database (NHMD). This year, we have produced a suite of products to summarise trends in drug-related hospitalisations in Australia from 1999 to 2018 | NDARC, Australia