Reports February 2010


HM Chief Inspector of Prisons for England and Wales Annual Report 2008–09

During the reporting year (September 2008 to August 2009) we inspected a total of 93 custodial establishments [HM Inspectorate of Prisons, UK]

Garda Recorded Crime Statistics 2004-2008

Chapter 10 Controlled Drug Offences [Central Statistics Office, Ireland]

A guide to substance misuse for medical professionals: part 1

[HSE, Ireland]

A guide to substance misuse for medical professionals: part 2

[HSE, Ireland]

Comparing coercive and non-coercive interventions

The incidence of imprisonment for under-18s in England and Wales is one of the highest in the world. James McGuire examines the evidence that shows resorting to incarceration and strict control has little or no benefit in reducing reconviction Full Report [Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, King's College London, UK]

Behind Bars II: Substance Abuse and America's Prison Population

65 Percent of all U.S. Inmates Meet Medical Criteria for Substance Abuse Addiction, only 11 Percent Receive any Treatment - Full Report [CASA, USA]

Understanding illicit drug markets, supply-reduction efforts, and drug-related crime in the European Union

In this study we reviewed literature and RAND’s previous work in this area, and we gathered insights from European experts and policymakers. Full report - Summary [RAND, USA]

INCB Annual Report 2009


Parliamentary Handbook on HIV and AIDS

Drug abuse is a predisposing factor in HIV transmission because it impairs judgment, often leading to risky sexual behavior. Injecting drug use involving the use of needles and syringes carries even greater risks [Cambodian Parliament]

Next generation of drug and alcohol users need more tailored support

The drug and alcohol treatment system needs to be more flexible if it is to effectively meet the needs of older teenagers and young adults developing substance misuse problems, according to a new DrugScope report. Executive Summary - Full Report [DrugScope, UK]

Narcotic Drugs Technical Report

Report for 2009 [International Narcotics Control Board]

Psychotropic Substances Technical Report

Report for 2009 [International Narcotics Control Board]

Chronic liver disease

A new resource presenting trends in chronic liver disease mortality and hospital discharges has been added to the ScotPHO website [ISD Scotland, UK]

Alcohol-related Hospital Statistics

This biennial publication presents the latest available information on alcohol-related discharges from general acute and psychiatric hospitals [ISD Scotland, UK]

Commission on narcotic drugs

Documents for the Fifty-third session. Vienna, Austria, 8 - 12 March 2010 [UNODC]

Draft global strategy to reduce the harmfui use of alcohol

Revised version based on the outcomes of WHO Executive Board 126th Session, Geneva, 18–23 January 2010 [WHO]

An evaluation of the provision of mental health services for looked after young people over the age of 16 accommodated in residential setting

This report draws on visits to 27 children’s homes in eight local authorities. It identifies how the mental health needs of young people in care aged 16 and over are met [Ofsted, UK]

Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research: Report to the California Legislature

As a result of the vision and foresight of the California State Legislature Medical Marijuana Research Act (SB847), the CMCR has successfully conducted the first clinical trials of smoked cannabis in the United States in more than 20 years [ Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research, USA]

Cross-government drugs research strategy

This strategy provides a foundation, direction and guidance for collaboration within government and between government and other stakeholders [Home Office, UK]

General practitioners’ knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding the prevention and management of alcohol-related problems

A survey of general practitioners’ knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding the prevention and management of alcohol-related problems: an update of a World Health Organisation survey ten years on [Alcohol Education and Research Council, UK]

Drug use monitoring in Australia

2008 annual report on drug use among police detainees. 3.21 MB PDF [Australian Institute of Criminology]

Children, Young People and Alcohol

The Youth Alcohol Action Plan (June 08) committed to delivering a social marketing campaign targeting parents and young people to discourage harmful drinking amongst under-18s. This piece of quantitative research was undertaken to inform this work [Department for Culture, Media and Sport, UK]

Scottish Crime and Justice Survey 2008/09

Technical Report [Scottish Government, UK]

Drug Use in New Zealand

Key results of the 2007/08 New Zealand Alcohol and Drug Use Survey. 233-page PDF [Ministry of Health, New Zealand]

Crime and the Criminal Justice System: Substance Misuse

An Ideas Wales Policy Discussion Paper by Julian Buchanan, Jonathan Evans, Gordon Hughes and Kate Williams [Ideas Wales, UK]

Dangers of drug and alcohol use during pregnancy: medics ask for more training

A new study has found that doctors and nurses believe they need more training and resources to help them talk to pregnant women about the dangers of alcohol and drug use. Summary - Full Report [Alcohol Healthwatch, New Zealand]

Strategic Review of Health Inequalities in England Post 2010 (Marmot Review)

The aim of the Review was to propose an evidence based strategy for reducing health inequalities from 2010. The strategy includes policies and interventions that address the social determinants of health inequalities [UCL, UK]

Review of Misuse of Drugs Act 1975

'Controlling and regulating drugs' (NZLC IP16, Wellington 2010) is an Issues Paper which traces the history of drug policy and regulation in New Zealand, and reviews the current approach to drug control and regulation [Law Commission, New Zealand]

Winter Rapid Assessment

UNODC report is based on farmers' intentions at the time of planting. While most of the poppies are still under the ground, this assessment of the situation gives a first indication of what Afghanistan's opium poppy harvest will look like in 2010 [UNOCD]

Alcohol Insight number 69

A survey of general practitioners’ knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding the prevention and management of alcohol-related problems: an update of a World Health Organisation survey ten years on - Final Report [AERC]

Criminal Justice Social Work Statistics, 2008-09

Compared to other orders there are few Drug Treatment and Testing Orders ( DTTOs), but their numbers have increased substantially between 2007-08 and 2008-09 [Scottish Government, UK]

The European Alcohol and Health Forum

First Monitoring Progress Report - Summary [RAND]

The Use of Mephedrone (M-cat, Meow) in Middlesbrough

December 2009 by Dr. Russell Newcombe [Lifeline, UK]

Alcohol Levels in Killed Drivers and Pedestrians on Irish roads 2003-2005: A National Study

This study provides evidence of the role alcohol plays in fatal road crashes nationwide from 2003 to 2005 prior to the introduction of random breath testing (RBT) which came into force in July 2006 [Irish Medical Journal]

Management of cannabis use disorder and related issues

A clinician’s guide [National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre, Australia]

The NSDUH Report - Substance Use Treatment Need among Uninsured Workers

An estimated 3.0 million uninsured full-time workers (16.3 percent) needed substance use treatment in the past year; specifically, 13.3 percent needed alcohol use treatment, 5.6 percent needed illicit drug use treatment, and 2.7 percent needed both alcohol and illicit drug use treatment [SAMHSA, USA]

National Drug Control Budget

FY 2011 Funding Highlights [White House, USA]

FY 2011 Drug Control Program Highlights

The President’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2011 National Drug Control Budget requests $15.5 billion to reduce drug use and its consequences in the United States [White House, USA]

New alcohol and other drug guidelines

New guidelines on the management of co-occurring alcohol and other drug and mental health conditions in alcohol and other drug treatment settings [NDARC, Australia]

Federal drug control funding 2009 - 2011

On page 143 of this report [White House, USA]

Under the Skin: A People’s Case for Prison Needle and Syringe Programs

What do people in prison have to say about the Canadian government’s unwillingness to permit the distribution of clean needles in prison? How has this policy, that denies the realities of injection drug use in prison, affected individuals who are struggling with drug addiction? And what does this mean for the community as a whole? PDF [Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network]

Alcohol etc. (Scotland) Bill

An Act of the Scottish Parliament to make provision regulating the sale of alcohol and licensing of premises on which alcohol is sold [Scottish Parliament, UK]

Cannabis supply and young people

How do young people obtain cannabis? A snapshot view from a large city and rural villages. Summary - Full report [Joseph Rowntree Foundation, UK]

A smokefree future

A comprehensive tobacco control strategy for England. Equality impact assessment [DoH, UK]

Smoking and harm reduction

Report on NICE Citizens Council meeting PDF [NICE, UK]

Competencies for Canada’s Substance Abuse Workforce

Under the leadership of the National Advisory Group on Workforce Development (NAGWD)—a working group composed of subject matter experts/senior managers from across Canada—undertook a Competencies Project to detail the technical and behavioural competencies needed by the substance abuse workforce to perform effectively to ensure quality client care [CCSA, Canada]