Weekly news - 19th July 2019

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Residential addiction services in England cut by third amid drug overdose and funding crisis, figures show

‘Considering that there is a crisis of drug related deaths in this country, these figures could not be more shocking’ | Independent, UK

Ketamine-like drug for depression could get UK licence within the year

Esketamine could initially become available through private clinics but potential side effects raise concerns | Guardian, UK

Corbyn: Decriminalise cannabis possession

Video. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tells Sky News' Sophy Ridge that possession of small of amounts of cannabis should be decriminalised | STV, UK

Support for legalising cannabis growing among British public, survey find

Poll shows policy-makers are 'significantly behind' tide of public opinion, says former Tory minister | Independent, UK

Cost-effectiveness of a combined classroom curriculum and parental intervention: economic evaluation of data from the Steps Towards Alcohol Misuse Prevention Programme cluster randomised controlled trial

[Open access] This study aimed to assess the cost-effectiveness of the Steps Towards Alcohol Misuse Prevention Programme (STAMPP) compared with education as normal (EAN) in reducing self-reported heavy episodic drinking (HED) in adolescents | BMJ, UK

Trends in Drug-Induced Deaths in Australia, 1997-2017

Each year, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) makes available to Drug Trends in-depth data on drug-induced deaths in Australia. This year, we have produced a suite of products to summarise trends in drug-induced deaths in Australia from 1997 to 2017 | NDARC, Australia

Science of microdosing psychedelics 'remains patchy and anecdotal', says review

The practice of taking small, regular doses of psychedelic drugs to enhance mood, creativity, or productivity lacks robust scientific evidence | Imperial College London, UK

UK trials not needed for medical cannabis licensing process, says Hancock

Medical cannabis will not need to be tested through randomised controlled trials (RCTs) in the UK in order to be licensed, health secretary Matt Hancock has told MPs | Pharmaceutical Journal, UK

Safe prescribing and withdrawal management of prescribed drugs associated with dependence and withdrawal

Free event. Friday, 9th August 2019, 10.00am until 1.00pm (with registration/refreshments from 9.30am) at Avonmouth House, 6 Avonmouth Street, London SE1 6NX. This event can be attended by one person per organisation, and the organisation has to be registered as a stakeholder in the guideline | NICE, UK

Digital Drug/Alcohol Interventions in England: Survey

This survey aims to identify what digital drug/alcohol interventions are currently in use in England | LSHTM, UK

Juul: E-cig boss says sorry to parents over child vaping

"I'd tell [parents] I'm sorry their child's using the product. It's not intended for them," Kevin Burns said | BBC, UK

1,187 drug-deaths in 2018: up 27 per cent in a year

There were 1,187 drug-related deaths registered in Scotland in 2018, 253 (27 per cent) more than in 2017, according to figures released by the National Records of Scotland (NRS). This is the largest number of drug-related deaths in Scotland since the series began in 1996, and more than double the figure for 2008 (574). | National Records of Scotland, UK

Volatile Substance Abuse and Helium Deaths

As Scotland’s annual numbers of these deaths are, on average, in low double figures (Volatile Substance Abuse deaths) and in single figures (Helium deaths), they may be subject to large percentage year-to-year fluctuations | National Records of Scotland, UK

Latest drug-death figures must prompt Government policy change, comments Chair

Responding to the release of the latest official drug-related deaths figures for 2018 published today, the Chair of the Scottish Affairs Committee says the tragedy of Scotland’s ever-increasing drug-related death rate must prompt a change in drugs policy in Westminster | Parliament.uk, UK

Scotland now worst place in EU for drug deaths after sharpest rise in recorded history

Experts say ‘shocking’ figures raise ‘serious concerns’ about response to opioid addiction, a factor in 86 per cent of cases | Independent, UK

Spice vape: Warning as nine collapse in Greater Manchester

Nine young people have collapsed after unwittingly using a vaping liquid containing the synthetic drug Spice, it has emerged | BBC, UK

NHS could save billions by offering cash reward to quit smoking

Quitters 50% more likely to succeed if offered a financial incentive, researchers find | Guardian, UK

Report calls for radical rethink on support given to released prisoners recovering from addiction

A major new report examining the help given to prisoners recovering from addiction has set out a series of “blueprints” which its authors say could “transform” the way prisoners are supported once they have served their sentence | University of York, UK

DHSC to clarify to MPs that medical cannabis licensing will include clinical trials

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) is to write to the House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee to clarify that the licensing process for medical cannabis will include clinical trials | Pharmaceutical Journal, UK

What can be done about Scotland's drugs crisis?

Scotland has the highest rate of drug-related deaths in Europe and the numbers are continuing to rise at an alarming speed. What can be done about Scotland's drug death crisis? | BBC, UK

Opioid crisis: US drug overdose deaths drop by 5.1%

Drug overdose deaths in the US have fallen for the first time since 1999, according to preliminary official data | BBC, UK

Smoking still a big issue in many areas

[Free registration may be required] Three quarters of Scottish constituencies of the Westminster parliament have above-average levels of smoking | The Times, UK

Convicted drink-drivers could have 'alcolocks' fitted to cars

UK government funds study to see how effective devices could be in stopping reoffending | Guardian, UK

Crime in England and Wales: year ending March 2019

Includes a statistic on Drug offences which are reported as numbering 151,471 | ONS, UK

Knife crime soars in rural areas by as much as 50 per cent as violence epidemic spreads out of cities

Knife crime rose by up to 50 per cent in rural areas in the past year as violence spread from cities, fuelled by county lines drug gangs, official figures show | Telegraph, UK

‘Scrapping short sentences will reduce £18bn reoffending cost’

David Gauke said there would be 32,000 fewer offences a year if those sent to jail for six months or less were given community punishments instead. He said this was because most on short sentences had problems, such as drug, alcohol or mental health issues, that were made worse by jail, thus increasing their chances of reoffending | Evening Standard, UK