Weekly news - 18th August 2017

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Drunk air passenger arrests up 50%

Arrests of passengers suspected of being drunk at UK airports and on flights have risen by 50% in a year, a BBC Panorama investigation suggests | BBC, UK

Drink-fuelled air rage still threatening safety, say cabin crew

‘The abuse cabin crew have to contend with in doing their job would not be tolerated in any other industry or walk of life’ | Independent, UK

Does smoking skunk trigger psychosis? And if so... why aren't we doing more about it?

[Requires registration for free access] Josie Laurent has lost not one child, but two. Her four-year-old daughter died of a brain tumour;  now, psychosis has seen her son, Henri, 24, sectioned for the third time. ‘To all intents and purposes, I’ve lost him too.’ | Telegraph, UK

NI has 'serious problem' with prescription drug abuse

A coroner has warned that Northern Ireland has a serious problem with prescription drug abuse | BBC, UK

Medical cannabis giants eye UK for next 'green rush' ahead of the industry's first conference in London

In October the UK will host what is believed to be its first medical cannabis conference, an international jamboree of weed-based therapies in London | Telegraph, UK

Armed forces deploy brief interventions: will it work?

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) have released figures on an initiative to deliver alcohol brief interventions across the armed forces via dental check ups, identifying 61% of military personnel drinking at a risky or harmful levels | Alcohol Policy UK, UK

Drug-related Deaths in Scotland in 2016

Statistics of drug-related deaths in 2016 and earlier years, broken down by age, sex, selected drugs reported, underlying cause of death and NHS Board and Council areas | HRB, UK

Drug deaths in Scotland rose by 23% in 2016

The number of drug-related deaths in Scotland last year totalled 867, a rise of 23% on 2015 | BBC, UK

Director of RPS in Scotland calls for e-cigarette evidence review

The director of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in Scotland, Alex MacKinnon, has called for a review of the evidence on e-cigarettes and for improved quality control of e-cigarettes | Pharmaceutical Journal, UK

New strategy sets out ‘ambitions for full recovery’

Though no overt hostility to opioid maintenance treatment as in previous publications, this and other harm reduction strategies seem to be side-lined in the 2017 Drug Strategy. Committed to being “evidence-based”, but from the value-based perspective that people should live drug-free lives, the UK government renews its aspiration for “full recovery” from illicit drug use and dependence | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Realising the potential of the 2003 UK Licensing Act

Seen as excluding health concerns and requiring an individualistic and ‘premises by premises’ approach, a revisiting of the 2003 Licensing Act for England and Wales suggest it could nevertheless be used to address public health and to implement licensing decisions based on likely overall local impact | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

'Payment by results' for drug misuse treatment gets mixed reception

A team of University of Manchester academics has published an evaluation of the impact of the Government's pilot Payment By Results scheme for drug misuse treatment – giving it a mixed reception | Medical Xpress, UK

Image and Performance Enhancing Drugs: public evidence gathering day

The ACMD is holding a public evidence gathering day on Image and Performance Enhancing Drugs on Tuesday 26 September at The Kia Oval, Vauxhall, London | ACMD, UK

SNP to debate drug reform

A motion, penned by National Council member John Mennie, and backed by MP Ronnie Cowan and the SNP’s trade union group, asks members to back calls for a “comprehensive review” of current drug policy | National, UK

Statistics on NHS Stop Smoking Services in England - Apr 2016 to Mar 2017

Results from the monitoring of the NHS Stop Smoking Services (NHS SSS) in England | NHS Digital, UK

NHS smoking cessation services see continued decline in patient take-up

The number of people accessing NHS Stop Smoking Services fell for the fifth consecutive year in 2016/17 | PULSE, UK

Teens more likely to start smoking after using e-cigarettes, study finds

The prospective study, led by a team of UK researchers, looked at data from just over 2800 13 and 14 year olds. The teenagers were asked about their e-cigarette and cigarette use, their socioeconomic background, their beliefs about smoking and whether they had friends and family who smoked | PULSE, UK

A new drug strategy for the UK

Rapid responses to article on new drug strategy for the UK | BMJ responses, UK