Reports: January

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Stepping up: the response of stop smoking services in England to the COVID 19 pandemic (PDF)

The proportion of local authorities commissioning a specialist stop smoking service has risen year-on-year from 65% in 2018 and 69% in 2019 to 77% in 2020 | ASH and CRUK, UK

Wound aware: a resource for drug services

A new PHE briefing on wound care describes how drug services can be ‘wound aware’ by helping people who inject drugs (PWID) prevent injection-related wounds, by identifying wounds early and supporting access to treatment. The briefing also covers barriers to treatment and care and includes case studies, practice notes and links to other useful resources | PHE, UK

Exploring the place of alcohol and other drug services in the mental health system

This report outlines: Current health service gaps in relation to complex or ‘co-morbid’ clients experiencing both alcohol and other drug and mental health issues. The current issues in integrating AOD and mental health sectors at a system, service and treatment level. Alternative models for responding to co-morbidity whilst maintaining seperate specialisations | 360edge, Australia

Human rights in the administration of justice - Report to the OHCHR prepared by HRI and IDPC

Harm Reduction International (HRI) and the International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC) welcome the opportunity to submit information to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights for the preparation of its report under Human Rights Council Resolution 42/11 on human rights in the administration of justice | IDPC and HRI, UK

Density of Marijuana Outlets Associated with More and Higher Use Among Young Adults

As marijuana outlets open after the drug is legalized, the density of those recreational retailers is associated with more use and a greater intensity of use among young adults, according to a new RAND Corporation study | RAND Corporation, USA

A Breath of Fresh Air

Our report, A Breath of Fresh Air: research into the training needs of UK GPs on Very Brief Advice for smoking cessation, shows that not enough GPs are equipped to have effective conversations about smoking with patients | British Lung Foundation, UK

ICER Publishes Final Evidence Report and Policy Recommendations for Supervised Injection Facilities

he Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) today released a Final Evidence Report and Report-at-a-Glance assessing the comparative clinical effectiveness and value of supervised injection facilities (SIFs), as a means to reduce harm among people who inject drugs | ICER, USA

The Sobering Truth: Incentivizing Alcohol Death and Disability

Harmful alcohol consumption leads to one death every 10 seconds globally, resulting in 3 million deaths per year. It is a leading risk factor for noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) including cancers, cardiovascular diseases and liver diseases, and imposes an economic and social burden by straining health systems, harming people, and exerting an unnecessary cost on societies | Vital Strategies, USA

The silent epidemic: drug overdose deaths surge in California pre-pandemic

Research provided by California Health Policy Strategies (CHPS) shows that the rate of increases of overdose deaths in California far surpasses the national rate of increase as of May 2020. Experts say this trend has increased as the pandemic has continued | State of Reform, USA

GDS2020 key findings

Data from over 110,000 people from > 25 countries were used in the preparation of this report. 66% were male, 52% were aged under 25 years with 22% of the sample aged 35 years or older. 87% of the sample was white. 38% had at least an undergraduate degree as their highest level of educational attainment. 54% reported going clubbing 4 or more times per year | Global Drug Survey, UK

PACTS Drink Driving – Taking stock, moving forward Report [2.0]

The study includes 30 in-depth interviews with drink drivers, showing the complex mental health and alcohol problems that some of them suffer. As a result, current arrangements are not enough to help them or to deter them from drink driving again | PACTS, UK

Metonitazene Begins Proliferation as Newest Synthetic Opioid Among Latest Cycle of Non-Fentanyl Related Drugs (PDF)

The objective of this announcement is to notify public health and safety, law enforcement, first responders, clinicians, medical examiners and coroners, forensic and clinical laboratory personnel, and all other related communities about new information surrounding the emergent synthetic opioid metonitazene | NPS Discovery, USA

UK government Drug Recovery Champion annual report

The first annual report from the UK Recovery Champion outlines the work he has undertaken since his appointment and sets out his future work programme | Home Office, UK

Debts, Threats, Distress and Hope: Towards Understanding Drug-Related Intimidation in Dublin’s North East Inner City (PDF)

While trends in drug use have changed, the basic dynamic of drugs and associated crime persists. While there was a steady decrease in drug-related crime with a reduction in controlled drug offences between 2008 and 2013, drug-related crime has been on the increase again in the recent past with a 44.6% increase in controlled drug offences between 2013 and 2020 (15,325 to 22,166) | Ana Lifey Drug Project, Ireland

Shooting Up: infections among people who inject drugs in the UK

Updated: Added December 2020 update report, data tables and links to the slide set and infographic | PHE, UK

Drug offences sentencing guidelines revised as offending changes

A comprehensive package of revised sentencing guidelines for drugs offences that reflect a change in the nature of offending and additional offences in relation to psychoactive substances has been published today by the Sentencing Council following consultation | Sentencing Council, UK

Western Australian Drug Trends 2020: Key Findings from the Ecstasy and Related Drugs Reporting System (EDRS) Interviews

The Ecstasy and Related Drugs Reporting System (EDRS) is an illicit drug monitoring system which has been conducted in all states and territories of Australia since 2003, and forms part of Drug Trends | NDARC, Australia

Statistics on Drug Misuse, England 2020

This report presents newly published information on hospital admissions attributable to drug-related mental health and behavioural disorders and on hospital admissions attributable to poisoning by illicit drugs | NHS Digital, UK

Decline in hospital admissions for drug-related mental and behavioural disorders

Hospital admissions for drug-related mental and behavioural disorders in England dropped by 5% in a year, new figures published by NHS Digital show | NHS Digital, UK

Substance misuse treatment for young people: statistics 2019 to 2020

Alcohol and drug treatment data for under-18s from PHE’s National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS) | PHE, UK

Substance misuse treatment in secure settings: 2019 to 2020

Statistics for alcohol and drug misuse treatment in prisons and other secure settings from PHE’s National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS) | PHE, UK

2019-2020 Drug Trends Report

This report covers drug trends, explores the drivers behind drug related deaths and gives insight into the impact of the global pandemic and lockdown restrictions | CREW, UK

Scottish Health Survey – Telephone Survey 2020

Scotland’s Chief Statistician released the results of the Scottish Health Survey – Telephone Survey, providing information on the health, and factors relating to health, of adults aged 16 and over in Scotland in August and September 2020.  Questions on general health, cardiovascular conditions, caring, mental health and wellbeing, social capital and loneliness, alcohol, smoking, diet, obesity, food insecurity, physical activity, and dental health were included in the survey | Scottish Government, UK

Tobacco legislation coming into force between 2010 and 2015: post implementation review

Reviews of how the legislation has been implemented | Department of Health and Social Care, UK

Drug seizures and arrests in Northern Ireland, period ending 31 December 2020

Quarterly update of class A, B and C drug seizure incidents and arrests by PSNI | Police Service of Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency, UK