Weekly news - 1st November 2019

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Oral evidence: Problem drug use in Scotland (PDF)

Minutes from the debate on Problem drug use held on October 23rd 2019 | House of Commons, UK

Dundee academics shine light on ‘unique’ factors in city’s drugs deaths

Academics who helped shine a light on the unique factors involved in Dundee’s drugs deaths say more “deep dives” into statistics are needed across Scotland | Courier, UK

Alcohol and Cancer Risks A Guide for Health Professionals (PDF)

Drinking alcohol is an established risk factor for several malignancies, and it is a potentially modifiable risk factor for cancer. This guide updates previous guidance from SHAAP to summarise for health professionals the links between alcohol consumption and cancers, so that they can use opportunities in their work to intervene to reduce the risks | SHAAP, UK

Additions to the Effectiveness Bank 25 October 2019

What would better care look like for people with a ‘dual diagnosis’? Could smartphone apps offer a promising way of reaching people reluctant to seek face-to-face treatment? Did minimum unit pricing have the desired impact in Scotland in the months after implementation? How high should the evidence bar be set when deciding whether to endorse drug consumption rooms? | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Adults 'ignorant' over children's access to drugs

Most adults are "living in ignorance" about the accessibility of drugs to "very young children", the UK's four children's commissioners have said | BBC, UK

Family of teenager who died from lethal ecstasy dose support drug legalisation

Luke Campbell’s mother and sister say ‘lip service policies’ such as Priti Patel’s ‘war on drugs’ are doomed to fail | Guardian, UK

A year after legalisation, medicinal cannabis still not accessible on NHS

We have been talking to the families who are desperate for treatment they say could transform their loved ones’ lives, but are left struggling to pay the cost | Channel 4, UK

#LxAddictions19 - The 3rd European Conference on Addictive Behaviours & Dependencies

Live podcasts recorded at the 2019 Lisbon Addictions Conference, the 3rd European Conference on Addictive Behaviours & Dependencies | Mental Elf, UK

Spice saliva drug test 'could save lives' among users

Scientists have developed a handheld saliva test to be used by paramedics and homeless services to detect whether someone has taken the drug Spice | BBC, UK

Government Response to Transforming Rehabilitation: Follow-up published

In July this year, the Committee published a follow up to its major reportlast year, voicing its ongoing deep concern about the failure of Transforming Rehabilitation reforms. The Committee welcomed the planned move to a new delivery model for probation - though it was well overdue - and made recommendations to enable the new system to deliver better outcomes for offenders, victims, professionals and the public | Parliament.uk, UK

Fears over public funding cuts to residential rehab services

The move raises concern fewer addicts will have access to long-term residential help | STV, UK

Do You Know What’s in Your Cannabis? Almost Two-Thirds Don’t…

Cannabis has long been the most popular illegal drug in the UK, and most other countries around the world. So, it might not surprise you to read that almost a third of people in the UK have tried Cannabis in their lives. But, how many of you actually know what’s in your Cannabis? | Canex, UK

Beer costs average Londoner £82,000 in a lifetime, survey finds

People living in capital likely to spend £23 each time they go out | Independent, UK

Risks of cannabis use for mental health treatment outweigh benefits

New study shows evidence of positive outcomes is scarce while symptoms can be exacerbated | Guardian, UK

Spice is more than a deadly drug – it's a window on our society

Soaring use of the ‘zombie drug’ is an inevitable response to a systemic failure in social care and drugs laws | Guardian, UK

The Trip Report 28/10

Through the work of organisations such as WEDINOS, The Loop, and SaferParty, we know a little more about the drugs in circulation. The report provided below is a summary of their findings over the last week | Cameron Scally, UK

Scottish Government should appoint 'minister for recovery' to tackle drug deaths

Scotland should create a government position to focus on the drug deaths crisis and increase funding for treatment by more than a third, according to an addiction charity | Herald, UK

New review will enhance response to serious and organised crime

The review announced by the Government will look to identify ways of bolstering the response to threats such as county lines, people trafficking and drugs | Home Office and The Rt Hon Priti Patel MP, UK

Working together to challenge stigma and save lives

Faces and voices of recovery Scotland started to organise and mobilise those affected by the soaring amount of drug deaths in Scotland during August 2019. Over 60 volunteers have since been mobilised and three gatherings organised. This report has been produced as a result of those gatherings | FAVOR, UK

SURE Recovery: the new addiction recovery app designed alongside service users

We are delighted to announce the launch of the SURE Recovery App, which has been part-funded by the NIHR Maudsley BRC, with additional funds from Action on Addiction. The app is designed for people using substances to track their recovery journeys and achieve their personal goals | NIHR Maudsley BRC, UK

Alcohol Awareness Week

(11-17 November 2019) is a chance for the UK to get thinking about drinking - this year, the theme is Alcohol and me. It’s a week of awareness-raising, campaigning for change, and more | Alcohol Change UK, UK

Safe injection rooms save lives – yet the UK government continues to oppose them

MPs have urged for a number of important policy changes. These include the decriminalisation of drug possession for personal use and the the creation of supervised injecting facilities | Talking Drugs, UK