Weekly news - 12th November 2021

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Non-Communicable Disease Prevention: Priorities for 2021/22 Supporting people in Scotland to live healthy lives through tackling health harming products (PDF)

In 2020, non-communicable diseases were responsible for more than 40,000 deaths and in excess of 62% of all deaths. We know that one in five of these deaths are preventable through public health action. Scotland has often led the way with worldleading, population-level action that has positively impacted public health, such as minimum unit pricing of alcohol. But more is needed | Alcohol Focus Scotland et al, UK

FM to visit drugs project with Tory leader

The first minister and the Scottish Conservative leader have confirmed a joint visit to a drugs recovery group in Glasgow | BBC, UK

You’ll never have a drug-free society, expert warns UK

Consortium on drugs policy blasts Home Office for approach to tackling narcotic abuse | Guardian, UK

Global Drug Policy Index - Launch events -  8 - 30 November 2021 

The Global Drug Policy Index is the first tool of its kind to document, measure and compare countries’ drug policies worldwide. The Index assesses both policies on the books and implementation on the ground. Countries are scored on the basis of transparent, up-to-date and reliable data. The higher the score, the more drug policy in that country aligns with the United Nations Common Position on drug policy | IDPC, UK

Meet the Global Drug Policy Index

The Global Drug Policy Index provides each country with a score and ranking that shows how much their drug policies and their implementation align with the UN principles of human rights, health and development. [The UK ranks 4th] | Global Drug Policy Index, UK

The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) Conference of the Parties (COP): an explainer

From 8 - 13 November 2021, government delegations from around the world will meet virtually to discuss tobacco and nicotine policy at the Ninth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). Decisions taken at these meetings influence or determine how international tobacco control policies are implemented at a domestic level | GSTHR, UK

Ambition to make Wales smoke-free by 2030 - as smoking remains the leading cause of premature deaths

Deputy Minister for Wellbeing, Lynne Neagle has today (November 8th) launched the consultation for the long term tobacco control strategy, A Smoke-free Wales. It will be open until January 31st. The target of the strategy is a smoke-free Wales by 2030, which means less than 5% of the population smoking | Welsh Government, UK

After covid, is the future of drug and alcohol services digital?

A switch to phone and online offerings might not be the solution for every client, writes Kim Thomas, but they might be part of a long term solution to the funding chasm | BMJ, UK

Requests to the UK Government to devolve powers in dealing with drugs deaths: FOI release

Information on any request by the Scottish Government to the UK Government to devolve powers to them to deal with the drugs deaths problem in Scotland and any requests to deal with the drugs deaths problem by way of a health emergency (between 1st January 2015 to 10th August 2021) | Gov.Scot, UK

Firms under fire for using UK influencers to push nicotine products

Companies accused of using social media influencers to entice young people to try nicotine products | Guardian, UK

Primary care-based drug treatment: case studies

We have been promoting the potential advantages of primary care-based drug treatment, including a reduction health inequalities and the stigma associated the use of drugs. Bristol Drugs Project is one of the longest established services in the UK, and they share their experience in the second of a series of case studies on primary care based drug treatment | Addiction Professionals, UK

Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction in London, 2021

All the videos from the recent event in London are now available to view online | Regulator Watch, UK

The vicious cycle of tobacco use and mental illness – a double burden on health

A new factsheet launched by WHO examines the intricate connections between tobacco use and mental illness. The factsheet stresses the urgent need to address these connections: 2 in 3 people with severe mental health conditions are current smokers, which has an enormous impact on health | WHO, Denmark

A Review of the Existing Literature and Evidence on Young People Experiencing Harms from Alcohol and Drugs in Scotland (PDF)

This report provides a review of the existing literature and evidence base relating to alcohol and drug harms experienced by children and younger people (<25 years) in Scotland. It provides an up-to-date overview of the latest data on prevalence and harms related to alcohol and drug use among children and younger people | Scottish Government, UK

Smoking: Plan to make Wales 'smoke-free' by 2030

About 14% of Wales' population currently smoke, but it is hoped the figure will fall below 5% by the end of the decade | BBC, UK

National naloxone programme Scotland - Quarterly monitoring bulletin

Accidental overdose is a common cause of death among users of heroin, morphine and similar drugs, which are referred to as opioids. Naloxone is a drug which reverses the effects of a potentially fatal overdose with these drugs. During 2021/22 Quarter 1 (1 April 2021 to 30 June 2021) 5,363 Take-Home Naloxone (THN) kits were issued... | Public Health Scotland, UK

New National Resource around Opioid Agonist Treatment

This resource fits under Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), but is specific to Opiate replacement/agonist treatment | Scottish Drug Deaths Taskforce, UK

Global Drug Survey 2022 now launched

Happy birthday to us! 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the first ever Global Drug Survey. Since that time over 900,000 people have taken part in our surveys that have covered all aspects of drug use: everything from sex and drugs, drug delivery and darknet drug markets, changes in drug policy, vaping, novel drugs and the psychedelic renaissance | Global Drug Survey, UK et al

Global Drug Survey 2022 - launch video

Take the survey now - safe, anonymous, and it only takes 20 minutes | Global Drug Survey, UK

Current and past trends in tobacco and e-cigarette use and the impact of control measures: an analysis of survey data and other evidence

Current and past trends in tobacco and e-cigarette use and the impact of legislative and regulatory controls on smoking and e-cigarette use behaviours are outlined in this multi-method research | NatCen, UK

Britain's red phone boxes are vanishing - could one idea for their replacement help prevent suicide?

A man who hit rock bottom in his life following drug addiction has discovered how he could help others in a similar situation. Craig Harker from Margate is campaigning for an easier way for people with addiction and mental health problems to contact the Samaritans | ITV, UK

Alcohol Awareness Week 15th -21st November

Alcohol Awareness Week is a week of awareness-raising, campaigning for change, and more. This year's Alcohol Awareness Week takes place from 15-21 November 2021 on the theme of Alcohol and relationships | Alcohol Change UK, UK

SNP ministers 'actively exploring' new drug consumption room plans

SNP ministers are "actively exploring" new proposals for drug consumption rooms after Scotland's top law officer appeared to open the door to their introduction | Herald, UK

On War and Drugs

Like the thick smoky aftertaste that lingers after bonfire night merrymaking, memory hangs heavy in the air during the early weeks of November in the UK. As the oppressive darkness of the ironically named daylight-savings time settles in, we cast our collective memory back to the foiled attempt at Gunpowder Treason in 1605 | Volteface, UK