Weekly news - 23rd June 2017

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Precursor chemical import and export authorisation wallchart

[Updated] This chart outlines the authorisation requirements for importing chemicals into the UK and the requirements for exporting them to different countries across the world | Home Office, UK

Intervene beyond the family to help young problem substance users

Review finds that multidimensional family therapy, which intervenes
across a child’s social environment, is more effective than other
interventions for treating young people with substance use and other
behavioural problems, particularly those further along the severity
scale | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Teenagers should stop rolling their cannabis joints with tobacco if they don't want CANCER, researcher warns

Ian Hamilton, a weed researcher based at York University, suggested youngsters should instead smoke the drug on its own if they want to get high | Mail Online, UK

Hairdressers and beauty salons warned they face £20,000 fine for offering free glasses of bubbly 

Hairdressers and beauty salons have been warned by police that offering complimentary glasses of bubbly to their customers could cost them up to £20,000 | Telegraph, UK

Sikh community urged to face 'taboo' issue of addiction

Sikhs needs to start talking openly about addiction to tackle the problems of "shame" and "stigma", a recovering alcoholic has said | BBC, UK

Methiopropamine: a review of the evidence of use and harm

A review of the evidence of use and harm of Methiopropamine (MPA) by the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) | ACMD, UK

Fentanyl alert in West London

Public Health England have issued a formal alert about an increase in the possibility of overdose arising from heroin cut with synthetic opioid – fentanyl in West London. This is stronger than heroin and therefore there is a higher risk of overdose and death | Blenheim, UK

Drinkaware in 2017: impact and engagement ten years on?

It's been a while since we last reported on activities undertaken by Drinkaware, the industry-funded alcohol awareness charity which aims to 'help people make better choices about their drinking' | Alcohol Policy, UK

Glasgow site found for UK's first legal drug addict 'fix room'

A site for the UK's first legal drug consumption room has been identified by council and NHS officials | BBC, UK

Scotland's alcohol problem persists

NHS Health Scotland has today published the latest data on Scotland’s relationship with alcohol. The report, Monitoring and Evaluating Scotland’s Alcohol Strategy: Monitoring Report 2017, brings together data on alcohol retail sales, price and affordability, self-reported alcohol consumption and alcohol-related deaths, hospital admissions and social harms | NHS Health Scotland, UK

Alcohol-linked deaths '54% higher in Scotland'

An average of 22 people a week died from alcohol-related causes in Scotland in 2015, figures show | BBC, UK

Guidance -Alcohol licensing: pilot of analytical support package

Findings from pilot of analytical support package for alcohol licensing, to support the role of public health teams in alcohol licensing | PHE, UK

Accident and Emergency departments need to do more to identify young people with alcohol problems

Nine of out of ten Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments are failing to identify young people with alcohol problems, preventing them from getting the vital help they need, a new study in the Emergency Medicine Journal has found | University of Surrey, UK

'Extra strong, Ikea branded' ecstasy pills linked to Kyle Pringle's death

An 18-year-old man has died from what is believed to be a "particularly strong" batch of ecstasy tablets | BBC, UK

New research centre to focus on psychoactive substances

A new Centre for Excellence in New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) Research has been created at the University of Dundee to help tackle the emerging epidemic of highly addictive new drugs | University of Dundee, UK

Enough alcohol sold in England for every drinker to consume 50% more than guideline levels

New figures published today reveal that enough alcohol is being sold in England and Wales for every drinker to consume 21 units of alcohol a week – far more than the low-risk level of 14 units per week for both men and women recommended by the UK’s chief medical officers | AHUK, UK

More pensioners caught drink-driving because they 'think they can still drive safely', AA warns

More elderly people are getting caught for drink-driving because they believe they can still drive safely when drunk | Telegraph, UK

Smoking is finally dying out among young people in the UK and US

Smoking is rapidly dying out in the UK and US among young people – the first generation to come of age surrounded by laws that discourage smoking | New Scientist, UK

How smoking is diminishing in the UK, in 5 charts

On 1 July 2007 the smoking ban came into force across England, meaning it joined Scotland (26 March 2006), Wales (2 April 2007), and Northern Ireland (30 April 2007) in enacting this legislation | Independent, UK

Cuckooing: Drug dealers target the vulnerable

Police in the South of England have revealed there is an increase in so-called cuckooing - where drug dealers take over the homes of vulnerable people in exchange for free drugs | BBC, UK

Inside the drug rehab ‘giving children back their mothers’

An inside look at Trevi House, a unique rehabilitation unit that houses women and their children to try and keep them together | Community Care, UK

Cannabis drug cuts seizures in childhood epilepsy

Cannabidiol shows promise in reducing the frequency of convulsive seizures in patients with Dravet syndrome, a rare and severe form of epilepsy | Pharmaceutical Journal, UK

World Drug Report 2017: 29.5 million people globally suffer from drug use disorders, opioids the most harmful

n 2015 about a quarter of a billion people used drugs. Of these, around 29.5 million people - or 0.6 per cent of the global adult population - were engaged in problematic use and suffered from drug use disorders, including dependence | UNODC, USA

Illegal drug market is booming, says UN watchdog

Report says production of heroin and cocaine is increasing as campaigners call for better measures to tackle cartels | Guardian, UK

Route to recovery: how people overcome an opioid addiction

Addiction is a frightening reality. As part of our series looking at survivors, we explore how to tackle it | Guardian, UK