Weekly news - 6th October 2017

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The case for a national prescribed drug helpline

Over 1 million patients are taking dependency-forming medications unnecessarily in England, including benzodiazepines, z-drugs, antidepressants and opioids | APPG, UK

Women’s deaths from drug misuse up 95 per cent in a decade - video

The number of women dying as a result of drug misuse has risen by 95 per cent in England and Wales in the last ten years. While fewer women are taking drugs, record numbers are dying from using them | Channel 4, UK

Report Illicit Drug Reactions- RIDR

PHE is piloting a new national system for reporting the effects of new psychoactive substances (NPS) and other drugs, in a similar way to how adverse effects of pharmaceutical drugs are reported to the MHRA’s Yellow Card Scheme | PHE, UK

Ayahusaka - video

DrugWise Director, Harry Shapiro discusses Ayahuasca on The Victoria Derbeyshire programme. Watch from around 1 hours 15 mins in | BBC iPlayer, UK

ACMD members' register of interests

This register of interests for the council members of the ACMD lists their occupations, the organisations they work for and the nature of any interests they might have | ACMD, UK

Police set up national unit to study effects of ‘legal highs’

A new national centre of excellence and drug intelligence unit is being established to study the effects of so-called legal highs.... | Scotsman, UK

Herald campaign exposes Scottish society's addiction to prescription drugs

We need to talk about drugs. Scotland, to resurrect an old slogan, needs to know the score | Herald, UK

Scotland gets first ever 'drug rehab village'

The proposal for the groundbreaking Scottish residential drug recovery project near Ayr - inspired by some of the most radical rehab programmes around the world – has been given the go-ahead. Those behind the 'rehab village' say it will save lives | Herald, UK

Britain is developing a weed café culture under the radar

Enterprising youths are providing an in-demand product that governments around the globe are regulating and taxing | Independent, UK

Acryloylfentanyl to be placed under control across the EU

This week, the EU has reacted to serious concerns over the use of the synthetic opioid acryloylfentanyl by deciding to subject it to ‘control measures’ throughout the Union | EMCDDA, Portugal

Evaluation of the Drugs and Alcohol Recovery Payment by Results Pilot Programme Final Report (PDF)

In April 2012, eight commissioning areas initiated a pilot scheme whereby a proportion of provider payments were linked to achievement of specified outcomes representing recovery from problems relating to drugs and alcohol misuse by service users. The purpose of the Payment by Results Pilots was to both develop and test this new approach to the commissioning and delivery of drugs and alcohol services. This report describes an evaluation of the scheme | Manchester University, UK

Can even moderate drinking increase the risk of cancer?

New research argues that just a small glass of wine a day increases the risk and that ‘responsible drinking’ targets are misleading | Guardian, UK

Former Tory minister suggests legalising cannabis could win over millenial voters

Crispin Blunt says prohibiting drugs was 'about as intelligent as the prohibition of alcohol in the United States' in the 1920s | Independent, UK

Scotland's health: What we learned

The Scottish Health Survey attempts to measure the wellbeing of people living in Scotland. What does it reveal about the nation's health? Men are more likely to drink too much... | BBC, UK

Appointment of a Recovery Champion

Closing date October 9th. The Recovery Champion is a new post created as part of the Government’s new Drug Strategy and is an essential part of the Government’s wider programme of work to build a safer, healthier society that protects the most vulnerable in society. The Strategy aims to reduce the number of people taking illicit drugs, and increase the number of people recovering from drug dependence | Cabinet Office, UK

Drug Treatment Matrix cell C1: Life and death decisions for drug harm reduction management

How harm reduction impacts are affected by the management of the service. Highlights the studies which showed that treatment-termination and needle-exchange policies can mean life or death for service users, and the dilemmas of squaring this responsibility with maintaining a safe and therapeutic environment and satisfying community concerns over discarded needles | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

DDN Magazine - October - out now

We talk so readily about the science of addiction – dopamine receptors, the way our brains are wired. But do we think enough about matters of the heart – the direct connection between one human being and another? The need for belonging runs throughout this month’s articles | DDN, UK

Health Matters: preventing ill health from alcohol and tobacco use

This professional resource focuses on preventing ill health caused by alcohol and tobacco use and makes the case for why NHS providers should implement the ‘preventing ill health by risky behaviours – alcohol and tobacco | PHE, UK

Implementing 'Preventing ill health by risky behaviours'

This commissioning for quality and innovation (CQUIN) allows South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust to refocus on alcohol screening and interventions | PHE, UK

Drug-related deaths involving nitrous oxide, 1993 to 2015

Number of drug-related deaths where nitrous oxide was mentioned on the death certificate, 1993 to 2015 registrations | ONS, UK

'Crisis' warning over homeless addicts admitted to hospital

More than 21,000 homeless people have been admitted to hospital with problems relating to drink and drugs over the past three years | BBC, UK

Drug addiction: 'Shocking' waiting list for help

More than 600 people in Belfast are currently on a waiting list seeking help for drug and alcohol addiction | BBC, UK

Britain's Teenage Drug Runners - BBC iPlayer

BBC Three film uncovering how gangs operating in cities have expanded their drug operations into the countryside and seaside towns | BBC, UK

Prisoners recovering from addiction encounter ‘cliff edge’ with little support on release

A new report warns that drug recovery work in prison is largely futile unless suitable accommodation and support are available to prisoners after release | University of York, UK

“Those who use Spice are the most vulnerable and socially excluded – and that’s horrific”

“Spice changes your concept of time. If you’re street homeless and you want something to pass your time and misery, Spice is the perfect drug. A day on Spice just flips by, it’s gone.” | Volte Face, UK

We Know Almost Nothing About How “Study Drugs” Are Used By Students

Despite the headlines warning of an “explosion” in students taking drugs like Ritalin and Adderall, their prevalence – and their risks – remains a scientific black spot | BuzzFeed, UK