Reports: October

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Making conversations count: The health and economic benefits of improving smoking cessation support in UK General Practice (PDF)

How can primary care professionals help with smoking prevention | Cancer Research UK, UK

People who inject drugs: HIV and viral hepatitis monitoring

Data tables and commentary for the unlinked anonymous monitoring surveys of infections and risk among people who inject drugs (PWID). Updated with 2010 to 2019 data and Health Protection Report | PHE, UK

Youth smoking and vaping in Wales: Findings from the School Health Research Network 2019 Student Health and Wellbeing survey (PDF)

This report presents data on smoking and vaping obtained from 119,388 11-16 year olds from 198 secondary schools in Wales between September and December 2019. Prevalence estimates were explored by gender, school year, family affluence, and across local Welsh Health Boards. In 2019, 11% of 11-16 year olds reported ever having smoked a cigarette, while the proportion of adolescents smoking at least weekly remained at 4% | SHRN, UK

Stoptober campaign evaluation

Updated with 2019 campaign evaluation | PHE, UK

Drug-related homicide in Europe: data protocol

This report is part of the EMCDDA activity around the development and improvement of drug supply indicators, which are designed to reflect developments in drug markets as well as the markets’ wider harms and impact. The protocol in this document provides a framework for standardised drug-related homicide data processing, allowing an improved understanding of the broader ramifications of drug markets and international comparisons | EMCDDA, Portugal

Increase in Drug Overdose Deaths Involving Cocaine: United States, 2009–2018

The rate of drug overdose deaths involving cocaine was stable between 2009 and 2013, then nearly tripled from 1.6 per 100,000 in 2013 to 4.5 in 2018 | CDC, USA

Rates of Alcohol-induced Deaths Among Adults Aged 25 and Over in Urban and Rural Areas: United States, 2000–2018

Age-adjusted rates of alcohol-induced deaths among adults aged 25 and over were stable from 2000 to 2006, then increased 43% from 10.7 per 100,000 in 2006 to 15.3 in 2018 | CDC, USA

Alcohol & Other Drug National Workforce Survey 2019-2020

Findings are now available from the first national survey of the AOD workforce for over 10 years | NCETA, Australia

The impact of arrest and seizure on drug crime and harms: A systematic review (PDF)

Drawing on the Global Policing Database (GPD), this review assesses the impact of supplier arrests and seizures on drug crime, drug use, drug price, drug purity, and drug harm outcomes | Australian Institute of Criminolgy, Australia

Stories of love, loss and hope

This project provided a platform for our voices to be heard, contributing to the public discourse about addiction and recovery. Using our personal stories, bringing them to life, sharing our experience of recovery, love, loss & hope we aim to change the toxic narrative of addiction and bring the truth that recovery is possible into the public consciousness’s | FAVOR, UK

Alcohol consumption during the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK (PDF)

The second IAS briefing on alcohol consumption during the COVID-19 pandemic has found that looser regulations on alcohol availability may undermine longer term progress on alcohol harm, with treatment services used less frequently by those who need them | IAS, UK

Electronic cigarette use and tobacco cigarette smoking initiation in adolescents: an evidence review

In 2013, the Tobacco Policy Review Group published Tobacco Free Ireland, a report which set a target for Ireland to reduce smoking prevalence to less than 5% by 2025. Since e-cigarettes’ launch in the European Union (EU) in 2006... research on their potential benefits in terms of tobacco-related harm reduction, and on the public health harms of e-cigarettes, has grown. This systematic evidence review outlines what is known to date about using e-cigarette and initiation smoking tobacco cigarettes | HRB, Ireland

Deaths related to drug poisoning in England and Wales: 2019 registrations

Deaths related to drug poisoning in England and Wales from 1993 to 2019, by cause of death, sex, age and substances involved in the death | ONS, UK

Electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation

To evaluate the effect and safety of using electronic cigarettes (ECs) to help people who smoke achieve long‐term smoking abstinence | Cochrane Reviews, UK

Prevalence of Synthetic Cannabinoid MDMB-4en-PINACA Continues to Increase in the United States and Internationally (PDF)

The objective of this public announcement is to notify public health and public safety, law enforcement, clinicians, medical examiners and coroners, laboratory personnel, drug treatment providers, and other related communities about new information surrounding the emergent synthetic cannabinoid MDMB-4en-PINACA | NPS Discovery, USA

WHEN THE SMOKE CLEARS: The ban on tobacco products in South Africa during COVID-19

This report details the ban on tobacco products in South Africa during the CoVID-19 pandemic. It examines the history of the illicit tobacco trade in South Africa leading up to the ban and the consequences of the decision to outlaw the sale of tobacco products. It finds that the ban magnified the size of the illicit market and introduced a host of new criminal actors to the tobacco trade | ResearchGate, USA

How and why vendors sell on cryptomarkets (PDF)

Cryptomarkets represent a growing component of the global illicit drugs trade. Australia is over-represented in the proportion of online vendors who use these platforms to reach drug consumers. Despite the growth in online drug trading, relatively little is known about people who use cryptomarkets to sell drugs. This study addresses the knowledge gap and provides qualitative insights into this new, and little understood, cohort of offenders | Australian Government, Australia

NHS smoking cessation service statistics (Scotland)

This release by Public Health Scotland provides an annual update on statistics from NHS smoking cessation services in Scotland for the period April 2019 to March 2020, including trend data from 2009 to 2010. It is supplemented by a Tableau dashboard and Excel workbook | ISD Scotland, UK

How to regulate stimulants: A practical guide

Download the free ebook.  In this book we show why the responsible regulation of stimulant drugs is the only realistic alternative, and set out the practical steps to getting the market under control | Transform, UK

Implementing alcohol policies in the Commonwealth of Independent States: a workshop of “First Mover” countries (2020)

The present report summarizes the main outcomes of a WHO workshop on the implementation of alcohol control policies in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), which can be considered as “first movers” of implementing alcohol control policies. Despite their crucial contribution to reaching the noncommunicable disease (NCD) target of a 10% reduction in the harmful use of alcohol by 2025 in the WHO European Region, CIS countries often remain as under-researched success stories of alcohol control | WHO, Denmark

Rising use of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) and its adverse mental health consequences among youth (PDF)

Pakistan ranks amongst the top nations in regards to cannabis and cocaine consumption. Although Pakistan is committed to eliminating the menace of drugs to make drug free Pakistan and has strengthened the cooperation with many organizations to combat drug trafficking, drugs are still accessible | UNODC, Austria

Drug-related hospital statistics

Between 1996/97 and 2018/19, there was a greater than threefold increase in the rate of drug-related hospital stays in Scotland from 73 to 260 stays per 100,000 population | ISD Scotland, UK

Drug crime: Statistics for England and Wales

This briefing paper looks at drug crime prevalence in England and Wales and the criminal justice outcomes for those found guilty of drug offences. It also covers the impacts of drug misuse | House of Commons Library, UK

The Global State of Harm Reduction 2020

The Global State of Harm Reduction is the only report that provides an independent analysis of harm reduction in the world. Now in its the seventh edition, the Global State of Harm Reduction 2020 is the most comprehensive global mapping of harm reduction responses to drug use, HIV and viral hepatitis | HRI, UK

Report 11 of the National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program

The eleventh report covers around 56 per cent of the population, which equates to about 13 million people. Fifty-five wastewater treatment plants across Australia participated in the April 2020 collection, which monitored the consumption of 13 substances. In June 2020, when only capital city sites were sampled, there were 20 sites covering approximately 48 per cent of the population | ACIC, Australia

Fears of a wave of alcohol-related health problems if lessons from lockdown drinking behaviour not learned

Alcohol education charity, Drinkaware, today (Monday, November 2) publishes its annual report into UK drinking behaviours, revealing substantial patterns in the nation’s drinking over the lockdown period, including alarming increases in drinking. The full report can be accessed here | DrinkAware, UK

Exploring Substance Use in Prisons: A case study approach in five closed male English prisons (PDF)

This research used case study methodology to identify factors associated with substance use in five English prisons – all of them closed prisons for men. The aim was to explore the wider cultural features of the prisons which, according to the recovery literature, may have an impact on levels of drug use, and has not been investigated in prior research | HM Prison and Probation Service, UK