Reports August 2017


Deaths related to drug poisoning in England and Wales: 2016 registrations

Latest update on deaths related to drug poisoning in England and Wales by cause of death, sex, age and substances involved in the death. A backseries of data from 1993 is also included in this publication | ONS, UK

Alcohol-related Deaths

In 2016, there were 1,265 alcohol-related deaths, on the basis of the current definition (details available via Alcohol Related Deaths - the Coverage of the Statistics section); an increase of 115 (10%) compared with 2015. This is the highest annual total since 2010, and the third largest annual increase in numbers | NRB Scotland, UK

Reported drinking and driving (RAS51)

The Department for Transport has released the final estimates for road casualties in GB for accidents involving illegal alcohol levels for 2015 | Department for Transport, UK

Hepatitis B: vaccine recommendations during supply constraints

Vaccine recommendations for adults and children during periods of vaccine supply constraints | PHE, UK

Smoking and tobacco: applying All Our Health

Evidence and guidance to inform healthcare professionals and maximise their contribution to reducing harm from smoking and tobacco | PHE, UK

Preventing drug related deaths

Drug-related deaths are rising and are a major concern to councils and our health partners. Deaths have increased sharply over the past five years and are now at their highest levels since records began | LGA, UK

Hepatitis C screening. National clinical guideline no. 15. Summary

This Summary National Clinical Guideline is relevant to all healthcare professionals, healthcare managers and policy makers working with those at increased risk of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. The guideline will also be of value to both statutory and voluntary bodies providing services to those groups at increased risk of HCV infection. It may also be used by those with HCV or in a risk group for HCV and by members of the public | DoH, Ireland

Drug-related Deaths in Scotland in 2016

Statistics of drug-related deaths in 2016 and earlier years, broken down by age, sex, selected drugs reported, underlying cause of death and NHS Board and Council areas | HRB, UK

Statistics on NHS Stop Smoking Services in England - Apr 2016 to Mar 2017

Results from the monitoring of the NHS Stop Smoking Services (NHS SSS) in England | NHS Digital, UK

RIGHT TO KNOW: Are alcohol labels giving consumers the information they need? (PDF)

Our research shows it is time that we move away from industry self-regulation of alcohol product labelling. Instead, we need mandatory labelling of all products to ensure they convey the information the public are entitled to | Alcohol Health Alliance, UK

A millenial mnifesto: Twelve ideas to help government win over young voters (PDF)

including The policy of prohibition, penalties and punishment has clearly not succeeded in eradicating their use. What it has done is to put many young people into conflict with the law. They regard the police as enemies who try to apprehend and punish them for what they regard as innocent pleasures | Adam Smith Institute, UK

What drives home drinking? YouGov report for pubs to win back drinkers

A new YouGov report explores the current push and pull factors behind home drinking, offering the on-trade insights to attract drinkers back into pubs and bars. The report, 'Getting In-Home Drinkers To Go Out', is only available for a significant cost, but several trade publications have reported on key findings | Alcohol Policy UK, UK

Getting In-Home Drinkers To Go Out

[Free access for a limited time but registration required] Over six in 10 enjoy going to the pub for a drink, but with many pubs closing down and price increases affecting those remaining, operators face a market where consumers are put off and many would rather drink at home | YouGov, UK



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