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Night Lives: Reducing Drug-Related Harm in the Night Time Economy

The UK’s night time economy is failing to protect its most valuable asset: the people who go out and enjoy it. Night Lives: Reducing Drug-Related Harm in the Night Time Economy, a joint report by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Drug Policy Reform, Durham University, The Loop and Volteface, advocates for the adoption of a set of bold yet practical initiatives across our towns and cities to address this failure. Aimed at stakeholders including the night time industry, local authorities, police forces and public health, Night Lives offers new ideas for reducing drug-related harm in the UK’s night time economy | Volte Face, Durham University, We are the loop, APPG on drug policy reform, UK

Low alcohol product labelling

The government is consulting on how best to continue to communicate information about low alcohol products to the public once the current legislation expires | Department of Health and Social Care, UK

Pubs facing triple tax whammy, says Camra

It says pubs are being hit hard by a "triple whammy" of one of the highest rates of beer duty across Europe, rapidly rising business rates and VAT | BBC, UK

Prescribed medicines that may cause dependence or withdrawal: a review of the evidence (PDF)

Presentation slides from the meeting of the APPG held on the 24 January 2018 | PHE, UK

Class A drugs 'brought in for patients' at Essex mental health trust

A BBC investigation has uncovered allegations of staff at a mental health trust in Essex bringing in drugs for vulnerable patients | BBC, UK

Revealed: Cocaine Hospitalisations Are Up 90 Percent in the UK

A Freedom of Information request also showed that incidents where cocaine is mentioned have more than doubled over the past four years | VICE, UK

Trump calls for death penalties for drug dealers as focus of opioids plan

Trump’s policy rollout focuses on punishment for dealers and traffickers but doesn’t propose new legislation to combat the crisis | Guardian, UK

Poorest 'suffer most' from easy local access to alcohol

Scotland's poorest people suffer most from having easy access to alcohol in their area, a new study has suggested | BBC, UK

Victoria Derbyshire show - BBC iPlayer

Watch from 1 hr 37 mins. Fiona Measham from The Loop, Jeff Smith MP and others talk about drug testing in clubs | BBC, UK

Prescription Drugs: Dependence - Question

To ask Her Majesty’s Government whether they have plans to provide a network of support, nationally and locally, for people affected by dependence on prescribed drugs | They work for you, UK

Cocaine Is the Hidden Mixer in Newcastle's Economy

The drug isn't just an integral part of the new Geordie nightclub, but increasingly a the city's legitimate economy | VICE, UK

Eliminating Hepatitis C in England (PDF)

Over the course of this inquiry into eliminating hepatitis C, the APPG on Liver Health has heard from experts engaged in every aspect of the hepatitis C care pathway. Our contributors have included patients, leading clinicians, NHS managers, commissioners, third sector service workers, campaigners, senior pharmaceutical industry representatives and national public health policy leads. Without exception, they told us that England will not fulfil its commitment to elimination of hepatitis C by 2030 unless the number of people diagnosed and initiated onto treatment is greatly increased | All-Party Parliamentary Group on Liver Health, UK

Ministers have talked the talk. It's now time to deliver on Hep C

Two years ago, the Government made a promise. Alongside 193 other countries it pledged to help eliminate the life-threatening Hepatitis C virus (HCV) by 2030 | Telegraph, UK

HIV rates among Glasgow drug users ‘not under control’

Video. Last month, we brought you a report from Dundee, where the death rate from drugs is higher than almost anywhere in the European Union. A very close second to the drug death rates of Dundee is the city of Glasgow, which for three years now has been in the midst of an unprecedented HIV outbreak | Channel 4, UK

Do drug consumption rooms hold the answer to Glasgow's heroin problem?

According to those monitoring this outbreak at Health Protection Scotland, it’s the worst we’ve seen in the UK for three decades - spreading on a scale and at a rate last witnessed in the 1980s. That was the Trainspotting era | ITV, UK

One in 10 people have traces of cocaine or heroin on their fingerprints

Scientists have found that drugs are now so prevalent that 13 per cent of those taking part in a test were found to have traces of class A drugs on their fingerprints - despite never using them | EurekAlert, UK

Changing Lives: using peer support to promote access to services for family members affected by someone else’s drug or alcohol use

Over the last five years, we have worked with families affected by drugs and alcohol in Greenwich to provide them with the training, resources and support to understand the impact of drugs and alcohol on their lives, and to build sustainable relationships and positive futures | Adfam, UK

First Minister believes ‘new and bold thinking’ required to tackle drug-related deaths

The First Minister believes that there should be cross-party collaboration to implement ‘bold and new’ initiatives to tackle drug-related deaths in Scotland | SDF, UK

This Is What Five Generations of Benzo Addiction Looks Like

From Xanax to valium, people of different ages talk about how they became reliant on a benzodiazepine | VICE, UK

Teens Describe Kicking Their Xanax Habit

Young former addicts from across the UK relay their experiences of trying to get off counterfeit Xanax | VICE, UK