Weekly news - 7th July 2017

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Pregabalin: Doctors call for 'new Valium' to be restricted amid sharp rise in abuse

Drug mentioned on 38 death certificates in 2014 but doctors warn this is 'tip of the iceberg' | Independent, UK

Alcohol-related deaths will take 'decades' to reduce

It will take decades to see the number of alcohol-related deaths fall significantly, a charity has warned | BBC, UK

Alcohol and cancer: knowing the risks (PDF)

Alcohol is a group 1 carcinogen and is linked to an increased risk of seven types of cancer. The latest alcohol consumption guidelines explain that there is no completely safe level of drinking, and therefore any amount of alcohol you drink increases your risk of developing cancer. But the less alcohol you drink, the lower the risk | AHA UK, UK

Smokefree: The First Ten Years

Produced to mark the tenth anniversary of smokefree legislation in England, this report looks at the shifting public attitudes towards smoking and tobacco control measures over the past decade. The report is based on ten years of data from the ASH / YouGov Smokefree England survey | ASH, UK

Pub smoking ban: 10 charts that show the impact

It's 10 years since smoking was banned in enclosed workplaces in England, following similar moves in the rest of the UK. But how has the "pub smoking ban" changed the country? | BBC, UK

Britons are among most at-risk in Europe for alcohol-related cancer

British people consume 2.1 alcoholic drinks every day on average, above the threshold that increases risk of cancer | Guardian, UK

Alcohol sales should be restricted with minimum prices introduced due to cancer risk, say experts

Medical specialists fear politicians are failing to bring in potentially life-saving restrictions on sales ‘due to  commercial  interest’ | Independent, UK

Healthcare professionals urged to report side effects of e-cigarettes

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is calling on members of the public and healthcare professionals to report any suspected side effects or safety concerns with e-cigarettes and the e-liquids used for vaping | Pharmaceutical Journal, UK

Childhood adversity, substance misuse and young people’s mental health (PDF)

Substance misuse is just one form of risk-taking behaviour, and can be a sign that young people are dealing with adversity, trauma, and/or experimenting with their identities | Addaction and Young Minds, UK

Methiopropamine response: letter from Sarah Newton to the ACMD

Sarah Newton reponds to the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) about its further advice on Methiopropamine (MPA) | Home Office and Sarah Newton MP, UK

How Glasgow's shooting gallery 'heroin rooms' could look

Plans are progressing to open the UK's first Safer Drug Consumption Facility (SDCF) in the city centre which will allow addicts to inject street bought opiates under medical supervision | Evening Times, UK

Valium: Prescriptions

To ask the Secretary of State for Health, how many prescriptions for valium have been issued in each year since 2010 | They work for you, UK

The intervention effect of local alcohol licensing policies on hospital admission and crime: a natural experiment using a novel Bayesian synthetic time-series method

[Open access] Control of alcohol licensing at local government level is a key component of alcohol policy in England. There is, however, only weak evidence of any public health improvement. We used a novel natural experiment design to estimate the impact of new local alcohol licensing policies on hospital admissions and crime | BMJ, UK

How to make a short film

The Recovery Street Film Festival gives individuals who have a lived experience of recovering from drug or alcohol addiction a platform with which they can tell their own stories through short films. However, for someone who’s never attempted this before, making a film may seem like an almost impossible task | Recovery Street Film Festival, UK

Lifeline Project

To ask the Secretary of State for Health, if the Government will make an assessment of the lessons to be learned for the payment-by-results contract model for support services from the closing down of drugs and alcohol charity Lifeline | They work for you, UK

Dozens of UK drug deaths linked to opioid that killed singer Prince

Fentanyl and carfentanyl – which are many times stronger than morphine – found in bodies of 46 people who died this year | Guardian, UK

Drug misuse prevention

This is advance notice that the NICE drug misuse prevention quality standard consultation will run from Wednesday 9th August to Thursday 7th September. We would very much welcome your comments on the draft quality standard.  Registered stakeholders will be notified on the day the consultation opens with instructions on how to submit comments | NICE, UK

Hepatitis B: the green book, chapter 18

Hepatitis B immunisation information for public health professionals | PHE, UK

The ‘explosion’ that never happened; crack and cocaine use in Britain

Much of this hot topic is devoted to challenging beliefs that cocaine and especially its smokable form crack are uniquely addictive, and their adherents, uniquely hard to treat | Findings, UK