Weekly news - 13th September 2019

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Policy paper - Drugs policy and medicinal cannabis report: government response

The government's response to the Health and Social Care Committee's report | DHSC, UK

British vapers are safe, claim health experts after deaths in US

Outbreak of respiratory disease in the US, where five people have died, is blamed on lax controls and illicit fluid | Guardian, UK

DM for Details: Selling Drugs in the Age of Social Media

In this report, Volteface aims to bridge the gap in understanding of how social media is being used as a marketplace for illicit drugs and the impact this is having on young people – social media’s primary user group | Volte Face, UK

Call for new law as quarter of youths have seen drugs including cocaine and heroin advertised on social media

The Government has been urged to force Instagram and Snapchat to report drug dealers on its platform to the police, after a quarter of young people said they had seen cannabis, cocaine or other drugs advertised while browsing social networking apps | Telegraph, UK

Pour Decisions: The case for reforming alcohol duty

This report explores the case for reforming alcohol duty in the United Kingdom, and the principles which should underpin a new, improved alcohol duty regime. This includes consideration of alcohol duty reforms that could be implemented following Brexit | SMF, UK

DDN Magazine September 2019

September is a glorious opportunity to celebrate recovery month and we’re delighted to hear about the activities taking place all over the country. The Recovery Games in Doncaster (page 16) sums up the spirit of events and we’re looking forward to following what’s happening around the country | DDN, UK

Press release: Dependence on prescription medicines linked to deprivation

PHE has published the first-ever evidence review of dependence and withdrawal problems associated with 5 commonly prescribed classes of medicines in England | PHE, UK

Prescribed medicines review: report

Report of the review of the evidence for dependence on, and withdrawal from, prescribed medicines | PHE, UK

Duty-free purchases of cigarettes and alcohol to return under no-deal Brexit

Sajid Javid’s decision means travellers to and from the EU would see prices tumble | Guardian, UK

Juul 'ignored law' in US e-cigarette adverts

US regulators have sent a warning letter to Juul Labs, saying the e-cigarette company violated US law by promoting its products as safer than traditional cigarettes | BBC, UK

Misuse of illicit drugs and medicines: applying All Our Health

Updated estimates of drug use and dependence figures | PHE, UK

[Poster and factsheets on bacterial infections for drug and other services]

PHE has produced a poster and factsheet on bacterial infections for drug and other services, following clusters of group A Streptococcus and Staphylococcus infections in some areas and especially in some prisons. There are two versions of each: one PHE-branded and designed, the other intended to be adapted, designed and branded as a leaflet and poster by services | PHE, UK

Ministers plan attack on vaping ads to deter children

[Free registration maybe required] Scotland could become the first country in Europe to crack down on vaping amid concerns that children might take up e-cigarettes | The Times, UK

Heineken UK Exposes Kids to Alcohol Ads

Heineken recently teamed up with UK social media influencer Tanya Burr to promote a home draught beer pump to her 3 million instagram followers, including minors. The promotion with Heineken featured her pouring beer from a home pump and offering viewers a 40% off promotional code | IOGT, UK

Additions to the Effectiveness Bank 10 September 2019

Published over the past month, studies exploring why ‘usual care’ might jeopardise the outcomes of women with a history of trauma, what happens after people leave the closed therapeutic environments of prison ‘recovery wings’ and residential treatment, and what is the best way to promote universal screening of primary care patients for risky drinking? | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Chancellor announces return of duty-free

The Chancellor will today (10 September 2019) announce the return of duty-free shopping with EU countries if the UK leaves the EU without a deal | HM Treasury and The Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP, UK

Health secretary voices concern at duty-free's return under no-deal Brexit

Matt Hancock asked about health implications of ‘cheap booze and fags’ amid growing anger among experts | Guardian, UK

Smoking and tobacco: applying All Our Health

Updated with advice on tackling the harm from smoking and tobacco | PHE, UK

Nearly 100,000 Britons thought to be risking death from hepatitis C

Public health body calculates undiagnosed sufferers after monitoring drugs users | Guardian, UK

What would better mental health and substance use care look like?

According to Public Health England, better care begins with commissioners and service providers adopting the principles that there is ‘no wrong door’ for accessing support, and it is ‘everyone’s job’ the other side of the door to help. Now added to the Effectiveness Bank, a 2017 guide for supporting people with co-occurring mental health and substance use problems | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK