Weekly news - 16th June 2017

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Update on proposed safer drug consumption facility and heroin assisted treatment in Glasgow

Work is ongoing to establish a safer drug consumption facility (SDCF) and heroin assisted treatment (HAT) in the south east of Glasgow city centre | NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, UK

New service to tackle sexual exploitation in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Alcohol and Drugs Action (ADA) said the Green Light Project (GLP) - funded by Comic Relief - was for those aged up to 25 in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire | BBC, UK

READ: Joint Letter to The Times Calling on Parties to Address Current Drug Policy

[On] Saturday, 3rd June, The Times published our joint letter calling on all political parties to address the problems of current drug policy in the UK, as laid out in our Manifesto Challenge | Volte Face, UK

The Inside Story of London's Chemsex Scene

Christine Schierano has been documenting the world of drug-fuelled sex parties for the past six years | VICE, UK

Prison therapeutic community no better than counselling

For the first time in a prison setting, a randomised trial has rigorously compared intensive residential therapeutic community treatment to outpatient counselling. The results of this unique trial may warrant a rethink of official US and UK guidance | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Smoking in cars is banned. But children still inhale toxic fumes in backseats

Studies show pollution levels inside cars are higher than outside where NO2 emissions are dissipated into the wider atmosphere | Guardian, UK

Micro-drinking behaviours and consumption of wine in different wine glass sizes: a laboratory study

Tableware size may influence how much food and non-alcoholic drink is consumed. Preliminary evidence of the impact of glass size on purchasing of alcoholic drinks shows an increase in wine sales of almost 10% when the same portion of wine is served in a larger glass | BMC Psychology, UK

As overdose deaths hit record levels, drug and alcohol services face massive cuts

Investigation finds cuts-hit councils in England are slashing budgets and access to treatment, despite the UK being Europe’s drugs death capital | Guardian, UK

Prohibition of tobacco displays

The purpose of this briefing paper is to consider in detail the Tobacco Advertising and Promotion (Display) (England) Regulations 2010 (as amended) and the Tobacco Advertising and Promotion (Specialist Tobacconists) (England) Regulations 2010 (as amended) | Parliament.uk, UK

Managing coerced alcohol treatment

Key studies on the role of management in the treatment of problem drinking in criminal justice settings and/or to safeguard the community, where the challenge is to extract therapeutic benefit out of a coercive, punishment-oriented context. Discusses a rare trial of the influential ‘risk-need-responsivity’ model and identifies possibly the most difficult management task in the addictions | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Don't lick and drive: police warn against boozy ice lollies

The rising popularity of alcoholic ice lollies has sparked a warning from police that one too many frozen tipples could push drivers over the legal alcohol limit | Guardian, UK

UK gets first publicly available dedicated cannabis research facility

EXCLUSIVE: It is aiming for 'world firsts' in the study of the plant's medicinal benefits | Independent, UK

Microdosers say tiny hits of LSD make your work and life better

For over a year, Janet Lai Chang took magic mushrooms a few times a week before going to work. She says it made her happier, reduced her social anxiety and helped her build relationships | New Scientist, UK

Drugs Wheel update

The Drugs Wheel has been updated to version 2.0.5 to include recent changes to the Misuse of Drugs Act, including changes in legal status to ethylphenidate and benzodiazepines | The Drugs Wheel, UK

Understanding the patterns of use,motives and harms of NPS in Scotland Glasgow 2017

Transcript of presentation | Katy Macleod, UK

Adult smoking habits in the UK: 2016

Cigarette smoking among adults including the proportion of people who smoke, their demographic breakdowns, changes over time, and e-cigarettes | ONS, UK

Local tobacco control profiles for England: June 2017 data update

The Local Tobacco Control Profiles for England quarterly data update for June 2017 | PHE, UK

Pregnant women smoking rates 'concern' in England

The reduction in smoking rates among pregnant women in England has slowed down in the past year, prompting concern from health charities | BBC, UK

Smoking rate in UK falls to second-lowest in Europe

Public health chiefs pleased at steep decline in smoking rate among young adults, from 26% to 19% in six years | Guardian, UK

Safeguarding Adult Review: Carol (PDF)

This Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR) was initiated in 2015 by Teeswide Safeguarding Adults Board (TSAB) following the death of a 39-year-old woman, who for the purposes of this report will be called Carol. Carol was attacked and murdered in her home during the early hours of 8 th to 9 th December 2014. She was discovered dead at home by her landlord on the morning of 9 th December 2014. Two teenage girls, aged 13 and 14, were arrested for Carol’s murder | TSAB, UK