Weekly news - 27th January 2012

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Sentencing Council launches new definitive guideline for drug offences

The new guideline, which has been issued following a 12-week public consultation, will come into effect on 27 February 2012 | Sentencing Council, UK

DrugScope responds to publication of new sentencing guidelines on drug offences

DrugScope has welcomed aspects of the new sentencing guidelines for drug offences published today by the Sentencing Council for England and Wales. The publication follows a consultation process undertaken by the Council to which DrugScope provided a full written submission, as well as participating in a number of consultation meetings with Council representatives | DrugScope, UK

Drug Offences

The responses to the consultation | Sentencing Council, UK

A Framework for Reducing Alcohol and Drug Related Harm in Northern Ireland

Phase 2, 2011-2016 | DHSSPS, UK

Drug advice for schools

Drugs and drug-related incidents - advice for local authorities, head teachers, school staff and governing bodies from the | Department for Education and the Association of Chief Police Officers, UK

A milestone on the road to recovery

Successful completion of drug treatment will be a key measure of improvement in population health when local authorities take over responsibility for public health next year | National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse, UK

Alcohol-related deaths in the United Kingdom, 2010

In 2010 there were 8,790 alcohol-related deaths in the UK, 126 more than in 2009 (8,664) | Office for National Statistics, UK

Improving outcomes and supporting transparency

Part 1: A public health outcomes framework for England, 2013-2016 | Department of Health, UK

Poorest communities feel brunt of spending cuts

The most deprived local authorities have been hardest hit by the cuts. It also finds conflict within local authorities over whether the needs of vulnerable people should be prioritised. Report: Serving deprived communities in a recession | Joseph Rowntree Foundation, UK

Advertising ban on alcohol products necessary

Committee on Health and Children Report | Oireachtas, Ireland

Call for Proposals

The call for proposals is based on the Drug Prevention and Information Programme's Annual Work Programmes for 2011 and 2012 and combines the priorities as well as the resources available for both years. The available funding consists of an indicative amount of EUR 4.953.200. The deadline for submission of proposals is: Tuesday 17 April 2012, 12h00 CET - Downloads| European Commission

Policy options to redress excessive alcohol consumption

The 80 page report includes coverage of the alcohol industry's response to such initiatives thus far. It also examines the role of public opinion in influencing alcohol policy and whether changes to alcohol policy are likely to see individuals switch to consuming other substances | NDARC, Australia