Weekly news - 23rd November 2018

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New alcohol charity launches following merger: Alcohol Change UK

A new leading alcohol charity has launched today [19 November 2018], with a new name, brand, website and strategy. Alcohol Change UK is formed from the merger of Alcohol Concern (the charity behind Dry January) and Alcohol Research UK. The charity’s mission is to significantly reduce serious alcohol harm in the UK | Alcohol Change UK, UK

Letting children try alcohol at home won’t deter binge drinking, say UK experts

Campaign dispels myth that introducing alcohol earlier encourages adult moderation | Guardian, UK

Guideline scope 4 Cannabis-based products for medicinal use (PDF)

The Department of Health and Social Care in England has asked NICE to develop guidance on prescribing of cannabis-based1 6 products for medicinal 7 use | NICE, UK

EU and UK at odds over drug consumption rooms

While this refreshed review of the evidence from the European Union’s drug misuse monitoring centre has once again come down in favour of safer injecting facilities, the UK Government remains unmoved in its insistence that it has ‘no plans’ and ‘no intentions’ to trial such facilities in Britain. The EU’s experts admit the research is far from conclusive, but resistance to drug consumption rooms has deeper roots than this | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Drugs: Misuse

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, with reference to his Department's Drugs Strategy, published in July 2017, whether a (a) National Recovery Champion and (b) Steering Committee has been appointed; and if he will make a statement | They work for you, UK

Living in a cold, dark climate more likely to lead to heavy drinking

Data from 193 countries provided evidence climate contributed to a higher incidence of binge drinking and liver disease | BBC, UK

Dutch teenager dies after inhaling deodorant spray in effort to get high

19-year-old placed towel over his head and sniffed spray during drug relapse | Independent, UK

Alcohol Framework 2108: Preventing Harm - next steps on changing our relationship with alcohol

This updated Alcohol Framework sets out our national prevention aims on alcohol: the activities that will reduce consumption and minimise alcohol-related harm ariring in the first place. It builds on the 2009 Framework, and retains three central themes which are well accepted and understood: reducing consumption; positive attitudes, positive choices; supporting families and communities | Scottish Government, UK

Mental health hospital admissions linked to cocaine use treble in 10 years

NHS data shows significant rise, with increased availability of the drug amid government cuts blamed | Guardian, UK

TV alcohol adverts could face '9pm watershed'

Drink adverts could be banned on TV before the "9pm watershed" under Scottish government plans to curb alcohol abuse | BBC, UK

Drug Strategy Board: Membership

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, if he will publish the (a) names and (b) job titles of the members of the Drug Strategy Board | They work for you, UK

Hepatitis C treatment monitoring in England

This report summarises the content and completeness of data contained within the Hepatitis C patient registry and treatment outcome system at the end of April 2018, enabling a preliminary assessment of HCV treatment and its monitoring in England | PHE, UK

PHE and NHSE launch national drive to trace hepatitis C patients

Public Health England and NHS England are working to find thousands of people living with hep C, offering them new treatments that, in most cases, cure the illness | PHE, UK

Commissioned rapid evidence reviews

Rapid reviews are a form of evidence synthesis that may provide more timely information for decision making. We intend that these reviews improve public knowledge on key areas and help inform our research activities going forward. Budget: £20,000 per review including VAT | Alcohol Change UK, UK

How 'fixing rooms' are saving the lives of drug addicts

Across Europe, facilities that offer medical supervision for addicts are dramatically reducing drug-related deaths | Guardian, UK

Smoking in the home: New solutions for a Smokefree Generation

This report considers the impact of smoking in the home and what policy measures could be taken across all housing tenures reduce its prevalence, with the aim of protecting children and adults and supporting healthy communities | ASH, UK

Council tenants could be banned from smoking in own homes and be given vaping kits

The report states how smoking is now highly concentrated in some communities, particularly the rented sector | Evening Times, UK

Alcohol Related Hospital Statistics Scotland

Alcohol-related hospital statistics (ARHS) provide an annual update to figures on the alcohol-related inpatient and day case activity taking place within general acute hospitals and psychiatric hospitals in Scotland | ISD Scotland, UK

Supplementary information on cannabis-based products for medicinal use (PDF)

Following the letter issued on the 31st of October 2018, this supplementary letter provides further guidance to clinicians and organisations following the re-scheduling of cannabis-based products for medicinal use on November 1st 2018. | DHSS et al, UK

Cannabis: Medical Treatments

To ask the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, what plans he has to increase the (a) knowledge and (b) awareness among GPs of the benefits of medicinal cannabis | They work for you, UK

Mental Health of Children and Young People in England, 2017 [PAS]

This survey series provides England’s best source of data on trends in child mental health. [Includes data on alcohol and drug use in the chapter on Behaviours, lifestyles and identities (PDF) ] | NHS Digital, UK

Hit squads sent into over 100 jails to seize drugs, phones and drones

Hit squads of specially-trained officers are to be sent into more than 100 prisons across Britain to seize drugs, drones and mobile phones | Telegraph, UK

Prisons: Drugs

To ask the Secretary of State for Justice, with reference to paragraph 77 on page 27 of the report of the Health and Social Care Committee Prison Health, published on 1 November 2018, HC 963, what steps he plans to take to prevent prisoners from developing a problem with illicit drugs while in prison | They work for you, UK

Tobacco: Excise Duties

To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer, what effect has plain packaging had on the tax received from tobacco duty receipts in each financial year since that policy was introduced | They work for you, UK

Special Report: Alcohol related deaths double in the North West

At the start of Alcohol Awareness Week, our correspondent Mel Barham has a series of reports in which we are all being urged to re-examine our relationship with drink | ITV, UK